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Seizing the "golden period" of construction, two projects in Deqing County, Guangdong Province have started construction

Seizing the "golden period" of construction, two projects in Deqing County, Guangdong Province have started construction

Deqing released 2023-12-29 20:04 Published in Guangdong

On December 28, 2023, the groundbreaking ceremony for the factory construction projects of Guangdong Yiwei Technology Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Ruiying Performance Equipment Co., Ltd. was held. We will start construction as soon as possible with the attitude of “seizing opportunities, seizing time, and seizing progress”.

Deputy County Magistrate Sun Yanpeng attended the event. In her speech, she said that our county has always adhered to the concept of pro-business, pro-business, and respect for business, constantly improved the level of government services, and made every effort to promote the speed and quality of project construction. It is hoped that the project construction unit will speed up the construction progress and strive to complete the project early, put it into production early, and produce benefits early.

It is reported that the two projects that started construction today are stage cultural equipment projects. The two projects cooperate with each other to form audio equipment, intelligent electronics, stage machinery equipment, stage cultural equipment and other industrial supporting production. It is expected that the annual output value will be 200 million yuan after reaching the standard. The annual tax revenue is more than 8.5 million yuan.

Guo Bin, Chairman of Guangdong Ruiying Performance Equipment Co., Ltd.: The main reason that attracted me to Deqing was the environment and business environment here. At that time, we also visited some other provinces and regions, as well as those around Guangzhou. region, I finally chose Deqing because I think the business environment here is my favorite.

Deng Weidong, Chairman of Guangzhou Yiwei Electronics Co., Ltd.: First of all, the Deqing government gave us the opportunity. When we came here, we saw beautiful mountains and rivers. The business environment here gradually matured, and the entire plan was gradually improved, so this This is also the reason that attracted us Yiwei to enter Deqing.

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