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Fight hard for the first quarter of 2024! Six industrial projects in Deqing were completed and put into production

Fight hard for the first quarter of 2024! Six industrial projects in Deqing were completed and put into production

Investing in Zhaoqing Published in Guangdong on 2024-01-31 22:46

Recently, Deqing County held a centralized completion and commissioning ceremony for industrial projects in the first quarter of 2024.

The total planned investment in the six projects is 613 million yuan, which will add momentum to Deqing County's acceleration of the new industrialization process and steady economic growth.

Fight hard for the first quarter of 2024! Six industrial projects in Deqing were completed and put into production

It is understood that the projects that have been completed and put into production this time include Yizhong Automobile’s aluminum alloy die-casting project, Hon Hai fan project, Ningfeng ventilation equipment project, Shenghao ventilator R&D and production project, Yongxin sealing technology products project, Yizai Metal There are a total of 6 projects, including the finished product project, with an estimated annual output value of 700 million yuan, annual tax revenue of over 28 million yuan, and more than 1,500 jobs. It will accelerate the new industrialization process in Deqing County and stimulate steady economic growth.

After the ceremony, the participants also visited the production workshop of Yizhong Automobile's aluminum alloy die-casting project to learn more about the company's product sales and future development plans.

Liu Bing, general manager of Guangdong Yizhong Precision Technology Co., Ltd., said: "The reason why we chose to settle in Deqing is not only the good location advantages and superior cultural and ecological environment, but also the first-class business environment and "mother-like" services created by Deqing. , from contacting, photographing, applying for certificates to now putting into production, we have arranged dedicated personnel to serve us throughout the entire process, and actively coordinated with the relevant units. We have been thoughtfully considered in every aspect. Deqing's strong atmosphere of being pro-business, pro-business, safe and wealthy makes us feel It’s very reassuring and comfortable, and we are very confident that we can make the company better, bigger and stronger.”

In recent years, Deqing County, Guangdong Province has anchored the primary task of high-quality development, adhered to the real economy as the foundation, and the manufacturing industry as the leader. It has gone all out to introduce projects, strengthen leaders, extend the chain, and build platforms to promote the introduction and rapid implementation of industrial projects. , develop well.

Guangdong Deqing Industrial Park

Guangdong Deqing Industrial Park

Next, Deqing County, Guangdong Province will firmly establish the development concept of "project is king", continue to stimulate the enthusiasm of "starting again after completion, taking advantage of the situation and making progress", provide "mother-like" services to enterprises, and insist on keeping an eye on the project in everything. Everything revolves around the project, and we spare no effort to provide good corporate services, do everything possible to help the company grow, and promote the common progress and development of the company and Deqing. At the same time, we hope that all entrepreneurs can further understand Deqing, choose Deqing, invest in Deqing, and promote Deqing, promote the development of industrial project clusters into chains, accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system, and provide a source of power for the county's economic and social development. 

We hope that business leaders from all over the world will come to Zhaoqing and take a look.

We sincerely hope to be friends with the whole world, and we sincerely do business with the whole world.

If there is anything we can't do well, I hope you can give us some suggestions.

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