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2023 China Zhaoqing (Jinli) Traditional Dragon Boat Competition, Guangdong Province Traditional Dragon Boat Open, and the First Jinli Hardware International Expo Opening

 2023 China Zhaoqing (Jinli) Traditional Dragon Boat Competition, Guangdong Province Traditional Dragon Boat Open, and the First Jinli Hardware International Expo Opening

Published by Gao Yao on June 18, 2023 at 23:03 in Guangdong


On June 18th, the 2023 China Zhaoqing (Jinli) Traditional Dragon Boat Competition, Guangdong Province Traditional Dragon Boat Open, and the first Jinli Hardware International Expo opened. The three-day series of cultural and economic activities will vigorously promote the spirit of "developing together and standing at the forefront" of the high-level dragon boat race and the essence of dragon boat culture, showcase the charm of traditional Chinese culture, and promote "rural revitalization" with "traditional culture"; At the same time, using Dragon Boat as a medium, we aim to polish the regional brand of "Good Hardware · Jinli Manufacturing" and showcase the achievements of Jinli Hardware's transformation and upgrading as well as its broad industrial prospects to the world. SYLVAIN FOURRIERE, Consul General of France in Guangzhou, relevant responsible comrades of the Department of Commerce and Trade of Guangdong Province and the Department of Culture and Tourism of Guangdong Province, Xu Xiaoxiong, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, Chi Zhixiong, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, He Jing, Deputy Mayor, Chen Depei, Secretary of the Gaoyao District Party Committee, Zhang Haolong, Deputy Secretary of the Gaoyao District Party Committee and Head of the Gaoyao District, and other leading guests attended the event.


Picture ▲ Activity site. The above two pictures are both taken by Lai Jiale

At the ceremony, participants and citizens jointly witnessed the unveiling ceremony of the two "new business cards" of Jinli Town - "China Traditional Dragon Boat Town" and "China Hardware Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Innovation Base". It is understood that Jinli Town is a famous "hometown of dragon boats" in China. The dragon boat race on the first day of May has a history of over 400 years, and is known as the "Guangzhou Flower City, Jinli Dragon Boat City". Last year, the "Dragon Boat Festival · Jinli Dragon Boat Race" project was selected as the outstanding project of the General Administration of Sport of China Chinese Sports Culture Festival. This year, Jinli won the title of "Chinese Traditional Dragon Boat Town". With the recent official opening of the Jinli Dragon Boat Plaza, a new landmark of dragon boat culture, and the opening of the Jinli Dragon Boat Museum to welcome visitors, traditional dragon boat culture is revitalizing with a new look.


On site of the unveiling ceremony. Photographed by Lai Jiale


▲ On June 18, the 2023 China Zhaoqing (Jinli) Traditional Dragon Boat Competition and Guangdong Traditional Dragon Boat Open were staged in Xiweiyong, Jinli Town, Gaoyao District. Photographed by Chen Yancheng

It is worth mentioning that Jinli Dragon Boat Racing is not only a custom and an event, but also nurtures the spirit of "developing together and standing at the forefront" in dragon boat racing, inspiring the people of the entire region to compete in the new journey of comprehensively promoting modernization construction and advance bravely on the path of high-quality development.

This year is the first year of the transformation and upgrading of the hardware industry in Jinli High tech Zone. Nearly 5000 mu of hardware smart manufacturing towns have been completed and put into production. More than 6000 hardware Relevant market have been put into operation. Hardware has appeared in Qatar World Cup venues, and more and more enterprises are transforming to high-value fields such as auto parts and hardware


▲ Event site. Photographed by Lai Jiale

On the new journey of high-quality development, Jinli hoof has taken a rapid and steady step. Now, by holding a series of exhibitions, it has built a bridge for communication and cooperation within the hardware industry. At the same time, it further showcases Jinli's complete hardware industry chain, rich hardware formats, and high-quality hardware products to both domestic and international markets, injecting strong momentum into promoting the transformation and upgrading of Jinli's hardware industry and polishing the regional brand of "Good Hardware · Jinli Manufacturing".

