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The groundbreaking ceremony of key projects in Zhaoqing was held in Sihui: total investment 8.67 billion yuan! Zhaoqing’s green development adds new momentum

The groundbreaking ceremony of key projects in Zhaoqing was held in Sihui: total investment 8.67 billion yuan! Zhaoqing’s green development adds new momentum

Released by Sihui City 2023-08-30 22:43 Published in Guangdong

On August 30, 2023, the groundbreaking ceremony for Zhaoqing's key projects was held in Sihui City. This is Zhaoqing's in-depth study and implementation of the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech and important instructions during his inspection of Guangdong, anchoring the specific deployment requirements of the Provincial Party Committee's "1310", and in-depth Implementing the "big battle" for manufacturing project construction has set off a new upsurge in grasping projects, strengthening industries, fighting for the economy, and promoting development, and is an important measure to promote the deepening and solidification of "hundreds and millions of projects". Xu Xiaoxiong, deputy secretary of the Zhaoqing Municipal Party Committee and mayor, Zhang Linglong, a second-level researcher in the Industrial Development Division of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Gong Neng, a second-level researcher in the Electronic Information Industry Division of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Weng Zhuohui, deputy secretary of the Sihui Municipal Party Committee and mayor, and Liang Xiangda, Secretary and Director of the Party Leadership Group of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of Huihui City, Li Xuxi, Secretary and Chairman of the Party Leadership Group of the Sihui Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference, Zhu Gongshan, the party and government leaders of Sihui City and Chairman of GCL Holdings Co., Ltd. attended the event.

The unveiling ceremony of the industrial fund was held that day.

GCL used power lithium battery recycling project,

GCL Liquid Cooling Overcharging Industrial Base (Zhaoqing) Project

Centralized groundbreaking ceremony.

The groundbreaking ceremony of key projects in Zhaoqing was held in Sihui: total investment 8.67 billion yuan! Zhaoqing’s green development adds new momentum

The groundbreaking ceremony of key projects in Zhaoqing was held in Sihui: total investment 8.67 billion yuan! Zhaoqing’s green development adds new momentum

GCL (Group) Holdings Co., Ltd. is a company that integrates wind and solar hydrogen storage, source, grid and load storage, new energy, clean energy, mobile energy industry new ecology, silicon materials, lithium materials, carbon materials, integrated circuit core materials and other related industries Collaborative development, a global innovative leading enterprise that leads innovation and development with leading green, low-carbon and zero-carbon technology.

GCL (Supramolecular Materials) New Deep Eutectic Electrolyte Project mainly produces new deep eutectic electrolyte products. The project has a total investment of 5 billion yuan, covers an area of 500 acres, and has an annual output value of 22 billion yuan after reaching capacity. The project is invested and constructed in two phases. The first phase has an annual output of 100,000 tons of new deep eutectic electrolyte products, a project investment of 1 billion yuan, an area of 91 acres, and an annual output value of 3 billion yuan after reaching capacity.

GCL Waste Power Lithium Battery Recycling Project mainly carries out the recycling and utilization of waste lithium-ion batteries, covering an area of 240 acres.

The GCL Liquid Cooling Supercharging Industrial Base (Zhaoqing) project covers a total area of 500 acres, and the first phase of the project covers an area of 360 acres. The first phase includes three industrial projects including GCL’s high-end equipment automation equipment production base, GCL’s V2G and B2G supercharge production base with an annual output of 30,000 units, and GCL’s 20GW annual output inverter production base.

