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Chen Chaochang led a team to Dongguan to carry out investment inspection activities in the manufacturing and modern logistics industries.

Chen Chaochang led a team to Dongguan to carry out investment inspection activities in the manufacturing and modern logistics industries.

Released by Guangning 2024-03-02 20:07 Guangdong

On March 1, 2024, Chen Chaochang, Secretary of the Guangning County Party Committee, led a team to Dongguan City to carry out investment promotion inspections. Through on-site inspections, project docking, and cooperation negotiations, we will further promote the accelerated development of the manufacturing and modern logistics industries in our county.

The inspection team first visited Dongguan Fenngling Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd., visited the company's logistics park and production workshop, discussed cooperation intentions for the logistics park project, and studied and inspected the development of Dongguan's advanced manufacturing industry. Subsequently, the inspection team came to Guangdong Haili Storage Equipment Co., Ltd. The two parties had an in-depth discussion on the project construction and commissioning matters, and took multiple measures to jointly promote the project to be put into production as soon as possible.

Chen Chaochang pointed out that the project of Guangning Haili headquarters and high-end warehousing and logistics equipment research, production and marketing base was steadily advanced and made good progress in the early stage with the joint efforts of the leaders, units, investment promotion departments and enterprises. Next, all departments must continue to provide good services, work with enterprises to implement progress arrangements, seize the golden period of construction, and jointly promote the construction and production of the Haili project. At the same time, Guangning County has a good investment environment, complete infrastructure, preferential policy support and complete supporting services. Enterprises are welcome to invest in Guangning to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

The company stated that it will strengthen cooperation with Guangning and jointly promote the construction and commissioning of the project, adding new momentum to the high-quality development of Guangning's manufacturing industry.

County leader Yang Hongzhang participated in the inspection.

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