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Sihui City in China: Moving towards “new quality productivity” and improving quality with “new quality productivity”

Sihui City in China: Moving towards “new quality productivity” and improving quality with “new quality productivity”

Released by Sihui City 2024-03-22 11:59 China

Cities are moving towards "new quality productivity", and enterprises are improving quality with "new quality productivity". As the main force in Zhaoqing City's promotion of new industrialization, Sihui City has seized on the "big nose" of technological innovation and accelerated the development of new productive forces.

In a nationally recognized laboratory, engineers from Guangdong Sihui Instrument Transformer Factory Co., Ltd. conduct electrical performance tests on products. Its products have been used in space missions such as Shenzhou, Tiangong, and Tianzhou series for many times; Kangrong New Materials Co., Ltd. has gradually upgraded its products and entered the fields of communications, photovoltaics, new energy vehicles, etc.; Seiko Ink (Sihui) Co., Ltd. has developed ultra-thin nano-inks for folding screens with better bending resistance and thinner printing film layers. Seize the new trend in the mobile phone market...

The relevant person in charge of Sihui City said: "Sihui City is scientifically building a modern industrial system, promoting new productivity to cover primary, secondary and tertiary industries, running through traditional industries, emerging industries, and future industries, and promoting the deep integration of industrial chain innovation chains."

Scientific research empowerment, expanding depth and breadth

Recently, Guangdong Sihui Instrument Transformer Factory Co., Ltd., located in Dongcheng Street, Sihui City, welcomed a scientific research team from Eastern European power industry customers. They not only inspected the production line and put forward specific requirements for the products, but also discussed the development of new products with the company's engineers.

Zhang Minxing, deputy general manager of the company, said: "The foreign power market is a new breakthrough and growth point for the company. Customers believe that our products have stable quality and high cost performance, and we will provide full-process customized services."

▲Series products of Guangdong Sihui Transformer Factory Co., Ltd.

▲Series products of Guangdong Sihui Transformer Factory Co., Ltd.

"As small as community electricity meters, as large as power projects, transformers are needed wherever there is electricity." As a long-established local enterprise, Sihui City Transformer Factory was established in 1988. From simple processing in the early days to current research and development, design, and deep processing, the entire chain Production, the company can design, produce and sell a series of products such as low-voltage, medium-voltage, high-voltage, ultra-high-voltage and ultra-high voltage transformers, dry-type power transformers, etc. In 2021, it was selected into the first batch of specialized and new key "small businesses" financially supported by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2021. Giant" enterprise.

The core of manufacturing is innovation, which is mastering key core technologies. Zhang Minxing introduced that in recent years, the company has promoted the in-depth integration of industry, academia and research, established scientific research workstations at all levels, and formed a cooperation mechanism with scientific research institutions and universities to jointly solve the technical problems of product "stuck neck" and continuously expand the depth and breadth of products.

Its "depth" refers to the voltage level of transformer products covering 0.66-1000kV current, which can meet the different needs of power industry projects. The company has also built a comprehensive management cloud platform to effectively monitor key production processes and energy-consuming equipment in the factory. Tracking, early warning, management and evaluation to further improve product quality; "breadth" refers to the company focusing on the future, actively responding to the national "double carbon" strategy, making a fuss about insulation media, exploring and researching new materials that meet environmental protection standards, and striving to lead the way The industry is fully upgraded. In 2023, the company's output value and sales will both increase, and orders for the beginning of 2024 have been scheduled until September.

UHV laboratory of Guangdong Sihui Transformer Factory Co., Ltd.

▲UHV laboratory of Guangdong Sihui Transformer Factory Co., Ltd.

Aiming at high-voltage and ultra-UHV products, the company will also build a modular, digital, automated and intelligent Industry 4.0 factory in Sihui Industrial Park, Zhaoqing High-tech Zone, with a construction area of 80,000 square meters and a 1000kV UHV test facility. Room, equipped with advanced production lines, is planned to be put into use within the year.

In order to allow the source of scientific and technological innovation to fully flow, Sihui City has issued the [Special Support Measures for Sihui City High-tech Enterprises to Set Standards and Improve Quality Actions], which will provide a one-time reward of 200,000 yuan to enterprises recognized as high-tech enterprises to support enterprises to increase their Invest heavily in R&D, cultivate and introduce high-tech talents, create core independent intellectual property rights, and carry out the transformation of scientific and technological achievements; provide rewards and subsidies to companies that have won national and provincial science and technology awards and famous high-tech products in Guangdong Province, and support companies to carry out key core technology research .

