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A friend from a foreign organization said, why is my boss willing to go to Zhaoqing for investigation and investment?

When the owners of foreign institutions arrived in Zhaoqing by plane and then by high-speed rail, they found the scenery was very beautiful and the streets were very clean, just like the streets in Japan and Singapore. Zhaoqing made a good first impression on the owners of foreign institutions. Zhaoqing's industrial economy is relatively backward and poor. The boss probably knows it, but it does not affect the cleanliness of the streets.

One small matter made the boss decide to invest in Zhaoqing.

A friend of a foreign-funded institution said: "At that time, we went out for dinner with local government officials, local cadres and employees.".

After the meal, the local government official said a sentence that impressed the boss of the foreign-funded institution: Ah Liang, the rest of the food will be packed back and sent to colleagues who have not come to eat, so that you can eat when you work overtime tonight.

At that time, after listening to this sentence, the owners of foreign institutions thought that Zhaoqing was a good place for investment because of its good folkway and thrift. After returning, a few days later, the foreign institutions decided to sign a contract and start their business in Zhaoqing.

A friend of a foreign institution finally told me a little secret: my boss has gone to many places around the world for investigation, but here in Zhaoqing, the official leaders asked the cadres to pack meals and go back to the office. This gives me confidence. 

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