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Investment report card丨Fengkai County: Real "recruitment", "item" forward! Precise investment promotion has achieved remarkable results

Investment report card丨Fengkai County: Real "recruitment", "item" forward! Precise investment promotion has achieved remarkable results

Invest in Zhaoqing Published in Guangdong on 2024-01-23 23:31


In 2023, Zhaoqing will promote the city's modernization with high-quality development, anchor the primary task of high-quality development and the strategic task of building a new development pattern, closely follow the specific deployment of the Provincial Party Committee's "1310", adhere to the real economy as the foundation, the manufacturing industry as the leader, and focus on To create a big industry, build a big platform, cultivate big enterprises, build big projects, create a big environment, vigorously implement the "Operation to Attract Phoenix", comprehensively set off a new upsurge of "big investment, attract big business", and solidify and strengthen the "industry" of the manufacturing industry , accelerating the construction of a modern industrial system with Zhaoqing characteristics and injecting new momentum into Zhaoqing's high-quality development. Starting today, let us review the investment promotion work of all counties (cities, districts) in the city this year, with the aim of summing up experience and preparing for the new year's work.

Latest release! Fengkai County’s 2023 investment report card is released~

Fengkai County’s 2023 investment report card is released

In 2023, Fengkai County actively responded to Zhaoqing City's promotion of the city's modernization with high-quality development, anchored the primary task of high-quality development and the strategic task of building a new development pattern, vigorously implemented the "Phoenix Attraction Action", and solidly promoted the investment promotion work to achieve new results.

The Fengkai County Party Committee and Fengkai County Government attach great importance to the implementation of industrial investment promotion. They have successively held the Fengkai County Party Committee Economic Work Conference, the County Investment Promotion Work Conference, and the Fengkai County Party Committee Standing Committee Meeting to conduct special research and deployment on the investment promotion series.

Fengkai County has issued the "Fengkai County 2023 Industrial Investment Promotion and Implementation Work Plan" to consolidate the institutional foundation. The main leaders of the four sets of teams serve as leaders of the four industrial chains, based on Fengkai County's mineral resources, specialty agricultural products, Xijiang golden waterways, beautiful natural landscapes and other resource advantages. , focusing on upstream and downstream enterprises in the leading industrial chains such as green building materials, modern agriculture, cultural tourism and health care, advanced manufacturing, etc., personally planning investment promotion, while going to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and other regions, while targeting high-quality enterprises in the southwest region. In 2023, Fengkai County leaders led a team of about 290 people to go out to attract investment, stayed out for 121 days, and visited more than 340 companies.

On the basis of various investment channels such as chambers of commerce, associations, exhibitions, townships, forums, etc., we will explore cooperation with market-oriented professional forces, deepen collaboration with professional building materials industry associations, and use the power of the Calcium Magnesium Carbonate Branch of the Guangdong Building Materials Association to help Fengkai County more accurately improves the effectiveness of publicity and promotion of the green building materials industry and connects relevant enterprises.

Outbound investment promotion activities have achieved remarkable results, with a total investment of nearly 6 billion yuan in green building materials projects, 8 modern agriculture projects, 5 cultural tourism and health care projects, 8 new energy projects, and 3 transportation and logistics projects. In particular, the successful introduction of the Fengkai Conch Guli Mountain green building materials project with a planned investment of 3.45 billion yuan has provided strong support for the industrial agglomeration of Fengkai County.

Fengkai County adheres to the concept of strengthening the county through industry, projects are king, parks are mothers, and enterprises are the first. It vigorously implements special actions such as attracting investment for industrial projects, increasing capital and expanding production of enterprises, and improving the quality and efficiency of industrial parks. It focuses on attracting projects, strengthening leaders, and supplementing Chains and clusters will be established to accelerate the introduction and cultivation of a number of good projects and large projects with high compatibility, strong driving ability, and good economic benefits to further lay a solid foundation for industrial revitalization.

Guangdong Guangxi Fengkai Industrial Park

Guangdong Guangxi Fengkai Industrial Park

A total of 2 events will be held in 2023

Signing, construction start, completion and commissioning ceremony.


On February 6, Fengkai County held a centralized signing, construction and commissioning event for major projects in the first quarter of 2023, focusing on the results of industrial investment promotion and implementation in the first quarter of this year. There were 17 major projects in the first quarter, with a total investment of 6.388 billion yuan. On the day of the event A total of 10 projects have been signed, started and put into production, with a total investment of 5.745 billion yuan and an annual planned investment of 1.7 billion yuan;


On August 18, in the third quarter, Fengkai County focused on the construction, completion, and commissioning of 2 new projects, and 14 new completed and commissioned projects. The total planned investment is approximately 8.505 billion yuan, and the annual output value after reaching capacity is expected to be approximately 4.483 billion yuan. , achieving tax revenue of approximately 527 million yuan.

In 2023, Fengkai County will carry out a series of investment environment promotion activities. Fengkai County leaders will speak for Fengkai and provide entrepreneurs with an in-depth introduction to Fengkai’s profound history and culture, rich mineral resources, beautiful ecological landscape, as well as transportation location advantages and characteristics. Agricultural advantages, industrial platform advantages, etc. have given entrepreneurs a new and deeper understanding of Fengkai, further enhancing their confidence in the implementation of corporate projects in Fengkai.

"The best stone in the world" large spotted stone

"The best stone in the world" large spotted stone

On August 18, the Fengkai County Investment Promotion Center and the Provincial Building Materials Association hosted the 2023 National Green Building Materials Going to the Rural Areas (Guangdong Fengkai Station) and Zhaoqing Prefabricated Building and Green Building Materials Industry Development Conference, attracting nearly 80 companies from across the country Green building materials companies, nearly 250 entrepreneurs, experts and scholars attended, and the products include more than 30 categories such as panels and prefabricated buildings.

In addition, it also held activities such as the Guangdong Fengkai Xinghua Chicken Industry High-Quality Development Conference, the Second Zhaoqing B&B Industry Conference, and the "Fengkai Xingxiang Xian, Concentric New Era" conference.

By broadening publicity channels, it has attracted the attention of more investors from different fields and further enhanced the confidence of enterprises to invest in Fengkai County.


Fengkai County will accelerate the signing and implementation of mature projects under negotiation, achieve a "good start" in attracting investment in the new year, promote the development of industrial project clusters in the county, and inject new momentum into the high-quality development of Zhaoqing's economy!

Fengkai County in Guangdong is a county with a relatively backward economy.

We hope that businesses from all over the world will come to Fengkai County to take a look.

We sincerely connect with the world, we sincerely integrate into the world, and we sincerely want to do business with the world.Fengkai County needs your help.

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