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Heartwarming! Foshan and Zhaoqing join hands to help babies with cleft lips smile again

Heartwarming! Foshan and Zhaoqing join hands to help babies with cleft lips smile again

Sihui Release 2023-12-01 12:35 Published in Guangdong

Recently, the elder brother from Nantang Village, Xiamao Town, Sihui City, smiled and hugged Xiao Jinjin, who had undergone cleft lip repair surgery, and was discharged from the hospital. This treatment is inseparable from the coordination and linkage of the Xia Mao Town Women's Federation and the Foshan Chancheng District Sihui City Xia Mao Town Resident Village Support Team (hereinafter referred to as the "Work Team"), which mobilized many caring enterprises to donate medical expenses. , and the rear unit, the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of Chancheng District, contacted the Ai Ai Hospital for careful treatment and reduction of part of the medical expenses, so that Xiao Jinjin's surgery went smoothly.

"Without them, I really wouldn't dare to bring my children for treatment."

This year, the work team, together with the Women's Federation of Xia Mao Town, learned during the implementation of the "Household Interviews and Heart-warming Visits" that in a relatively poor family in Nantang Village, XiaMao Town, little Jin Jin, who was over one year old, suffered from a cleft lip. The grandparents in the family suffer from chronic diseases and are not able to work hard. Her mother is pregnant and does not work, so she relies on her father to do odd jobs to support the family's expenses. Xiao Jinjin's illness has become a big problem in the hearts of the township eldest brother and his family.

"In the past few years, the family has been burdened with heavy burdens, and I don't know where to go for better treatment. Without these caring people, I would not dare to bring my child for treatment. Now that the child is cured, our family is more confident about the future." Brother Xiang said Said in an interview with reporters.

It is understood that in order to help Xiao Jinjin, the work team took advantage of the resources of the Chancheng District People's Congress Standing Committee of the rear unit and contacted Foshan Fosun Chancheng Hospital to treat Xiao Jinjin and reduce the cost as much as possible. On November 14, the work team contacted the vehicle and, together with cadres from the Women's Federation of Xia Mao Town and Nantang Village Committee, escorted Xiao Jinjin to Foshan Fosun Chancheng Hospital for treatment.

The "blood transfusion" of love inspires the masses to work hard and "make blood"

On the day Xiao Jinjin was discharged from the hospital, reporters came to the ward and saw that Xiao Jinjin’s cleft lip had been closed after surgery. Comparing the previous photos of Xiao Jinjin on Brother Xiang’s cell phone, he is completely different.

△Staff from Xiamao Town, Sihui City, and heads of caring enterprises visited Xiao Jinjin in the ward and had cordial exchanges with the elder brother from the township

"The earlier this kind of surgery is done, the better. The child can have it when he is six or seven months old. Xiao Jinjin is still a little late." The doctor in charge of Xiao Jinjin's treatment said that for this operation, the hospital used plastic surgery, dentistry, The otolaryngology department and other departments conducted a joint consultation, and the operation was very successful. When Xiao Jinjin is six or seven years old, another plastic surgery will basically make him look like a normal person.

On the same day, the person in charge of Guangdong Zhuoyi Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. came from Dongguan to visit Xiao Jinjin. He said that the cost of Xiao Jinjin’s treatment will be fully borne by the company. At the same time, many members of the Chancheng District People's Congress Standing Committee Office, the Sihui City Women and Children's Working Committee, the Sihui City Xiamao Town Party Committee, and the work team stationed in Xiamao Town also came to pick up Xiao Jinjin from the hospital. Xiao Jinjin sent her best wishes. The Xia Mao Town Government sent a banner of thanks to all the loving forces.

△Before Xiao Jinjin’s treatment, the heads of relevant units in Xia Mao Town, village cadres, volunteers, etc. came to visit Xiao Jinjin’s family.

The head of the working team stationed in Xia Mao Town expressed the hope that through this multi-party love "blood transfusion", the love power of the whole society can be better promoted to help people in need and jointly participate in consolidating the results of poverty alleviation. It is hoped that through the influence of loving assistance, people will be more willing to participate in the development of their hometowns, boost their confidence in rural revitalization and development, and achieve the transformation from "blood transfusion" to their own "blood production" by getting rich through hard work.

Thank you very much to the people of Zhaoqing and Foshan for helping the citizens of Sihui.

Sihui City, located in the Pearl River Delta region, is still lagging behind in terms of economic and industrial development.

Many people cannot find jobs locally because there are no jobs. Income is also low.

What Sihui City most urgently needs is industrialization.

I hope that business leaders from all over the world will come to Sihui City to visit.

Help Sihui City achieve industrialization, all business leaders can make money, and Sihui City can develop.

This is the best win-win solution.

If Sihui City realizes industrialization, Sihui City will not need too many people to help, and it will be able to help more people.

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