Friday, February 3, 2023

Guangdong Sihui Folk Songs-広東四会の民謡

Guangdong Sihui Folk Songs

Founded in the 33rd year of the Qin Dynasty (214 BC), Sihui is one of the four oldest organic counties in Lingnan. The folk songs of Sihui are passed down from generation to generation on this ancient and beautiful land, forming its excellent folk culture with local characteristics.

The history of Sihui folk songs can be traced back to the Southern Song Dynasty and has a long history. It is mainly divided into Sihui "vernacular" folk songs and Sihui Hakka folk songs. Its content is rich, the lyrics are simple and vivid, and it is easy to understand. It is a form of expression for people to express emotion, exchange friendship, inspire ambition, and educate future generations. It is mainly distributed in Sihui urban area, Jingkou Town, Luoyuan Town, Dasha Town, Dengcun Town, Jianggu Town, Didou Town and other rural areas, and is an important part of Lingnan cultural treasure house that cannot be ignored. In recent years, the Sihui Music Team, led by Li Chongming, the inheritor of folk songs of the Sihui, has achieved good results in many provincial and municipal music competitions and won many awards.







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