Picture ▲ Jinli Hardware Intelligent Manufacturing Town. Photographed by Deng Darong


▲ New Yongchang production workshop. Photographed by Chen Yancheng

International merchants participating in the expo have expressed strong purchasing intentions. During the activity, a group of international, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan merchants signed purchase agreements with Zhaoqing Weitai Hardware Enterprise Co., Ltd., Guangdong Jinli Xiangxing Hardware Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Kaida Hardware Technology (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. and other local hardware enterprises in Jinli.

Picture ▲ Activity site. Photographed by Lai Jiale

As an important representative of traditional manufacturing, the hardware industry plays a connecting role in the industrial chain. We will continue to pay attention to and support the development of Jinli's hardware industry, leverage platform advantages, and provide more support and assistance for industrial transformation and upgrading. "Yu Tong, President of the China Association for the Promotion of Industrial Development, placed high hopes on Jinli in his speech, believing that Jinli can achieve a butterfly transformation from" small hardware "to" big industry ", Welcome the spring of great prosperity and high-quality development.

District Party Secretary Chen Depei stated

We will make every effort to provide the highest quality services of "mother style" and "shareholder style", steadfastly look east and catch up with the east, adhere to the "three arrows" of industrial transformation and upgrading, urban renewal and quality improvement, and institutional mechanism reform, and promote the construction of Jinli High tech Zone with high standards, quality, and efficiency. We will break a new path in the development and reform of "integration of industrialization and industrialization", and create a "Jinli model" for implementing the "million yuan project", Drive the coordinated development of urban and rural areas to a higher level.

After the opening ceremony,

The participants also visited one by one

Jinli Hardware Quality Inspection Center, Hardware Expo, and Dragon Boat Museum.


▲ Taken by Lai Jiale

The First Jinli Hardware International Expo

Using dragon boats as a medium and gathering friends during festivals,

To showcase the distinctive regional brand image and industrial prospects of Jinli Town to the world,

Let more people enter Jinli, understand Jinli, and invest in Jinli,

Polish the brand of "Good Hardware · Jinlizao".


The First Jinli Hardware International Expo

It has attracted a large number of domestic and foreign merchants.

In front of each booth at the expo,

Customers carefully understand the performance, materials, and other aspects of Jinli Hardware products,

And inquire in detail about the price.

The staff of the participating enterprises warmly received customers,

And patiently answer their questions and doubts one by one.



Due to the hardware products produced by Jinli

It has the advantages of good quality, multiple styles, and high cost-effectiveness,

At the International Hardware Expo held this time,

Foreign merchants have expressed strong purchasing intentions.


I am a professional architect and I really like Jinli hardware products. I think the quality of the hardware products manufactured by Jinli is very good. I will encourage more customers in our country to visit Jinli's hardware companies and see and touch these hardware products with their own hands

Ms. Chen, a customer, said, "This hardware expo has been well organized, which can help us meet more hardware manufacturers and learn more about hardware products

The first Gaoyao Jinli Hardware International Expo will feature a total of 320 booths on site,

A total of 180 hardware companies participated in the exhibition,

More than 95% of them are local hardware enterprises in Jinli.


At this expo,

Our district's relevant financial institutions have customized hardware e-loans

Specializing in specialized and innovative products such as Little Giant Loans,

Support the high-quality development of Jinli hardware manufacturing industry with financial strength.


This Jinli Hardware Expo

Provided a platform for local hardware companies to showcase themselves,

Each enterprise seizes the opportunity,

Presented multiple unique products for exhibition,

To buyers from around the world

Promote high-quality products and after-sales service of Jinli Hardware,

Make every effort to grab orders and expand the market.


Picture Picture

Pu Haiqiong, Business Manager of Weitai Hardware Enterprise Co., Ltd., said, "We believe that the Expo is a great opportunity to help our company promote and promote our products, so that more customers in the Greater Bay Area, even at home and abroad, can learn about our products and further establish a good brand of 'Good Hardware Manufacturing'

Zhao Shengde, General Manager of Qingyuan Trumpchi Precision Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd.: "We are an enterprise from Qingyuan. We are engaged in stainless steel precision casting blanks and have close business relations with Jinli Hardware Enterprises. Many local factories and customers of Jinli have come to inquire about the Expo, which has also expanded more space for the development of our enterprise."

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