Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Zhaoqing is moving towards internationalization

 Zhaoqing is moving towards internationalization

My name is Zhaoqing. We have eight brothers. They are Duanzhou, Gaoyao, Dinghu, Sihui, Dawang, Guangning, Huaiji, Deqing and Fengkai. Zhaoqing has a population of 4.2 million and an area of 15000 square kilometers.

We in Zhaoqing are moving towards internationalization. We hope to know more friends from all over the world and more businesses to invest in Zhaoqing Real Estate.

Duanzhou was once the ancient capital of the Song Dynasty.

We have the largest jade wholesale market in Asia - Sihui City, where the largest jade market in Asia is located. However, Sihui City is short of gold. Diamond manufacturers and wholesalers are welcome. Gold merchants from all over the world are welcome to set up offices in Sihui City, and jointly build Sihui into the world's largest jade, gold and diamond distribution center.

We have the largest hardware accessories production base in China - Gaoyao District, the largest hardware manufacturing base in China, which is here. The hardware products here sell well in China and the world. In the 2022 Qatar World Cup, hardware products were purchased here, which proved that the products here were recognized by the Qatar royal family and the quality was guaranteed. Welcome customers from all over the world to buy hardware products in Gaoyao.

We have the best water quality and the best air quality in Guangdong. The forest coverage is 70%, and the greening rate ranks first in Guangdong.

We have an airport - Jinlong Airport

We have high-speed rail. We have highways extending in all directions, and we have ports and docks.

Due to our awkward geographical location and lack of national investment, our economy is backward and industrial construction is backward. We need to attract foreign institutions to visit and invest here.

In order to attract investment, we have introduced many preferential policies and incentives to attract foreign investment.

If you are interested in the Chinese market, if you want to start your own business in China, if you want to set up factories in China to do business around the world, you might as well come to Zhaoqing to investigate the investment environment.

I believe that the business environment here in Zhaoqing is satisfactory to you.

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  1. Recently, many friends recommended me to invest in Zhaoqing to set up a factory. They said that Zhaoqing is cheap in land and taxes. I plan to visit Zhaoqing




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