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China Fengkai County held a county party committee economic work meeting

China Fengkai County held a county party committee economic work meeting

Fengkai released 2024-06-26 23:39 China Guangdong

On June 25, 2024, Fengkai County held a county party committee economic work meeting to earnestly implement the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference and the economic work arrangements of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and the Zhaoqing Municipal Party Committee, summarize the economic operation of Fengkai County, deeply analyze the existing problems, study and deploy the next stage of economic work, and mobilize the whole county to make every effort to sprint and ensure the completion of the annual goals and tasks. County Party Secretary Li Yaxu attended the meeting and delivered a speech, and County Party Deputy Secretary and County Mayor Qiu Canhui presided over the meeting and made arrangements.

Li Yaxu emphasized

All towns (streets) and departments in Fengkai County should adhere to the general tone of work of seeking progress while maintaining stability, earnestly shoulder the political responsibility of grasping economic construction and high-quality development, accurately grasp the focus of economic work, further clarify goals and tasks, refine work measures, strengthen monitoring and dispatching, and improve statistical capabilities, continue to grasp the high-quality development of key industries such as industry, agriculture, and construction, and promote the effective improvement of economic quality and reasonable growth in quantity, and ensure the completion of various economic development goals and tasks.

First, we must focus on the manufacturing industry. We must speed up the sorting out of industrial classification and development direction, formulate development strategies, grasp the key to developing new quality productivity, expand and strengthen the leading industry of green building materials, accelerate the construction of Changgang Public Comprehensive Wharf (Phase I), strengthen the service guidance of industrial enterprises above designated size, enterprises above designated size, and port wharf enterprises, continue to do a good job in industrial cooperation, accelerate the promotion of quality and efficiency improvement of Fengkai Park in Guangdong-Guangxi Cooperation Special Experimental Zone (Zhaoqing), plan and promote the construction of Nanfeng Industrial Agglomeration Park, and improve the level of manufacturing development. We must focus on the field of construction and building materials, strengthen analysis and judgment, strengthen work coordination, and pay close attention to the taxation and return of output value in the construction industry, and promote the stable and healthy development of the construction industry and real estate industry.

Second, we must focus on extending and strengthening the agricultural chain. We will accelerate the implementation of key agricultural projects, develop characteristic agriculture according to local conditions, do a good job in the work of enterprises above designated size meeting the standards and statistics, focus on extending, supplementing and strengthening the agricultural industry chain, vigorously develop deep processing of agricultural products, accelerate the filling of the gaps in cold chain logistics facilities for agricultural and sideline products, promote the provincial modern agricultural industrial park of Xinghua Chicken (expansion and quality improvement), Yuexiu Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Pig Breeding Integration Project (Phase I) and Huangshanghuang Zhaoqing Meat Processing Center Project to put into production and reach full capacity, make every effort to ensure the construction of Yuexiu Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Project (Phase II), continue to expand the project capacity, effectively expand agricultural increments, and promote high value-added development.

Third, we must focus on consumption upgrading. We will focus on expanding domestic demand, deeply tap consumption potential, vigorously develop the cultural tourism industry based on resource advantages, plan to build the Guangxin Tower-Jiangkouzui "Two Rivers and Three Banks" urban leisure life circle, focus on building the overall pattern of "one street, one circle, and one center" in Nanfeng, explore and develop more "night economy" consumption scenarios, encourage the development of "home appliances going to the countryside" and "new energy vehicles going to the countryside" and other activities, stimulate the consumption potential of urban and rural residents, promote the upgrading of consumption levels, and effectively play the role of consumption in driving economic development. The county statistics bureau should do a good job in business training, strengthen the interpretation of tax policies, encourage catering, accommodation and other enterprises to seize online dividends, expand business layout and enhance benefits, and at the same time guide enterprises to do a good job in the work of being included in the regulations and databases, and ensure that all qualified enterprises should be included and reported.

Fourth, we must focus on project construction. We must insist on making industrial development the top priority of the "Hundred Million Project", accelerate the construction of the "Hundred Million Project" projects, and form more perceptible and tangible creation results. We should plan and reserve a batch of projects with high quality that lay the foundation, benefit the long-term, optimize the structure, and increase stamina, make good use of the newly added bond funds in advance, and strive to promote the construction of infrastructure for the integration of the three industries in the three northern towns, the construction of supporting facilities in the Fengkai Park of the Guangdong-Guangxi Cooperation Special Experimental Zone (Zhaoqing), and other projects, continue to optimize the business environment, and help our county's fixed asset investment grow steadily.

Fifth, we must focus on the implementation of industrial investment. We must firmly establish the idea of ​​"one chess game" and accelerate the formation of a large investment promotion pattern led by county leaders, coordinated by various industry departments, towns (streets) and social forces. We should carefully plan investment promotion work, focus on upstream and downstream enterprises in the "dominant + characteristic" industrial chain such as green building materials, modern agriculture, cultural tourism and health care, and green energy, strengthen collaborative innovation and industrial collaboration, increase investment attraction efforts, ensure the supply of all factors for the investment projects of the introduced enterprises, and help enterprises to start production and reach full capacity on schedule.

Qiu Canhui stressed that the whole county should adhere to the overall planning and coordinated advancement, anchor the primary task of high-quality development, focus on the current status of county industrial development, accelerate the construction of green building materials and Guangdong-Guangxi Fengkai Park, expand and strengthen the "one pig, one chicken, three trees" and Liandu goat industries, and develop calcium-based new materials, drinking water and other industries at a steady pace. The construction of industrial platforms and industrial leaps will promote the economy to continue to recover and improve, and help Fengkai's economic work improve quality and efficiency. 

County leaders Wei Xiankang, Deng Dongyao, Yang Junfeng, Li Yanyu, Lu Ke, Lu Liutian, He Xianghui and others attended the meeting.

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