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Guangzhou-zhaoqing Chamber of Commerce was established, and local entrepreneurs had a "home"

Guangzhou-Zhaoqing Chamber of Commerce was established, and local entrepreneurs had a "home"

Invest in Zhaoqing Published in Guangdong on 2023-11-28 22:19

"Guangzhou Zhao-Commerce finally has an organization.

There is a ‘home’. "


Guangzhou-Zhaoqing Chamber of Commerce Inauguration Ceremony

A promotion meeting to support Zhaoqing’s high-quality development was held.

Entrepreneurs from Zhaoqing who are developing in Guangzhou gathered together.

Let’s talk about nostalgia, seek development and talk about the future together.

zhaoqing Chamber of Commerce in Guangzhou

Seizing the province's major policy opportunities, Guangzhou and Zhaoqing, which drink from the same river, are engaged in a "two-way" industrial collaboration. In this context, the Guangzhou Zhaoqing Chamber of Commerce came into being. Cai Jingshen, the first president, said that the Chamber of Commerce will build up the "Zhaoshang" brand, strengthen and expand member companies, and make due contributions to the economic development of Zhaoshang and Guangzhou.

Guangzhou-Zhaoqing Chamber of Commerce is Zhaoqing

Following the Zhongshan City-Zhaoqing Chamber of Commerce,

Dongguan City-Zhaoqing Chamber of Commerce

The third municipal chamber of commerce.

Dongguan-Zhaoqing Chamber of Commerce

Source: Dongguan-Zhaoqing Chamber of Commerce

Zhaoqing and Guangzhou are geographically close.

Connected by blood and culture,

There are frequent exchanges and interactions and a good foundation for cooperation.

For a long time, many Zhaoqing enterprises

Work hard and create a future in Guangzhou.

According to incomplete statistics,

There are currently more than 10,000 enterprises in Guangzhou,

Including construction and building materials, hardware, auto parts and other industries.

"Zhaoshang hopes to have a 'home'." Cai Jingshen told the author that as the interaction between Guangzhou and Zhaoqing becomes more and more intense, local enterprises in Zhaoqing have the idea of ​​going south and Zhaoshang in Guangzhou has the need to expand business northward. Everyone is eager to do so. An organization is needed to bridge the gap so that cooperation and communication can be smoother and industrial projects can be implemented quickly.

Photo by Liang Liang

With the active promotion of the Zhaoqing Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Government, counties (cities), districts, and departments, and after more than a year of preparations, in September this year, the first member meeting of the first session of the Guangzhou Zhaoqing Chamber of Commerce reviewed and approved the "Guangzhou City "Zhaoqing Chamber of Commerce Charter", elected the leadership team, board of directors and members of the board of supervisors of the chamber of commerce; in October, the chamber of commerce officially obtained the social group legal person registration certificate issued by the Guangzhou Municipal Social Organization Administration Bureau; today, there are nearly 200 member units.

Inauguration Ceremony of Guangzhou Zhaoqing Chamber of Commerce

And the promotion meeting to support Zhaoqing’s high-quality development,

Zhaoqing Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government,

The leading teams of all counties (cities) and districts attended together.

While congratulating the establishment of the Chamber of Commerce,

Liaise with members of the Chamber of Commerce on projects.

At the promotion meeting, the government and enterprises hit it off.

Some projects were completed efficiently

Initial cooperation intention.

The relevant person in charge of Zhaoqing City said

"This is a great thing for businessmen in Suizhao to strengthen contacts, enhance nostalgia, and promote cooperation. It is also a great practical thing to help Zhaoqing's high-quality development. The Chamber of Commerce not only helps the local talented people who work away from home to contact nostalgia, exchange information, Joint development to create a 'Zhaoqing Home' will also provide a 'useful place' for promoting Zhaoqing, attracting business, and exchanges and cooperation, focusing on 'what the Bay Area wants, what Zhaoqing needs, and what the local talents can do', and accelerate the construction of Zhaoqing. The western growth pole of the core area of the Pearl River Delta and the modern new city of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area will make new and greater contributions."

The Chamber of Commerce is an important force in promoting local economic development.

It is also a bridge and link between the government and enterprises.

It is of great significance to promote regional industrial development.

How to accurately connect “what the chamber of commerce can do” with “what Zhaoqing needs”? At the inauguration ceremony of the Guangzhou Zhaoqing Chamber of Commerce, the Zhaoqing Federation of Industry and Commerce and the Guangzhou Zhaoqing Chamber of Commerce jointly signed a framework agreement on the "Thousands of Enterprises to Prosper Ten Thousands of Villages" to assist the "Hundreds and Tens of Thousands of Projects" to guide chambers of commerce from other places to actively return to their hometowns to participate in the "Thousands of Enterprises to Prosper Ten Thousands of Villages" project. "Action, join the rural revitalization strategy, support the "Hundreds and Thousands Project" and the construction of green Zhaoqing, promote the coordinated development of Zhaoqing's urban and rural areas, and assist the high-quality economic development of Zhaoqing City.

According to the agreement,

Both parties will publicize and guide Guangzhou Zhaoqing Chamber of Commerce,

Member companies, private entrepreneurs

Actively participate in the "Thousands of Enterprises Prosperize Thousands of Villages" campaign,

Returning to hometown to help with rural construction in Zhaoqing,

Deepen industry, employment, technology, and consumption assistance,

Promote rural revitalization and industrial revitalization in Zhaoqing.

