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Annual output is 6.3 million tons! Zhaoqing Guangning Hulu Sand and Gravel Mine Puts into Operation

Annual output is 6.3 million tons! Zhaoqing Guangning Hulu Sand and Gravel Mine Puts into Operation

Invest in Zhaoqing Published in Guangdong on 2023-11-29 19:42


Calabash gravel mine located in Guangning County, Zhaoqing City

Successfully completed the commissioning of the entire line of equipment,

Officially put into operation.

The Hulu Sand and Gravel Mining Project is a key project of the traditional industry upgrading project in Guangdong Province. It is also the first sand and gravel aggregate mining project managed by China Energy Construction through "integration of investment, construction and operation". It successfully applied for mining on August 11, 2021. license and enter the mine development stage.

The total investment of the project is 1.276 billion yuan.

The total amount of ore rock within the open-pit mining area is 56.2331 million cubic meters.

The annual production scale is 2.42 million cubic meters.

The mined mineral is granite.

Total mineral resource reserves are 101.49 million tons,

The annual output can reach 6.3 million tons.

The mining service life is 28 years.

During the construction of the project, Hulu Sand and Gravel Company established a special working group to address difficult and blocking problems, held weekly meetings, and jointly promoted the construction progress through a series of measures, achieving the completion of 2.4 million cubic meters of earth and stone excavation in 3 months and 4 months. Over 60,000 square meters of concrete pouring was completed, and the power acceptance was completed within 4 months.

The formal commissioning of the Hulu Sand and Gravel Mine will provide green, environmentally friendly, high-quality sand and gravel aggregates for the infrastructure construction of Zhaoming Expressway and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. In the future, the project will vigorously promote innovation in technology systems, industrial models, and operating methods, explore a new path for mining development that is technically feasible, economically reasonable, quality and efficient, and promote the transformation, upgrading, and green development of the sand and gravel industry.

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