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The “county” phenomenon in Sihui City: Competition for the top 100 | Looking back at 2023

The “county” phenomenon in Sihui City: Competition for the top 100 | Looking back at 2023

2024-01-05 06:32 Published in: Guangdong Province

The governance of prefectures and counties will make the world safe, and the prosperity of counties will make the country strong.

In the spring of 2023, Sihui City proposed to take the "Billion and Ten Thousand Project" as the "number one project" to promote high-quality development, and anchored the goal of "promoting to the top 100 list, building a hundred-billion county, and striving to become a provincial model."

By the end of the year, Sihui City had successfully made it onto the list of the “Top 100 Counties and Cities in the Nation for Comprehensive Strength” and was selected as a typical county in the province’s “Hundreds and Tens of Millions Project” pioneering category. The regional GDP was moving towards the 100 billion mark.

The sword points to the "Top 100 and 100 Billionaires", with new and old drivers working together

Promote a local industry, liven up an economy, and make people rich. The key to achieving Sihui City's "Top 100 and 100 Billion" and strengthening the county economy lies in the manufacturing industry.

As the main force in Zhaoqing's promotion of new industrialization, Sihui City focuses on "leading + characteristic" industries, guided by the "two-wheel drive" of cultivating emerging industries and upgrading traditional industries, to form a modern industrial system that is in line with the actual development of Sihui.

The output value of Guangdong Jintian Copper Co., Ltd. exceeded 15 billion yuan.

The output value of Guangdong Jintian Copper Co., Ltd. exceeded 15 billion yuan.

The advantageous industries of metal deep processing are developing in depth. Jintian Copper, the nation's leading copper processing enterprise, has taken root and its output value has exceeded the 15 billion yuan threshold. Feinan Resources has developed from the recycling of single copper metal to the comprehensive utilization of multi-metal resources, and has sounded the bell to go public. Sihui City has accelerated its move towards the thousand-year Billion-level metal deep processing industry cluster.

Emerging industries such as new energy vehicles and new energy storage are advancing hand in hand. The new energy intelligent connected automobile industry cluster was selected as the national small and medium-sized enterprise characteristic industrial cluster in 2023. GCL (Group) Holdings Co., Ltd., a global top 500 new energy company, plans to settle in 6 projects with a planned investment of 5.17 billion yuan to build the Greater Bay Area The first base of new energy intelligent manufacturing.

Focusing on characteristic industries, individual champion companies in the manufacturing industry such as Tongyu New Materials are growing day by day, and three tens-billion-level industrial clusters in electronic information, fine chemicals, and green building materials are just around the corner.

From January to November 2023, the added value of Sihui's regulated industries reached 34.162 billion yuan, and the total output value of the "leading + characteristic" industrial cluster reached 162.772 billion yuan; 117 new manufacturing projects were introduced, with a planned investment of 18.598 billion yuan.

Adhering to the leadership of manufacturing industry, the development of industrial parks is an important part of the construction of "big platform". Sihui City has created a "1+1+4+N" park linkage with Dawang Street as the leader, the Guangdong Province (Zhaoqing) large-scale industrial agglomeration area as the municipal starting area, the four major parks as the lead, and the characteristic parks as the auxiliary wings. development pattern. At present, 8,244.3 acres of new land have been acquired in the starting areas of municipal management (Dasha and Fuxi areas), and the expansion, quality, transformation and upgrading of the four leading parks are steadily advancing. Seizing the major opportunity of counterpart assistance, Sihui City is accelerating the joint construction of the Sihui City Fine Chemical Industrial Park with Zengcheng District, Guangzhou City.

Reform and innovation are the key to getting rid of sluggish growth and gaining inexhaustible power. This year, Sihui City took the reform of the system and mechanism for high-quality development of county economy as the starting point, systematically took over provincial administrative matters, deepened the reform of the town (street) system; strengthened the research on core technologies of leading industries, and included them in provincial science and technology plan projects 18 items; it is expected that 70 new high-tech enterprises will be added throughout the year.

Be a "provincial model" and towns and villages gather development potential

As a typical county pioneering the "Hundreds of Millions Project" in the province, Sihui City has a solid foundation and strong potential for implementing the "Hundreds of Millions of Projects". This year, Sihui City accelerated the promotion of new urbanization, persisted in promoting agriculture through industry, driving rural areas through cities, and integrated efforts to strengthen counties and towns and develop villages, continuously narrowing the development gap between urban and rural areas, and turning shortcomings into potential boards.

The beautiful countryside of Sihui City

The beautiful countryside of Sihui City

Sihui City promotes towns that are suitable for work, agriculture, business, and tourism in accordance with local conditions, and build a "43223" town characteristic development system: 4 urban districts and streets have achieved urban expansion and quality improvement at the same time , build the Sihui (Zhaoqing High-tech Zone)-Sanshui Linkage Development Zone, accelerate the construction of a modern high-quality city, and strengthen the radiating role of the city in towns and villages; the functions of the three central towns connecting cities and villages continue to increase, and Dasha Town develops new A pilot project integrating high-quality development of industrialization and new urbanization; 2 industrial towns and 2 agricultural towns, in-depth efforts to "one town, one industry"; 3 characteristic towns to fully tap and utilize resource endowments, and explore the landscape, tourism, and culture Digging deeply into tourism, green and low-carbon areas.

From the perspective of town area, nearly 50% of Dasha Town is included in the municipal starting area of the large-scale industrial cluster in Guangdong Province (Zhaoqing). It has been selected as one of the top 1,000 towns in the country for three consecutive years, and was shortlisted for the first batch of typical towns in Guangdong Province's "Hundreds and Thousands Project" ; Longfu Town was successfully selected as one of the top 1,000 towns in the country for the first time; Xia Mao Town is expected to become this year's "seed player"; Luoyuan Town, the smallest town, became the second listed company in the Sihui.

Sihui City is the origin of China’s most popular fruit, sugar orange.  Now is the sugar orange picking season.

Sihui City is the origin of China’s most popular fruit, sugar orange.

Now is the sugar orange picking season. 

Judging from the development of agriculture and rural areas, the development of the whole industrial chain of sugar oranges has achieved remarkable results, with a comprehensive output value of more than 2 billion yuan; orchids in Sihui City have not been weak in the off-season, and sales have soared; all natural villages have reached the standard of clean and tidy villages, and 111 administrative The village has reached the standard of a beautiful and livable village, and the completion rate of creating a beautiful and livable administrative village has reached over 90%.

In the future, Sihui City will also strengthen the connection between urban industry and commerce and rural industries in the industrial chain and value chain, and build a close integration mechanism for urban and rural industries. Make good use of the "local" resources to promote the industrialization, branding, and digital development of sugar oranges, orchids, Dashayu, and prepared dishes; establish the "special" brand to create more regional public brands of characteristic agricultural products; strengthen the "product "" effect, adhere to the concept of industrialization and industrial chain thinking to develop modern agriculture, and create a full industrial chain of agricultural products.

The competition for the top 100 is the driving force for progress and the mission of development. Keeping simplicity and hard work is the key. In 2024, Sihui City will ensure that the "Hundreds and Thousands of Projects" are deepened and solid, serve as the main force in Zhaoqing City's promotion of new industrialization, and accelerate the construction of Zhaoqing City's sub-central city and Zhaoqing City's urban and rural regional coordination. Development model county.

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