Helping attract investment and intelligence is one of the key tasks of the Chamber of Commerce. The two parties will give full play to the platform role of the Municipal Investment Liaison Office and the Municipal Talents and Township Talents Service Station, build the Chamber of Commerce into a frontier window for investment promotion in Zhaoqing and a service position for gathering township talents, and timely collect enterprise investment information, industrial transfer trends and rural talents. We will work together to provide relevant docking services for attracting investment and talents.


The Chamber of Commerce will also strengthen cooperation with all levels of

between governments, between business associations,

Exchange and cooperation among member companies,

To promote business associations, private entrepreneurs,

Economic people’s foreign exchanges, economic and trade cooperation,

Matchmaking in investment, financing, cultural exchanges, etc.

Provide policy, legal consultation and other considerate services,

Let enterprises feel the warmth of "team development".

Cai Jingshen promised that the Guangzhou Zhaoqing Chamber of Commerce will adhere to the leadership of party building, strengthen management and operations, fully rely on the chamber's resource advantages and talent advantages, build a communication bridge between Zhaoqing and Guangzhou, fully support the two cities' investment promotion, industrial co-construction and other work, and actively mobilize members Enterprises actively participate in the construction of their hometown and strive to explore new ways of win-win cooperation.

Zhaoqing New Area Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Ecological Science and Technology Industrial Park. Image source released by Zhaoqing New District

Zhaoqing New Area Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Ecological Science and Technology Industrial Park. Image source released by Zhaoqing New District

Guangzhou Zhaoqing Chamber of Commerce chose Zhaoqing Building in Yuexiu District.

This has been the liaison office between Guangzhou and Zhaozhou for many years.

It is also the base of Zhaoqing’s investment promotion team in Guangzhou.

It can be seen from this that

In the future, the Zhaoqing Chamber of Commerce and the investment promotion team will

Closely link up and jointly attract investment.

Cai Jingshen said

"Zhaoqing currently has 150,000 acres of large-scale industrial land, and more than 50,000 acres can be developed contiguously. Many entrepreneurial friends have expressed to me their strong willingness to invest in Zhaoqing. My hometown is on a new journey of high-quality development. Regional transportation and infrastructure construction have been comprehensively improved, and reform and innovation have been comprehensively deepened. I hope that the Chamber of Commerce can build a 'two-way bridge' between Guangzhou and Zhaoqing and introduce high-quality projects from all walks of life to Zhaoqing."

Xpeng Motors Zhaoqing Base

Xpeng Motors Zhaoqing Base

since this year,

According to the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government’s new round of

Deployment of counterpart industry collaboration work,

Guangzhou and Zhaoqing carry out counterpart industry cooperation.

Among them, it is clear that Zengcheng District-Sihui City,

Tianhe District—Guangning County, Huaiji County,

Panyu District—Fengkai County,

Huadu District-Deqing County

District-county paired assistance relationship.

Guangzhou-Zhaoqing industrial cooperation continues to deepen. Zhaoqing promotes four counties and one city to strengthen the connection with Guangzhou's assistance area, and promotes Guangzhou-Zhao paired districts and counties (cities) to jointly go out to attract investment for many times; Guangning held a Guangning-Tianhe investment environment promotion conference in Tianhe in July, with a total investment of 19.74 A batch of projects worth 100 million yuan were signed; Huadu provided corporate investment information to Deqing; the Fourth Meeting arranged personnel to communicate with the Zengcheng investment promotion department, etc. From January to October this year, four counties and one city undertook 21 transfer projects from Guangzhou, with a planned investment of 1.63 billion yuan.

Guangdong-Guangxi Cooperation Special Experimental Zone (Zhaoqing)

Guangdong-Guangxi Cooperation Special Experimental Zone (Zhaoqing)

The development of industrial parks is a key link in the construction of industrial collaboration. At present, four counties and one city have decided to jointly build local industrial cooperation parks with Guangzhou. Among them, Tianhe and Huaiji jointly built an industrial park and started the earthwork leveling project in September. Huadu and Deqing jointly built an industrial transfer park, Zengcheng and The Sihui City Fine Chemical Industrial Park jointly built by the Four Huities has been inaugurated. The construction of the Suining Intelligent Valley Industrial Park jointly built by Guangning and Tianhe is in full swing. Fengkai is making every effort to promote the joint construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (Zhaoqing Fengkai) with Panyu. ) Green Building Materials Industrial Park.

Sihui City Fine Chemical Industrial Park

A local sage is called a local sage, and a fellow countryman is born;

If businessmen and businessmen work together, "Zhao" will brighten the future.


From the first Zhaoqing Xiangxian Conference held at the beginning of the year, hundreds of Xiangxian talents at home and abroad returned to their hometowns to share opportunities; to the 4th World Cantonese People’s Friendship Conference, more than a thousand people from 60 countries and regions and 421 associations around the world Guests gathered in Zhaoqing to talk about their hometown and seek development; then to the establishment and expansion of the Guangzhou Zhaoqing Chamber of Commerce... the power of "Rural Talents +" is gathering and becoming a new driving force to promote high-quality development.

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