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Some foreign institutions said that the situation of transferring to Zhaoqing, running enterprises in the original place and transferring to Vietnam was compared.


Recently, a foreign organization talked to us about it. Fortunately, it was transferred to the backward area of Zhaoqing at that time, which reduced the cost and stabilized the customers. Some of its peers moved to Vietnam, and some of its peers chose to stay in place. They are now half dead.

The colleague who transferred to Vietnam told him that the actual cost would not be reduced much in Vietnam, and the quality of the workers was far from that of the mainland. From time to time, power is cut off. It's better to be in Guangdong.

The person who chose to insist on running an enterprise in the original place told him that if he chose to run an enterprise in the original place, the rent of the factory would increase year by year, and it would be difficult to recruit workers. Many workers would run away with buckets. Seeing that the investment environment in Zhaoqing is so good, he wants to move to the industrial park in Zhaoqing with me.

Foreign investment institutions recently also said that the government has support and various exemptions for entering the Zhaoqing Industrial Park. Foreign-funded institutions said that there are still guidelines to support listing. He also participated.

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抖音上,还是有很多傻逼在炒房。不断发布消息,说建设一条桥了,房子要升值了。 建设地铁了,房子要升值了。 那种恶臭,那种想钱,想收割别人的想法。真的隔着屏幕都觉得难忍。 那些造粪机器,只会做这些炒买炒卖的事情。想产业升级,是不可能的。 就是一群造粪机器,想不劳而获。 不会让他如愿的...