Transformation and upgrading, from “manufacturing” to “intelligent manufacturing”

"When it comes to ceramics, perhaps everyone's first reaction is architectural ceramics. In fact, ceramics can also be used in lighting lamp holders, GPS navigation systems, industrial control parts, automobile exhaust filter sensors, etc." General Manager of Sihui Kangrong New Materials Co., Ltd. Yan Qirong said that small ceramic pieces can be transformed from conventional categories into high value-added products by relying on technological innovation to change their physical properties.

Production line of Sihui Kangrong New Materials Co., Ltd.

▲Production line of Sihui Kangrong New Materials Co., Ltd.

Sihui Kangrong New Materials was established in 2005. It has six production lines including functional ceramics, extrusion, hot pressing, dry pressing, ceramic metallization, and GMP clean workshops. It also has a special ceramics testing laboratory that meets domestic and foreign industry standards.

In 2023, while steadily consolidating the market share in the lighting industry, Sihui Kangrong began to concentrate on "repairing internal strength", deeply exploring the use of ceramic insulation, high temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance properties, improving product quality control, and integrating various metal materials. Develop various ceramic products suitable for different scenarios. For example, the laminated antenna matched with the GPS navigation system in the automotive industry is the company's latest "hot product".

Production line of Sihui Kangrong New Materials Co., Ltd.

▲Production line of Sihui Kangrong New Materials Co., Ltd.

As a specialized and innovative small and medium-sized enterprise in Guangdong Province, Sihui Kangrong is a successful practice of Sihui enterprises from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing". In recent years, the Fourth Congress has accelerated the digitalization and green transformation of the manufacturing industry, vigorously guided enterprises to carry out digital and green technological transformation and upgrading such as product replacement, production line replacement, equipment core replacement, intelligent manufacturing, and green manufacturing. In 2023, 22 companies will promote the upgrading of regulations. Industrial enterprises implemented digital transformation and guided 65 industrial enterprises to implement technological transformation.

Next, the Fourth Session will also aim at high-end, intelligent, green and other directions, implement manufacturing technology transformation projects, support enterprise equipment updates, process upgrades, digital empowerment, management innovation, and let traditional industries "old trees sprout new shoots" ; Deeply promote the "enterprise digital transformation and technological transformation" action, cultivate more specialized, new "little giant" enterprises and individual champion enterprises in the manufacturing industry, and lead industrial innovation with scientific and technological innovation.

Create an excellent platform to create a highland for industrial development

Sihui City Fine Chemical Industrial Park is located in Jianggu Town. It is one of the four leading industrial parks. It mainly develops professional fine chemical industries with high technological content such as polymer synthetic resins, coatings, adhesives, and inks.

"The park has obvious transportation advantages, large development space, and a good overall environment. We can focus on developing new products here." General Manager of Seiko Ink (Sihui) Co., Ltd. Shiozaki Kaku said that the company came to the park to build in 2013 The new factory's main business is the design, development, production, sales and corresponding technical support of high-end screen printing inks. After the two-phase project reaches the standard and reaches production, it can achieve annual sales revenue of more than 1 billion yuan and create more than 200 jobs.

Sihui Fine Chemical Industrial Park

▲Sihui Fine Chemical Industrial Park

"We take the path of high-end customized services, and customers can even place orders in kilograms." Shiozaki Kaku introduced that the company's products have been in the leading position in the screen printing ink industry for many years, and many products have won the Guangdong Provincial High-tech Product certification, more than 20 development projects have been accumulated in the past three years, and the conversion rate of scientific and technological achievements has reached 100%.

Today, the competition in the domestic ink industry is fierce. On the basis of localization and maintaining a high-quality market image, Seiko Ink will innovate comprehensively from raw materials to processes, develop non-solvent inks with higher environmental friendliness, and continuously expand product applications. Scenarios, making efforts in the direction of car displays and other directions.

In the same park, the 100,000-ton new deep eutectic electrolyte project of GCL Group, one of the world's top 500 new energy companies, was successfully settled. The project can start construction as soon as the land is obtained, and it only takes 4 months from signing to starting construction. Currently, the project is under construction.

According to the plan, Sihui City will accelerate the expansion and quality improvement of the Fine Chemical Industrial Park, and build it into a demonstration park and provincial high-tech zone for promoting industrial transfer in the province. Relying on the Sihui Fine Chemical Industrial Park and taking the lead of high-end chemical new materials, Focus on the development of electronic chemicals, functional membrane materials, daily chemicals and other fields, and promote the realization of localized supporting applications of front-end materials in new energy vehicles, new energy storage, electronic information and other industries.

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