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Douyin e-commerce "Gold Origin Sihui Jade Festival" grand opening

Douyin e-commerce "Gold Origin Sihui Jade Festival" grand opening

Released by Sihui City 2024-04-14 13:53 Guangdong, China

Gold Origin Sihui Jade Festival

On the afternoon of April 12, 2024, a unique Douyin e-commerce "Gold Origin Sihui Jade Festival" that leads the development of the jade business district grandly opened in our city. Online and offline jade merchants and jade enthusiasts from all over the country Readers focused on the four sessions to jointly experience the unique charm of the “jade culture” of China’s home of jade.

This event was jointly organized by Douyin official, Sihui Jewelry and Jade Jewelry Industry Association and Sihui Huixin Operation Center. Cai Xueli, member of the Standing Committee of the Fourth Session of the Municipal Party Committee, Minister of the United Front Work Department, and Deputy Secretary of the CPPCC Leading Group, attended the event and delivered a speech.

Douyin e-commerce "Gold Origin Sihui Jade Festival" grand opening

Cai Xueli said

Sihui City enjoys the reputation of the hometown of jade in China. It is the world's largest jade wholesale market and jade processing and sales distribution center integrating production, supply and sales. The scale of its jade industry ranks among the top in the country. This gold origin plan is the first national promotion event organized by Douyin e-commerce in conjunction with the Sihui Jade Industry Belt. It is committed to bringing Sihui jade to thousands of households, and at the same time fully displaying the "Hometown of Chinese Jade" from multiple angles and all-round. —The unique charm of Sihui. Through the event, it is hoped that Sihui Douyin e-commerce will carry forward Guangdong's spirit of daring to be the first and working hard, give full play to the solid industrial advantages of Sihui jade, and continue to build Sihui into a unique national e-commerce live broadcast demonstration benchmark. All major merchants must adhere to the bottom line of quality thinking, strengthen industry self-discipline, and jointly create an everlasting jewelry and jade ecology, so that the jewelry and jade industry can achieve sustainable and healthy development.

In addition, Sihui Douyin e-commerce and various merchants must firmly grasp the new direction of high-quality development of the jade industry, firmly establish brand awareness, innovation awareness, and service awareness, rely on the "Internet +" platform to promote the expansion of jade sales, and firmly develop Confidence, work with the Sihui City Party Committee and Government to promote new development of the jewelry and jade industry, and jointly make new and greater contributions to the economic and social prosperity and development of Sihui City.

At the launching ceremony, the leading guests participating in the event jointly pushed down the lever and announced the official launch of the "Gold Producing Area Sihui Jade Festival".

At the launching ceremony, the leading guests participating in the event jointly pushed down the lever and announced the official launch of the "Gold Producing Area Sihui Jade Festival".

The Douyin e-commerce "Gold Origin Sihui Jade Festival" is committed to discovering and displaying more high-quality jade from source origins at high prices, allowing consumers to focus on the quality of Sihui jade, and laying a link between good products from the source and market trends for merchants and consumers. , strive to improve the brand influence and domestic demand driving force of the Sihui Jade Live Broadcasting Industry Belt, and continuously polish the golden sign of "China's Jade Hometown" in an all-round way.

Huang Ziming, QIC Director of Sihui Douyin Operation Center

As the earliest category entered by Douyin e-commerce, jadeite relies on the supply of industrial belts with origin mentality. Sihui has the industrial mentality of jade and jade, and has a strong appeal in the hearts of Douyin consumers. Based on this, our Sihui Douyin Operation Center implemented the platform IP and linked high-quality Douyin merchants to carry out this traceability activity in order to strengthen the influence of the origin. I believe this event can promote our entire Chinese jade homeland and even high-quality jade merchants in Sihui, increase their popularity across the country, and open up the online sales capabilities of Sihui's overall jadeite.

According to reports, the online live broadcast event of the "Gold Producing Area Sihui Jade Festival" started on April 13 and lasted until April 26. During the period, the Douyin platform will invite celebrities to the Master Jade Carving Studio and related supply chains to showcase and promote the craftsmanship and level of Sihui jade carving. In addition, the CCTV online column team will go deep into the Sihui jade industry to film traceability stories, and demonstrate the "quality-price ratio" industry of Sihui jade through the background of Sihui Jade City, jade production technology, jade craftsmen's craftsmanship, and jade cultural inheritance. Taking advantage of the cluster advantage, the promotional video will be broadcast on CCTV, effectively increasing the exposure and popularity of Sihui Jade.

Douyin e-commerce "Gold Origin Sihui Jade Festival" grand opening

Sihui Douyin e-commerce Xuanxuan

I think this event is very motivating. As a local businessman, this Douyin "Gold Producing Area Sihui Jade Festival" event has brought break-through and exposure effects to the Sihui.

Huang Zhiquan, executive vice president of the Sihui Jewelry and Jade Jewelry Industry Association and president of the e-commerce branch

Through this "Gold Producing Area Sihui Jade Festival" event, combined with resources such as large promotions, shopping malls, experts, media, etc., it will bring greater exposure to Sihui jade and help the high-quality development of Sihui jade. I hope e-commerce companies will seize the opportunity Good business growth opportunities, win with "quality", and achieve break-out growth.

In recent years, the jade jewelry and jade live broadcast industry, as the most potential and influential characteristic industry of Sihui jade, has contributed to promoting city brand building, deep integration of culture and tourism, talent reserve training, and stimulating market vitality. Next, the Sihui will continue to strengthen its connection with online live broadcast platforms, improve e-commerce live broadcast marketing services, plan to build the Sihui Jewelry and Jade E-commerce Industrial Park, jointly cultivate a group of competitive e-commerce leading enterprises, and further strengthen the jewelry and jade e-commerce industry. Management of the commercial live streaming industry, establishing and improving the jade professional market, live streaming economy, and industry management mechanisms, continuously stimulating the development vitality of the jade e-commerce live streaming industry, and assisting the high-quality development of the Sihui jade e-commerce industry.

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