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The city has introduced 185 projects worth more than 100 million yuan! Zhaoqing Shows "New Ways" for Investment Promotion

The city has introduced 185 projects worth more than 100 million yuan!   Zhaoqing Shows "New Ways" for Investment Promotion 

Issued by Zhaoqing at 23:45 on November 4, 2022 in Guangdong

Earlier,Dinghu District, Zhaoqing New District With world-renowned fast fashion cross-border e-commerce enterprises Shein Company successfully signed the contract.

Shein Bay Western Smart Industrial Park Project(hereinafter referred to as "Shein"),

Zhaoqing Dinghu District and Zhaoqing New District are attracting major projects Make new breakthroughs again.

It is understood that the planned investment of the project is 3.5 billion yuan. It is planned to build a smart park integrating intelligent sorting center, order distribution center, research and development center, design center, intelligent manufacturing factory and digital factory. At present, the project land is being leveled.

Shein zhaoqing

Map source issued by Zhaoqing New Area

In fact,The road of project signing is not smooth.

Affected by the epidemic,During contract negotiation,Zhaoqing Dinghu, the New Area,

The visit of enterprises and other activities were postponed.

At this time, the overseas investment promotion personnel took the initiative to,Through video conference, WeChat, telephone and other means,Take the initiative to provide front service,Continue to strengthen the connection with Shein,Effectively ensure the negotiation during the epidemic,It went smoothly.

Zhaoqing New Area Released

Shein Bay Western Smart Industrial Park Project

It is Zhaoqing's "cloud interaction"

Important achievements in promoting project implementation.

Since the COVID-19,Since most of the merchants are in other provinces,

The investment promotion mode of face-to-face negotiation is blocked.

In this regard, Zhaoqing City's investment promotion staff Adjust the working mode in time,

Change "knock on the door" to "cloud interaction",

Increase "cloud investment".

Since this year, the city has introduced 185 projects worth more than 100 million yuan

The planned investment exceeds 40 billion yuan,Effectively ensure that the investment promotion work is "not offline".

Accurately contact fine service to take the lead

Cloud interaction is not looking for a needle in a haystack.

Zhaoqing Hi tech Zone Investment Promotion Bureau Investment Promotion Department No.3 Minister  Lidong Yu said that,

In practice,The investment promotion team should start from the enterprises around,Through the introduction of friends, accurate contact can be achieved.

Zhaoqing Hi tech 

Zhaoqing High tech Zone

For new energy vehicles and auto parts industry,

To build a domestic first-class, radiating Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area.

World class new energy automobile industrial park.Focusing on the industrial positioning of the high-tech zone, Lidong  Yu approached an Auto parts enterprises from Changchun .

The enterprise intends to put into production in Guangdong, but does not know about Zhaoqing. After many point-to-point and screen to screen "cloud" negotiations and "cloud" surveys, the investment promotion personnel provided considerate "cloud" services, and the customers really felt the "temperature of Zhaoqing". At present, the cooperation intention has been preliminarily reached.

Photo | Zhaoqing investment promotion personnel conducted "cloud talks" with customers through email, WeChat, telephone, video and other ways to promote the project implementation. Photographed by Xu Jin

Relevant person in charge of Zhaoqing Investment Promotion Bureau

During the epidemic, we quickly changed our thinking and realized normalization of contact and full coverage of key enterprises by flexibly carrying out "cloud investment promotion", so as to attract investment with emotion and sincerity.

"Cloud promotion" promotes "cloud signing",Promote the early implementation of industrial projects.

On April 15,Zhaoqing held the city wide "Cloud Signing" ceremony,

A batch of new energy vehicles and auto parts,Electronic information, metal processing,High quality industrial projects of green building materials and modern service industry Officially settled in Zhaoqing,

Inject new vitality into Zhaoqing's strong industrial city.

Picture | Zhaoqing High tech Zone held a signing ceremony with Dongguan Huayin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. "in the air". Drawing provided by Zhaoqing Hi tech Zone Investment Promotion Bureau

Build a new type of information investment services

How to boost Zhaoqing to carry out new informatization investment promotion?

Zhaoqing Investment Promotion Bureau,

Actively build Zhaoqing Investment Promotion "Cloud Map",

Use the platform to promote Zhaoqing's investment advantages

Industrial parks, factor costs,

Build the platform into a "precise investment toolbox".

Zhaoqing Investment Promotion "Cloud Map" covers six sections, namely, "Understanding Zhaoqing", "Investment Advantage", "Traffic Location", "Industrial Park", "Industrial Basis" and "Investment Policy". It builds an innovative and convenient "Investment Bridge" of "Promotion+Resources+Services" between resource providers and intended investors.

By participating in "cloud interaction",

You can quickly contact Zhaoqing Investment Promotion Department,

Realize consultation, intention filling

Functions such as answering questions and solving questions.

Relevant person in charge of Zhaoqing Investment Promotion Bureau

Professional, dedicated and efficient, is one of the important reasons why the merchants choose Zhaoqing.

Introduction by relevant responsible person of Zhaoqing Investment Promotion Bureau,

Zhaoqing summarized and sorted out the Various preferential policies for investment promotion,Compile and prepare the "One Book of Industrial Policies" and"One network of enterprise services",

The investment guide, industrial map, preferential policies,The business process is transferred to the Internet,Provide "mother like" services for entrepreneurs,Helping a group of enterprises that meet the needs of industrial development in Zhaoqing ,The implementation of large and good projects.

"Cloud Investment" is Zhaoqing's goal to continuously optimize the business environment

A new practice and exploration.

Next, Zhaoqing will continue to increase Investment attraction,

Make good use of "cloud investment", optimize "cloud services",

Help Zhaoqing accelerate the construction of the western growth pole in the core area of the Pearl River Delta And the modern new metropolis of Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area!

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