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Sihui City, Zhaoqing, Guangdong: Build the factory in the place of origin of the fruit, and open the market to the whole world. This is how sugar oranges should be "eaten"

Sihui City, Zhaoqing, Guangdong: Build the factory in the place of origin of the fruit, and open the market to the whole world. This is how sugar oranges should be "eaten"丨A talk about "millions of projects"

Golden sugar oranges hang all over the branches in the field, bending the treetops. Recently, Zhaoqing's Sihui Shatang Oranges have had a bumper harvest. The baskets of oranges have made the fruit farmers smile and added vitality to the countryside. According to statistics from the Sihui Municipal Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau, the existing citrus planting area in Sihui is 107,100 acres, and the output this year is expected to reach 127,700 tons.

As early as December 21, 2023, Sihui City, Zhaoqing held a 2023 Sihui sugar orange picking and listing ceremony in Huangtian Town, a professional citrus town in Guangdong Province and the origin of Sihui sugar oranges, focusing on the specific deployment of the Provincial Party Committee's "1310" , thoroughly implement the "Hundreds and Thousands Project", lay the four cards of "industry, market, technology, and culture" for agricultural products in Guangdong Province, continue to deepen the construction of the Sihui sugar orange "12221" market system, and promote the high-end Sihui sugar orange industry. Quality development.

“No bag of sugar oranges can be left overnight”

Sihui enjoys the reputation of "the hometown of citrus in China", and Sihui Shatang Orange has also been rated as "China's Famous Fruit" and "China's Famous Fruit". In 2006, the citrus planting area in Sihui reached 240,000 acres, and the industry reached its peak. However, since 2007, due to ice and snow disasters and the invasion of Huanglongbing, the planting area has been significantly reduced, prices have dropped, and the market position of Shatang Orange has been gradually replaced by surrounding producing areas.

But as a local iconic industry, Shatangjie’s status is unshakable. In recent years, the Fourth Committee has actively responded to difficulties, looked for ways to prevent and control Huanglongbing, and embarked on the road of replanting Shatangjie again. At the same time, taking advantage of the opportunity of building the Shatangjie Provincial Modern Agricultural Industrial Park, the Shatangjie industry has ushered in a new golden period of development.

Sihui city sugar oranges have thin peels, sweet and refreshing pulp, and are very popular among consumers. Source: Southern Rural News

"No bag of sugar oranges can last overnight" is often said by "Lao Guang", which is enough to show people's love for sugar oranges. Sihui City takes the opportunity to fully build the Shatangjie Provincial Modern Agricultural Industrial Park as an opportunity to fully promote the quality and efficiency of the Shatangjie Industrial Park, and comprehensively accelerate the scale, standardization, and brand development of Sihui Shatangjie.

In addition to improving the quality of sugar orange seedlings and preventing and controlling citrus Huanglongbing, the Fourth Conference also focused on expanding the deep processing and trade of sugar oranges and creating a full industrial chain of sugar oranges integrating the development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries. Guangdong provincial scientific research institutions have been introduced as technical support, and all aspects of the planting, processing, sales and tourism of sugar oranges have been fully coordinated. This move not only increased the income of fruit farmers, but also played a positive role in promoting the revitalization of rural industries and injected new vitality into the "Hundreds and Thousands Project".

“Build the factory in the place where the fruit originates”

The raw liquid canning, sealing and packaging, sterilization and other processes are completed in one go. The factory of Zhaoqing Qilezhi Rentang Beverage and Food Co., Ltd. can produce 1,500 cans of sugar orange beverage per minute. In order to make full use of the sugar orange resources, Qile Company has adopted a method of cooperation with farmers and set up factories in the fruit's origin, realizing that "the fruits enter the production line directly from the branches."

"The harvest period of sugar oranges is only two months. If mature sugar oranges cannot be sold or processed in time, they will easily spoil." Xiao Fuliang, deputy general manager of Zhaoqing Qilezhi Rentang Beverage and Food Co., Ltd., told reporters, In order to solve the problem of "high yield but poor harvest" of sugar oranges, the company purchases the fruits from farmers at market prices and uses them to make sugar orange drinks. The annual purchase volume has increased from 275 tons when research and development began in 2021 to nearly 3,000 tons in 2023. The purchase volume will continue to increase in 2024, driving the income growth of local farmers and promoting the improvement of the industrial chain and the development of the local economy. .

It is reported that in 2013, the company chose to set up a production base in Sihui City. In the early days, it mainly focused on OEM beverage production. By 2018, Qile Company began to develop a full range of Shatangjie beverage products, focusing on the unique resource of Sihui Shatangjie. At the beginning of 2022, Sihui City's sugar orange series products were officially launched nationwide and achieved good market results. As of November 2023, the sales volume of its sugar orange beverage products increased by 30% year-on-year compared to last year, and the sales network covers major cities across the country. It has chain supermarkets and stores in some provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, and has successfully entered multiple mainstream e-commerce platforms.

Haoqiao brand sugar orange series drinks were popular among citizens at the Agricultural Expo. Source: Southern Rural News

"The fresh sugar orange fruits purchased from fruit farmers are directly canned after being squeezed. This process has certain technical difficulties. In order to overcome this technical barrier, the company finally developed a production and filling process. The sugar orange beverage is in the workshop After 13 processes inside, it can finally become a finished product and be packaged for sale." Xiao Fuliang said that through continuous research and development and innovation, the company allows everyone to drink the freshest sugar orange series beverage products. At the same time, direct purchase from the field also helps expand the planting area of sugar oranges, further connects farmers and benefits farmers, promotes the rapid development of the sugar orange industry in Sihui, and is also a reflection of the government's active response to the government's call for high-quality development of the "Hundreds and Thousands of Projects".

Standardization and standardization development reach a new level

On December 1, 2023, the Zhaoqing Municipal Administration for Market Regulation approved the release of the local standard DB4412/T 27-2023 "Geographical Indication Product Sihui Sha Tangjue". The release of this standard provides important technical support for standardizing the production of Sihui sugar oranges, ensuring their quality and product protection, and helps promote the healthy development of the Sihui sugar orange industry.

Sihui City will use the release of this standard to further promote the standardization of local specialty agricultural products. The goal is to create a standardized development path for Sihui Shatangjie specialty agricultural products that can be used as a reference and replicable, and to provide strong support for the leapfrog development of Sihui City into a strong agricultural industry city. This move will add new impetus and vitality to the high-quality development of the "Hundreds and Thousands of Projects" of the Four Sessions.

As an important part of the three-industry integration demonstration zone of the Shatangjie Provincial Modern Agricultural Industrial Park, Sihui City has actively explored and practiced the integration of agriculture and tourism. For example, the Sihui Orange Scenic Area uses "orange elements" as the core to create It has built a pastoral complex that integrates various business formats such as vacation, agricultural tourism, catering and accommodation.

Let’s “eat” sugar oranges together! From the field to the table, from fruit to beverage, the "transformation show" of small fruits is a testimony to the increasing development and improvement of the entire Sihui sugar orange industry chain.

Welcome friends from all over the world to come to Sihui to taste the sugar orange.

Businesses from all over the world are welcome to come to Sihui to open a sugar orange processing factory and work together to turn this sweetest fruit into juice and jam and promote it to the world.

Sugar orange, made into jam, sugar orange pie, sugar orange wine, the market is still blank.

Welcome to build a factory in Sihui.

Welcome to Sihui City, Guangdong Province for inspection

Welcome to find investment industry

Welcome to run a business in Sihui City

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