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All eyes are on you! Today, this conference was held in Zhaoqing

All eyes are on you! Today, this conference was held in Zhaoqing

Invest in Zhaoqing 2024-04-17 22:27 Guangdong

On April 17, 2024, the Zhaoqing City Optimizing Business Environment and Promoting Private Investment Conference was held in the Western Business Center of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area in Zhaoqing New District. With the theme of "Zhaoqing serves, makes progress every day", the conference invited more than 200 businessmen to discuss development and seek cooperation, comprehensively demonstrate the results of Zhaoqing's optimized business environment construction, convey Zhaoqing's efforts to create a first-class business environment, and inspire to a greater extent The vitality of market entities and the confidence and determination to make greater efforts to promote private investment. Mayor Xu Xiaoxiong attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Zhaoqing City Optimizing Business Environment and Promoting Private Investment Conference was held in the Western Business Center

Photo by Liu Chunlin, reporter from Zhaoqing Media Center

On behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, Xu Xiaoxiong welcomed the business representatives attending the conference and expressed his gratitude to people from all walks of life who care about and support Zhaoqing's economic and social development. He said that Zhaoqing insists on optimizing the business environment as a "native" project, benchmarking first-class, reform and innovation, and striving to create a service highland, an investment depression, a treasure land for business development, and a blessed land for development. More and more companies choose to work in Zhaoqing. In Zhaoqing, the harvest is in Zhaoqing. Optimizing the business environment can only be carried out, not completed. We will continue to launch an "upgraded version" of the business environment, accelerate the construction of an "all-Zhaoqing-run" enterprise service system, promote comprehensive progress in the market, government affairs, rule of law, elements, cities and other environments, and launch the "Zhaoqing service, daily progress" brand, with first-class The business environment strengthens confidence, promotes investment and stabilizes growth. We will adhere to the concept of "enterprise first", implement the "two unwavering principles", introduce policies and measures to support private investment, actively promote large-scale equipment updates and trade-in of consumer goods, and effectively serve as partners, caring people and guardians of enterprises. , use our "service index" to enhance the "development index" of enterprises, so that the majority of enterprises can invest, operate and develop comfortably in Zhaoqing. It is hoped that entrepreneurs will actively seize development opportunities, strive to be the "tide-setters" in innovation and change, continue to strengthen their enterprises, improve their products, and optimize their technologies, set sail in the wave of developing new productive forces, and develop in high-quality Reach new heights in the overall situation and sing the Zhaoqing movement of China’s economic brilliance theory.

Business representatives who participated in the conference said that Zhaoqing has a very strong atmosphere of respecting, valuing, pro-business and loving business, with high-quality government services and a first-class business environment. It is a development treasure place for investment and business success. We hope that through this conference, we can further deepen our understanding of Zhaoqing, strengthen exchanges with Zhaoqing, and work with Zhaoqing to seize opportunities and business opportunities based on "Zhaoqing needs and enterprises excel", jointly optimize the business environment, and promote more investment Cooperate and grow and develop together with Zhaoqing.

At the meeting, 100 companies including Guangdong Ruiqing Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. won the title of "Zhaoqing City's Key Taxpaying Enterprises in 2023", and 50 companies including Zhaoqing Xiaopeng New Energy Investment Co., Ltd. won the title of "Zhaoqing City's Top 50 Industrial Enterprises in 2023" " title, Guangdong Fenghua High-tech Co., Ltd. and other 50 companies won the title of "Top 50 Scientific and Technological Innovation Enterprises in Zhaoqing 2023". The conference will award plaques to corporate representatives who have won the title.

The conference held a press conference on Zhaoqing's business environment policies that benefit and support enterprises. Relevant comrades from the Municipal Development and Reform Bureau and the Municipal Bureau of Digital Affairs respectively reviewed the "Zhaoqing City's Action Plan to Accelerate the Construction of an "All-Zhaoqing" Enterprise Service System to Create a First-Class Business Environment (2024 Year), "Promoting Large-Scale Equipment Updates and Trade-In Actions for Consumer Goods" and other policy documents, as well as the "Enterprise·Mayor Express" platform for interpretation or explanation; the relevant responsible persons of the Municipal Natural Resources Bureau, Municipal Finance Bureau, and Guangdong Power Grid Company Zhaoqing Power Supply Bureau Comrade Xi Jinping made a statement on serving the construction of Zhaoqing's business environment.

The conference also held a promotion meeting for investment promotion in Zhaoqing. Relevant comrades from the Municipal Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau, the Municipal Industry and Information Technology Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Tourism and Sports, and the Municipal “Hundreds and Thousands Project” Command Office focused on “promoting the modern agricultural industry with the concept of industrialization”. "Industrial chain development", "Building a '344' park development pattern and creating an industrial development carrier", "Fully tapping cultural tourism resources to expand and prosper the hotel and B&B industry", "Planning and construction of typical town and village demonstration zones" and other themes were promoted on the spot.

The conference was held via video and telephone conference in various counties (cities, districts), Zhaoqing High-tech Zone, Zhaoqing New District, and Guangdong-Guangxi Cooperation Special Pilot Zone (Zhaoqing). Relevant leaders of the city’s four sets of teams, relevant responsible comrades of each county (city, district), Zhaoqing High-tech Zone, Zhaoqing New District, and Guangdong-Guangxi Cooperation Special Pilot Zone (Zhaoqing), responsible comrades of relevant ministries and commissions of the Municipal Party Committee, relevant units under the municipal government, and relevant provincial units in Zhaoqing Attend the event at the city's main venue.

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