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The Sihui Thermal Power project was successfully connected to the grid!

The Sihui Thermal Power project was successfully connected to the grid!

2023-12-29 16:59 Published in Guangdong

Recently, China Power (Sihui) Thermal Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sihui Thermal Power") comprehensive smart energy project 1.039MWp distributed photovoltaic project was successfully connected to the grid at full capacity.

This is the result of Sihui Thermal Power's implementation of the "2035 First-Class Strategy" of the State Power Investment Corporation and its focus on comprehensive smart energy projects. The successful connection of the project to the grid marks another solid step taken by Sihui Thermal Power on the new journey of green transformation and development.

The project has an installed capacity of 1039.5kWp and a total inverter configuration capacity of 1030kW. At the same time, a 4kW micro wind turbine is built to generate electricity. The roof of the factory building is used. Based on the principle of "nearby access and reasonable consumption", the original 400V power distribution device backup switch is used. Loop to build photovoltaic power generation system. During the construction process, Sihui Thermal Power insisted on building a photovoltaic project with "good safety, good quality, good benefits, and good image". It repeatedly optimized the design plan, paid close attention to on-site safety management, strictly controlled the project construction quality, and worked overtime to complete equipment installation, Electrical debugging and other work were carried out and grid-connected power generation was successfully implemented as planned.

Next step,

Sihui Thermal Power will continue to focus on the synergy of pollution reduction and carbon reduction, increase the development of new energy, continue to create green value, and contribute to building a world-class clean energy enterprise with global competitiveness.

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