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Dasha Town, Sihui City, Guangdong Province: Building a “Grass and Shrub Forest” Industrial Ecosystem-Attracting investment-Investment paradise

Dasha Town, Sihui City, Guangdong Province: Building a “Grass and Shrub Forest” Industrial Ecosystem

Entering the Guangdong (Sihui) Wanyang Public Innovation City in Dasha Town, Sihui, as an industrial platform for small and medium-sized enterprise clusters, customized factories in the park are gradually taking shape, and equipment for enterprises has been stationed in the park, and trial production has been carried out in advance. Businessmen from Guangzhou, Foshan and other places have come one after another. At the end of the day, the sales specialist introduced the investment advantages through a sand table. Preliminary preparations such as land leveling for the Sihui (Dasha) Wanyang Public Innovation City project in the same town have been completed and full construction is about to begin.

Large enterprises continue to exert the "banyan tree effect" of leading projects, and small and medium-sized enterprises rush to land, forming industrial agglomeration. In 2023, Dasha will introduce 86 new projects, with a total planned investment of over 30 billion yuan and an estimated annual output value of over 50 billion yuan.

In Guangdong (Sihui) Wanyang Public Innovation City, customized factories are taking shape one after another, and companies have settled in

In Guangdong (Sihui) Wanyang Public Innovation City, customized factories are taking shape one after another, and companies have settled in

01  Build a platform together to create a base for industry relocation

Dasha Town is a traditional industrial town in Zhaoqing. In the early days, village-level industrial parks developed strongly. However, with the continuous development of social economy, the small and scattered business model has been unable to support the backbone of the manufacturing industry, restricting the healthy development of the town's economy.

"A good industrial ecology must be both representative and diverse. We often use 'grass shrub forest' to describe a prosperous industry in a region, which means that there must be both towering trees, lush shrubs, and small grass. ." Zhang Xiaoyan, director of the Economic Development and Planning and Construction Office of Dasha Town, told reporters that in response to the problem of lack of leaders and scattered small and medium-sized enterprises, the town has introduced the Wanyang Public Innovation City project in recent years to give full play to the advantages of the industrial platform, improve land use efficiency, and initially form an industrial agglomeration .

Wanyang Public Innovation City is designed to serve clusters of small and medium-sized enterprises. It conducts strategic in-depth development in Zhaoqing area, carries out continuous real estate transfer to the Pearl River Delta region, and launches the plan of "recruiting thousands of enterprises and investing tens of billions".

Large-scale industrial cluster in Guangdong Province (Zhaoqing)

Large-scale industrial cluster in Guangdong Province (Zhaoqing)

Among them, Guangdong (Sihui) Wanyang Public Innovation City, located in the municipal administration starting area of a large industrial cluster in Guangdong Province (Zhaoqing), is committed to becoming the main undertaking base for industrial transfer in the Greater Bay Area and the leading park for Zhaoqing's advanced manufacturing base. Introduce five leading industries and supporting industries, including new energy vehicles and auto parts, advanced equipment manufacturing, electronic information, biomedicine, and new materials, and plan to build an industrial park integrating R&D, manufacturing, and living facilities. The total planning of the project is about 500 acres, with a planned area of about 810,000 square meters. It is expected to introduce about 150 small and medium-sized enterprises and provide nearly 10,000 jobs.

"Wanyang has 45 projects in Guangdong, 2 of which are located in Dasha Town, Sihui. As the economy continues to improve, we are very optimistic about the development prospects here." Zhang Jianmin, Investment Promotion Director of Wanyang Public Innovation City, Guangdong (Sihui) He said that Dasha's "sea, land and air rail" multi-dimensional transportation elements are complete and its geographical location advantages are outstanding. It can basically meet the "one-hour supply circle" and is gradually becoming an important area for undertaking the relocation of industries from Guangzhou, Foshan and other places.

Up to now, the Wanyang Public Innovation City project has introduced 48 projects such as Guangzhou Dante Weidun Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Foshan Ruida Baibang Sealing Technology Co., Ltd., and Guangzhou Huifeng Daily Necessities Co., Ltd., and 68 companies have signed contracts to settle in the project. The first phase of the factory is basically sold out. The reporter observed that there is no shortage of potential "hidden champions" who occupy a place in the market segments in the projects, which will make the Dasha Town industrial chain more complete.

02  Going in both directions, government and enterprises work together to accelerate project implementation

In the Wanyang Chuangchuang City Park, Guangzhou Chemax Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd.'s annual production of 15,000 auto parts projects has entered the production stage, and will soon release related auto project upgrade plans in cooperation with GAC Trumpchi.

In February 2023, we arrived in the park with all our bags, construction and equipment came into the site, it was officially put into production in August, and new products were released in November. Behind the healthy and rapid progress of the Chemax project is the result of the joint efforts of Dasha and Wanyang.

Guangdong (Sihui) Wanyang Public Innovation City.

Guangdong (Sihui) Wanyang Public Innovation City.

