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The dragon boat race that the whole city is looking forward to is here! See here for the time and location →

Published by Sihui City on June 1st, 2023 at 19:30 in Guangdong

Dandengzi, dominant position, watching the dragon boat race~

It's another exciting moment that the whole city is looking forward to every year!

No dragon boat, no Dragon Boat Festival!

2023 Sihui City "10th Bihaiwan Cup" Dragon Boat Race

Coming soon!

2023 The 10th Bihaiwan Cup Dragon Boat Race in Sihui City

Guidance unit

The People's Government of Sihui City


Propaganda Department of the Fourth Committee of the Communist Party of China Municipal Committee

Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau of Sihui City

Undertaking unit

Guangdong Bihaiwan Investment Group Co., Ltd

Event Theme

Dragon Boat Festival: Passionate Dragon Boat Race, High Quality Development, Ancient and New Charm

Activity time

June 21, 2023 at 9:00 am

Event location

Suijiang Bihaiwan section

Dragon Boat Race Schedule

This dragon boat race is an 800 meter straight track race. In the preliminary round, all participating teams will be divided into two groups (each consisting of 8 to 9 teams), with the top 4 teams selected from each group. A total of 8 teams will enter the final, and the final will be ranked from 1 to 8 based on their performance.

Activity Process

(1) Lion Dance Warm up → (2) Opening Ceremony → (3) Dragon Boat Team Mobilization → (4) Water Sacrifice Ceremony → (5) Finishing Ceremony → (6) Dragon Boat Competition (Literary and Water Performance) → (7) Award Ceremony → (😎 Dragon Boat Rice

Let's review below

Exciting Moments of the Sihui Dragon Boat Race


Characteristics of the Sihui Dragon Boat Race

The Four Sessions have a history of over 2200 years,

There is a tradition of dragon boat racing.

More than thirty years ago,

A dragon boat race spontaneously organized by farmers

It is also highly distinctive.

Old photos one after another,

It records the "Dragon Boat Love" of the people of the Four Meetings.

In 1989, a dragon boat race was held in the upstream section of Dugang Bridge. Although the podium was simple, the audience was still enthusiastic. (Source: Sihui Home)

After decades of historical changes,

The people of Sihui are paying increasing attention to dragon boat races,

The scale of the competition is also increasing.

Not only are there many highlights, but there is also a sense of ceremony~

The "Bihaiwan Cup" dragon boat race is a large-scale dragon boat competition in Sihui City, attracting many citizens to watch every year.

The "Water Sacrifice" Ceremony

For the purpose of smooth, auspicious, and safe racing,

Before the start of the competition,

A grand dragon boat "water sacrifice" ceremony will be held,

At the same time, I also pray for a year of good weather.

Dragon Boat Eyes

Give the dragon boat a finishing touch before the race starts,

It is also an important traditional ritual.

Dragon Boat Eyes

Derived from the saying 'finishing touch',

It has a beautiful meaning of peace and auspiciousness.

The atmosphere is warm and the streets are filled with people

After the start of the competition,

Hundreds of athletes compete on the water,

Tens of thousands of spectators cheered on the shore,

It can be said that the streets are empty and the whole city is boiling,


Dragon Boat Rice

Some people say that watching the dragon boat and eating the dragon boat meal is the true celebration of the Dragon Boat Festival. Eating "dragon boat rice" is an important part of dragon boat culture. After the dragon boat race, the organizer organized the participating teams to have dragon boat meals, and everyone gathered together to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival.

Saihe Boat

Besides the grand dragon boat race,

In Shigou Town, Sihui, Daixia Village,

There is a traditional folk activity during the Dragon Boat Festival - boat racing.

It has a history of several hundred years.

Every year during the Dragon Boat Festival, the villagers who lead the village will spontaneously organize and hold a rowing competition. Since 2014, this long-standing folk sports competition has become the most grand event of the Dragon Boat Festival in Daixia Village. Not only do people from hundreds of miles come from all directions to both sides of the Qushui River, but even those living outside will return to their hometown for the festival, enjoying the excitement and joy.

@Sihui people,

The dragon boat race that the whole city is looking forward to is coming soon,

On June 21st 2023 , I made an appointment with you!

Stay tuned!

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