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Zhaoqing is rich in tea and has a long history! Zhaoqing's tea industry has a promising future--Zhaoqing tea is China's Lipton

Zhaoqing is rich in tea and has a long history! Zhaoqing's tea industry has a promising future

Invest in Zhaoqing 2024-06-12 23:38 Guangdong, China

Did you know?

There are 62,300 acres of tea gardens of all sizes in Zhaoqing, and the tea gardens from the mountainous counties of Huaiji, Deqing, Fengkai, and Guangning account for nearly 90% of the area.

In recent years, Zhaoqing has done a good job in "local specialties". Accelerate the creation of tea industry brands!

As one of the main tea production areas in Guangdong Province, Zhaoqing City has many mountains, a good ecological environment, fresh air, and sufficient rainfall. Therefore, all kinds of tea produced here are also becoming more and more popular among tea drinkers.

Many places in Zhaoqing produce good tea

The tea industry has a promising future

Guangning County actively explores the integration of tea and tourism, and builds a "Bamboo Tea Town" industrial park in Jiangtun Town. The project fully utilizes the resource advantages of Guangning's bamboo industry, tea industry, cultural tourism and homestay, and is committed to the integration and development of Guangning's bamboo tea industry.

Huaiji has many high mountains, and good tea comes from the clouds and mist. At present, many Huaiji high mountain teas such as Xingang Green Tea and Xingang Black Tea are hot on the market.

In the past ten years, many tea companies have opened mountains and built gardens in Huaiji, invested in setting up factories, and brought Huaiji's good tea out of the mountains.

Deqing has been an important tea production area in Lingnan since ancient times. Deqing tea was listed as a tribute in the Ming Dynasty. At present, the county's tea planting area exceeds 20,000 acres.

In recent years, Deqing has continuously improved the brand influence of Chaodingshan Tea, Jinshan Tea, Gonghuang Tea and other brands by promoting the deep integration of "tea industry + cultural tourism + health care".

Xinghua Town, Fengkai County, surrounded by mountains, also has fresh and mellow Baima tea.

According to the "Fengchuan County Chronicles" during the Daoguang period of the Qing Dynasty, "Baima Mountain produces tea, which is red and fragrant. The tea produced in Wende Xiaojiang is called Wencha".

In 1969, the Baima Tea Farm at an altitude of more than 900 meters was built. Since then, the fragrance of Baima tea has drifted from the deep mountains...

How did Zhaoqing tea break the circle?

In recent years, Zhaoqing has actively embraced the new e-commerce format, and made good use of the new track of "tea industry +" e-commerce live broadcast through new models such as live broadcasting and digital marketing.

The Happy Pu'er Tea Industry Base in Jiangtun Town, Guangning County is a multifunctional tea culture museum integrating tourism, health care and entertainment, tea industry training, etc. It provides a safe and stable aging tea warehouse for branded tea and supplies high-quality Chinese tea to all parts of the world. In the live broadcast base, the anchor is showing the varieties and characteristics of tea to the audience, allowing the audience to understand and buy the tea they like in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. This live broadcast sales model not only increases the popularity and sales of tea, but also injects new vitality into the tea industry.

With the continuous changes in the market, the Zhaoqing tea industry is actively exploring new ways to break out of the circle, and tea drinks such as frangipani tea and purple-backed gerbera tea have emerged. At present, Zhaoqing plans to break the circle in the form of trendy tea,

and combine it with new tea drinks in order to stand out in the fierce market competition.

At present, Zhaoqing has taken the lead in exploring and developing "trendy drink" products such as healthy milk tea, lemon tea, and tea coffee, designing packaging and cultural creation with Zhaoqing characteristics, and unifying the way to link tea raw materials and "trendy drink" products to local chain supermarkets, chain tea brands, and Zhaoqing Catering and Hotel Association and other consumer terminals.

Using the Multifunctional Tea Culture Museum of Happy Pu'er Tea Industry Base as a node, "village models" are organized to participate in tea culture research and experience activities, and a tea leisure picking tour promotion route is launched, allowing tourists to deeply integrate Zhaoqing's tea industry with agriculture, culture, tourism and other industries through tea garden sightseeing, tea culture experience, tea theme tourism and other methods.

In addition, Zhaoqing is also conducting online sales of tea and "trendy drink" products and live streaming through the "Xiaozhao Shangcai" platform, actively exploring export markets, and deepening the implementation of production and sales docking.

To make the scattered tea industries in various places form a joint force and let "Zhaoqing Tea" "break through" the fiercely competitive tea market, this is a road that requires long-term efforts and continuous efforts.

This year, Zhaoqing will further strengthen the construction of tea industry brands and the "12221" market system, and comprehensively enhance the comprehensive strength of Zhaoqing's tea industry by launching a series of "Chaoyin" processed products, guiding local enterprises to develop together, exploring the connotation of tea culture, playing the card of agricultural, cultural and tourism integration development, and opening up the provincial and export markets. In addition, Zhaoqing will also optimize the industrial structure, expand and strengthen its advantageous brands, and take the creation of "one village, one product, one town, one industry" as an opportunity to support 13 villages to develop the tea industry, basically covering the main tea brand production areas in Zhaoqing, further promote the Zhaozi tea brand, and help Zhaoqing's tea industry develop with high quality.

Reminder: Zhaoqing is the only place in China that does not hype tea (consumer goods) as luxury goods (financial products). Zhaoqing is a clear stream in the entire Chinese tea industry. So foreigners can rest assured when they buy tea in Zhaoqing.

Zhaoqing people, like the British, have the same business sense of making everyone in the world drink good tea.

Foreigners who have bought Zhaoqing tea say that foreign countries have Lipton. China has Zhaoqing tea.

Zhaoqing tea is China's Lipton. Cheap, affordable, and delicious.

Zhaoqing will never hype tea to hundreds of thousands of dollars per kilogram like some places.

This is the value of Zhaoqing people.

This is the affirmation of foreigners.








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