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Big praise for Zhaoqing! Foreign consular delegations in Guangzhou visit Zhaoqing to explore exchange and cooperation opportunities

Big praise for Zhaoqing! Foreign consular delegations in Guangzhou visit Zhaoqing to explore exchange and cooperation opportunities

Invest in Zhaoqing 2024-03-18 22:33 Guangdong

Recently, Zhaoqing has welcomed a special group of foreign friends!

Recently, the "Experience Zhaoqing and Promote Development Together"-2024 foreign consular delegations in Guangzhou entering Zhaoqing event was officially launched. Officials from the Consulate General in Guangzhou from 9 countries including Belarus, Laos, Ecuador, Vanuatu, Belgium, Qatar, Argentina, Nepal, and Angola came to Zhaoqing to visit Qixingyan Scenic Area, Zhaoqing Municipal Museum and Guangdong Fenghua High-tech Co., Ltd. Learn about Zhaoqing’s history, culture, tourism resources and industrial development and express your appreciation.

Seven Star Rocks in Zhaoqing

Seven Star Rocks in Zhaoqing

After walking into Zhaoqing, they said this...

“Zhaoqing’s development trend is very good”

"This is not my first time to Zhaoqing. I like this city very much!" said Pei Weimin, Consul General of Belgium in Guangzhou. In his impression, Zhaoqing has both a profound historical heritage and a very superior natural environment. It is a very special city. A livable city. At the same time, by visiting high-tech enterprises such as Fenghua Hi-Tech on the day of the event, he further learned about Zhaoqing's industrial development. "It can be seen that Zhaoqing's development trend is very good. We will strengthen exchanges with Zhaoqing in the future."

“Hope to come to Zhaoqing again with my family”

Also impressed by the scenery in Zhaoqing was Shi Meishan, Consul General of Argentina in Guangzhou. She also plans to take her family to Zhaoqing for vacation next time. She participated in activities with different themes that day, which made her feel that Zhaoqing is a beautiful city that not only focuses on economic development but also continues to protect the ecological environment. She believes that this is the embodiment of Xi Jinping’s ecological civilization thought. At present, paying attention to ecological construction and achieving green and sustainable development is the direction that all countries should strive for. "We only have one earth and we need everyone to protect it."

Looking forward to more in-depth exchanges and cooperation with Zhaoqing

The pleasant scenery of Zhaoqing left a deep impression on the officials of foreign consulates general in Guangzhou, and also made them feel the potential of deepening exchanges and cooperation with Zhaoqing.

Xpeng Motors

Sha Wanping, Consul General of Laos in Guangzhou, came to Zhaoqing for the second time. She lamented the new changes in Zhaoqing's development and was also very interested in Zhaoqing's Xpeng Motors, which can produce complete vehicles, and Fenghua Hi-tech, which has high technology. She We welcome more tourists from Zhaoqing to travel on the China-Laos Railway, and we also hope that more high-quality "Made in Zhaoqing" products can enter Laos on the China-Laos Railway in the future. "Laos is a landlocked country, and its development cannot be separated from the support and help of its 'neighbors'. Only open cooperation can lead to mutual benefit and win-win results."

"Made in Zhaoqing" is becoming a beautiful business card of Zhaoqing's foreign exchanges. As a leading company in the electronic components industry, Fenghua Hi-Tech continues to delve into the field of high-end new electronic components and electronic materials. Its products have been sold to Belarus through foreign agents and enjoy a certain reputation in the local area.

Fenghua Hi-tech

Fenghua Hi-tech 

"We can consider further deepening cooperation." Popov Andrei, Consul General of Belarus in Guangzhou, said that there is a China-Belarus Industrial Park in Belarus built by China and Belarus to jointly build the Silk Road Economic Belt. The park has now introduced There are many high-tech companies, including many Guangdong companies. Electronic components are one of the priority industrial areas for development in the park. They hope to take this opportunity to carry out further exchanges and cooperation with Zhaoqing in the industry. In Andre's view, in addition, there are unlimited possibilities for cooperation in fields such as education and sports, or in traditional trade such as new energy vehicle transportation and food. “I very much hope to see cooperation between Belarus and Zhaoqing in the future.”

Zhaoqing is a city full of vitality and opportunities. It is attracting more and more investors and entrepreneurs with its unique charm and advantages. Here, you will enjoy a superior geographical location, abundant natural resources, preferential policy support, an efficient and transparent government environment, and a solid industrial foundation.

Welcome to invest and start a business in Zhaoqing!

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