Since the implementation of the Wanyang project, the government and enterprises have been closely linked. In the early stages of construction, Wanyang's investment team was ready to be established, but there was no office space. Dasha opened a temporary office for the team in the town government so that they could work there and work together with the town's investment department to synchronize project construction and investment promotion.

"The local pragmatic, efficient and professional industrial team allows Wanyang Group to do business here with confidence and peace of mind." Zhang Jianmin said that the group is giving full play to its advantages in resources, expertise, talents and other advantages, building to high standards and advancing at high speed, so as to build Wanyang Group at a high speed. Yangzhong Chuangcheng is built into a startup paradise for entrepreneurs and a new platform for local investment promotion.

Different from other parks, Dasha Wanyang Public Innovation City has a comprehensive product coverage, including cost-effective standard factories, customized factories designed according to customer needs, and steel structure factories tailored for special heavy industries, which can meet the needs of the market. All industrial needs are favored by enterprises in different fields.

If an enterprise intends to settle down, the Wanyang enterprise service team and the relevant departments of Dasha will jointly provide proactive services. "We have only one purpose, to get the project completed and put into production as soon as possible." Zhang Xiaoyan said that in order to further promote the standardized, healthy and sustainable development of Wanyang industry, Dasha Town has set up a special work class to ensure Wanyang Zhongchuang's land construction, project access review, Provide full service guidance for factory and enterprise business agency, investment promotion and landing, etc. At present, 10 projects in Wanyang Public Innovation City in Guangdong (Sihui) have been put into production, involving many fields such as auto parts, metal deep processing, and new material manufacturing.

03  Industry agglomeration to build a "community-type" industrial ecosystem

Industrial parks are not only bases for enterprise development, but also platforms for innovation incubation and entrepreneurship.

"As a manufacturing agglomeration platform operating under the model of 'industrial agglomeration, industry-city integration, resource sharing, and industry-finance interaction', Wanyang Public Innovation City not only provides factories for enterprises, but also builds an industrial ecosystem where industries can gather. , companies interact here." Zhang Jianmin used the analogy of a residential community. Many small and medium-sized enterprises rent factories, start from scratch, and are far away from the upstream and downstream supply chains. The industrial park is equivalent to a community that plans related industries together and has a unified image. , each enterprise can purchase a factory building and become an "owner", being adjacent to upstream and downstream suppliers, which greatly saves production and transportation costs, and various needs and problems can be solved in the park. He said: "The bosses of the companies stationed here are our best promoters and actively attract upstream and downstream manufacturers to invest here."

Take the automotive industry as an example. Although there are no leading companies in the park, it has already entered a number of automotive industry production projects, including automotive parts, seat cushions, air-conditioning compressors and other segments. There are also complete vehicle companies engaged in vehicle modification. .

"The government recruits big businessmen and the platform provides supporting facilities. The industrial development of Wanyang and Dasha Town complements and promotes each other." Wu Shilin, investment promotion director of Wanyang Zhongchuang City in Guangdong (Sihui), said that currently leading companies such as Xpeng Motors and Ningde Times The banyan tree effect of enterprises is becoming increasingly apparent, and its downstream second- and third-tier suppliers also hope to deploy in the surrounding areas. Wanyang is cooperating with the government to jointly introduce these small and medium-sized enterprises and gradually improve the industrial chain and supply chain.

Industrial platforms not only bring about industrial agglomeration, but also bring excellent human resources. To attract and retain talents, supporting measures are the key. Dasha simultaneously promotes the in-depth development of new urbanization and is committed to creating a provincial model for Meiliwei Town. At present, in accordance with the construction standards of the central town, the new water supply pipe project of the "Thirteen Ones" construction in Meiliwei Town has been basically completed. The main road improvement project of Fuxi Industrial Park (sub-project 1) has been completed and opened to traffic smoothly, and new implementation will be implemented in 2023. Seven infrastructure construction projects with a planned investment of over 2 billion yuan are progressing in an orderly manner.

In addition, Dasha strives to improve its comprehensive urban service functions. Dasha Art Museum, Zhaoqing's first town-level art museum, was inaugurated, the farmer's market was upgraded, Zhaoqing Fifth People's Hospital, Huangtao Central Primary School were expanded, Dasha Middle School was renovated and expanded, Medical education projects such as the construction of public kindergartens in Dasha Town are advancing rapidly.

In the next step, Dasha Town will continue to thoroughly implement the policies of the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government, Zhaoqing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, and Sihui Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government on comprehensively promoting the "Hundred Counties, Thousand Towns and Ten Thousand Villages High-Quality Development Project" to promote the coordinated development of urban and rural areas. Decision-making and deployment, closely focusing on the theme of high-quality development of the integration of new industrialization and new urbanization, fully promote the implementation of various tasks of the "Hundreds and Thousands of Projects", and strive to create a new situation of modern vitality in which towns are strong, villages are prosperous, and people are prosperous. 

Businessmen from all over the world are welcome to visit Dasha Town for inspection

Businessmen from all over the world are welcome to visit Sihui City

Businessmen from all over the world are welcome to visit Zhaoqing City

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