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[Go to the Grassroots in the Spring Festival] Xiamao Town, Sihui City: reunite in the festival town and enjoy the Lantern Festival--Chinese culture

[Go to the Grassroots in the Spring Festival] Xiamao Town, Sihui City,Guangdong,China,: reunite in the festival town and enjoy the Lantern Festival

Released by Sihui  at 19:15 on February 3, 2023

The flavor of the year is still between the lips and teeth, and it is the Lantern Festival again. In order to deeply explore the value connotation of the excellent traditional Chinese culture and create a happy, peaceful and warm festival atmosphere, on February 2, the Sihui Municipal Civilized Office, together with the people's government of Xiamao Town, Sihui City, organized and carried out the activity of "our festival, spiritual home, festival town reunion, and the celebration of the Lantern Festival", and sent wonderful programs, steaming Lantern Festival, and warm love to the residents of Xiamao Town.

Spring Festival Xiamao Town, Sihui City,Lantern Festival,

This activity is divided into many activities, such as drawing a lottery, pasting a hundred blessings, guessing lantern games, sugar-painting people, throwing pots, boiling tea in a fire, and boiling the Lantern Festival. When you gather all the eight blessings, you can punch cards at the wishing wall to harvest blessings and gifts. At the event site, some of the citizens wrote down the word "Fu" with splashing ink at the "Fu" booth and posted it on the "Bai Fu" wall; Some people gathered around the traditional folk craft - drawing sugar figurines, and scrambled to ask the sugar painting teacher to draw their favorite sugar paintings; Some people listened carefully to the staff at the pitcher booth to explain the history of pitcher, and then threw the pitcher at once

Write "Fu" and paste "Bai Fu" wall-Xiamao Town, Sihui City

▲ Write "Fu" and paste "Bai Fu" wall

Children's welfare exchange for lucky gifts-Xiamao Town, Sihui City,Guangdong,China

▲ Children's welfare exchange for lucky gifts

In addition, guessing lantern riddles and boiling tea around the stove are most popular among young people. In the riddle guessing session, the volunteers of the New Age Civilization Practice Institute carefully prepared 300 riddles, mainly including the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress, common sense of life, animals and plants, and puzzles. The vivid and interesting riddles attracted many citizens to participate actively. As soon as the riddle comes out, we either think alone or discuss the answer together in groups of three or five, cheering and cheering when we answer the right answer, and not discouraged when we answer the wrong answer. The scene was very lively.

Make friends by boiling tea in the furnace,Xiamao Town, Sihui City,Guangdong,China

▲ Make friends by boiling tea in the furnace

This activity not only made the citizens understand the customs of traditional festivals of the Chinese nation, but also enriched their cultural life and let them feel and understand the unique charm of traditional festivals imperceptibly. At the same time, it also promoted neighborhood exchanges, enhanced neighborhood friendship, and strengthened the cohesion and sense of belonging of the residents of Xiamao Town.

Since this year,

Xiamao Town, Sihui City,China gives full play to the grass-roots level

The platform role of the new era civilization practice institute (station),

We have successively carried out "Our Festival · Home of Spirit"

Mass cultural activities with the theme of Spring Festival and Lantern Festival,

It not only carried forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture,

It also greatly enriched the spiritual and cultural life of the residents of Xiamao Town.

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