Xu Xiaoxiong said in his speech

Zhaoqing City adheres to the real economy as the basis and the manufacturing industry as the leader, and strives to develop strategic leading industries such as new energy storage, and comprehensively builds "Electric Zhaoqing, Zero-carbon Zhaoqing, Digital Zhaoqing, and Green Zhaoqing". Last year, the city's new energy storage industry achieved industrial status above designated size. The total output value increased by 65%, making it a key city in the province to build an energy storage battery industry cluster on the west bank of the Pearl River Estuary, a lithium battery separator production and manufacturing base, energy storage control products and system integration, and an advanced equipment manufacturing cluster. The three projects built by GCL Group in Zhaoqing this time have large investment scales, high technological content, strong industrial connections, and wide expansion space. They represent the strategic direction of collaborative innovation and development of new energy and new materials industries, and will strongly boost Zhaoqing's new The energy storage industry strengthens the chain and extends the development of the chain. We will vigorously support project construction and development, provide enterprises with the most solid guarantee and the highest quality services, and work together to promote projects to be quickly constructed, put into production, and achieve quick results.

It is understood that the total investment of the GCL project that has been intensively started this time is 8.67 billion yuan, of which the first phase investment of the GCL liquid-cooled supercharge industrial base (Zhaoqing) project is 2 billion yuan, with huge investment potential in the later period. After the GCL project is put into operation, it is expected that the total annual output value will reach more than 41.1 billion yuan and the tax revenue will reach more than 1.7 billion yuan. It will effectively promote the transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure of the four cities, drive the development of new energy and related industrial projects in the four cities, and accelerate the implementation of the four cities. With the goal of "global GDP exceeding the 100 billion yuan mark", Zhaoqing will serve as the main force in Zhaoqing's new industrialization and create a new industrial-city integrated manufacturing city in the Greater Bay Area to inject strong impetus.

Zhu Gongshan, Chairman of GCL (Group) Holdings Co., Ltd. said

The more I walked into Zhaoqing, the more I was impressed by the business climate of "two-way improvement" of Zhaoqing's soft and hard environment. GCL Group will promote project clusters to speed up, catch up with progress, seize time, start construction early, reach production early, and create benefits early, create a benchmark for green and zero-carbon projects, a digital factory, and a demonstration base, and provide Zhaoqing with accurate investment, business-based investment, Industrial clusters and strengthened chains will contribute to building a green and low-carbon future together with Zhaoqing.

Weng Zhuohui, Mayor of Sihui Municipal Government, said

The Fourth Committee will always adhere to the development philosophy of valuing business, being pro-business, and respecting business, and provide high-quality, efficient, and convenient services for enterprise development with a more pragmatic work style, a more open cooperation attitude, and a better business environment to help enterprises develop. Enterprises develop and grow; project investors must ensure safety and quality, speed up the progress of the project, strive for early completion, early commissioning, and early results of the project, and contribute more to the Fourth Congress's accelerated construction of a 100-billion-dollar county; entrepreneurs are sincerely invited to Understand the Four Conferences, invest in the Four Conferences, take root in the Four Conferences, and jointly build the Four Conferences into a new platform for entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and achieve their careers!

Luo Jianlian, Director of Enterprise Service Section, Sihui Industrial Park Administration Bureau, Zhaoqing High-tech Zone

Next, the Sihui Industrial Park Administration Bureau of Zhaoqing High-tech Zone will combine its work functions to fully promote the implementation of the project and proactively implement the following two aspects: First, innovation and optimization, focusing on improving service capabilities, and providing accurate and efficient " "Mother-like" service, earnestly grasp the construction progress of the GCL project, and promote the acceleration of the construction, completion and commissioning of the GCL project. The second is to improve the quality of "software", enhance the ability to serve enterprises, further strengthen and improve the coordination and tracking service mechanism, and implement full guidance, coordination and tracking of introduced projects from project approval, registration, construction start, completion acceptance and production and operation. service, strengthen service awareness, further improve service levels, and effectively solve problems for park enterprises with high-quality, efficient, active and enthusiastic services.

Chen Zujie, Deputy Director of Sihui Investment Promotion Center

Next, we will carry out in-depth manufacturing project construction "big battle" and industrial project full-process scheduling and supervision, collect project construction progress in a timely manner, organize relevant coordination meetings and promotion meetings on a regular basis, and target matters that are behind the time schedule of the full-factor flow chart , carry out notification and supervision, and promote the project to be completed and put into production in accordance with the contract.

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