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[Interpretation of the Government Work Report] Sihui City strives to be the main force in Zhaoqing City’s promotion of new industrialization

[Interpretation of the Government Work Report] Sihui City strives to be the main force in Zhaoqing City’s promotion of new industrialization

Released by Sihui City 2024-03-03 12:44 Guangdong

On February 27, 2024, the fourth session of the 17th People's Congress of Sihui City opened. At the meeting, Deng Hong'an, member of the Standing Committee of the Sihui Municipal Committee and deputy mayor of the municipal government, made a work report to the conference on behalf of the Municipal People's Government. The report reviewed the work situation in 2023 in a realistic manner and scientifically planned a grand blueprint for 2024.

Starting from February 29, the "Sihui Release" WeChat public account will provide a comprehensive interpretation of the government work report at the fourth session of the 17th People's Congress of Sihui City, so stay tuned!

In 2023, the “manufacturing leaders” of Sihui will stand up and stand firm.


The Sihui will strengthen the guidance and concentration of industrial factors,

Make every effort to be the main force in Zhaoqing City’s promotion of new industrialization.

01 Accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system based on advantages and facing the future

Adhere to the real economy as the foundation and the manufacturing industry as the leader, implement Zhaoqing City's opinions on accelerating the implementation of new industrialization in the new era, continue to implement the "Ten Actions" for the manufacturing industry, comprehensively improve the resilience and safety level of the industrial chain and supply chain, and promote the total industrial output value above the designated size Exceeding 95 billion yuan, attracting more leading enterprises and specialized and new "little giant" enterprises.

Consolidate and upgrade the four traditional advantageous industries of "refined copper, jade and aluminum". With the Fine Chemical Industrial Park as the strategic fulcrum, we will focus on new chemical materials such as electronic chemicals and high-end resins, promote localized supporting applications of industrial front-end materials, and continue to build and strengthen the provincial industrial cluster of polymer synthetic materials. Increase special support for the metal processing industry, support Jintian Copper to start the construction of the second phase of high-end copper-based new materials projects, support Jintian Copper, Gordon Aluminum and other leading companies to expand their local R&D, production and sales links to promote large-scale development The integrated development of small and medium-sized enterprises will comprehensively improve the level of industrial material products, promote the integrated development of the metal processing industry with new energy vehicles, new energy storage and other emerging industries, and create a demonstration area for the transformation and upgrading of the metal processing industry with Gaoyao and Zhaoqing High-tech Zone. Promote the introduction of supporting policies to support the high-quality development of the jade industry, deepen the core links of jade carving and processing, promote the standardized development of jade processing factories and processing workshops, encourage jade merchants to create trademarks and build brands, promote both the production end and the consumer end, and accelerate the formation of a 100 billion level jade industry cluster.

Comprehensively speed up the development of the two potential industries of green building materials and food and beverage prepared dishes. Promote the green transformation of mining, production, recycling and other links, expand the comprehensive utilization of bulk solid waste in the production of new building materials, promote the large-scale, green and high-end development of ceramics, cement and other building materials industries, and guide the formation of green building materials enterprises in the city A highly coordinated full-process industrial chain of R&D, production, processing and sales. Support the development of green buildings and prefabricated buildings, boost the effective demand for building materials products in the market, increase the supply of effective products, and encourage construction and building materials companies to deeply participate in the "Hundreds and Thousands of Projects". Based on local agricultural characteristics, actively attract food and beverage prepared vegetable projects with sufficient comprehensive strength and strong driving ability to settle in, and support the completion of projects such as Sihui Shatangji Technology Co., Ltd.'s annual output of 600,000 tons of beverage projects and Taier aquatic products prepared vegetable deep processing base. Put into production, accelerate the signing and implementation of the Jinjiang prepared vegetable project, and support the development of the Longfu Town prepared vegetable industrial park.

Actively introduce and cultivate strategic emerging industries and future industries. Deeply participate in the provincial auto parts industry strong chain project, accelerate integration into Zhaoqing's new energy auto industry division of labor, promote the construction of Zhuoersheng new energy auto parts and other projects, and support Feinan Resources, Asia Pacific New Materials and other enterprises to become bigger and stronger . Implement new energy storage industry development actions, urge GCL's 100,000-ton new deep eutectic electrolyte project to be completed and put into operation, promote GCL's waste power lithium battery recycling and other projects to accelerate the construction of waste battery precision recycling demonstration project bases, and continue to enrich New energy storage large-scale application scenarios, accelerate the construction of the Provincial New Energy Storage Innovation Center Demonstration Base, Guangdong Zhaoneng Smart Electric Longfu Town Electrochemical Energy Storage Power Station and other projects. Give full play to the demonstration and leading role of electronic information companies such as Fuji Electronics, support the listing of companies such as Tongyu New Materials, and guide local companies to transform and develop in fields such as automotive electronics, energy electronics, and consumer electronics. Focus on the industrial layout of Guangdong and other future industry leading areas, seize new opportunities from technological revolution and industrial transformation, and accelerate project planning and reserve around high-end equipment manufacturing, advanced materials, biomedicine, artificial intelligence, low-altitude economy and other emerging and future industries, and develop New productivity.

02 Adhere to the "two-pronged approach" of attracting investment and increasing capital and expanding production

Optimize the entire process of investment promotion, use the city's four sets of teams to serve enterprises and other mechanisms, continue to implement the manufacturing project construction battle, do a good job in actual investment in projects, promote the continuous emergence of new increments in manufacturing projects, and provide new support.

Efforts will be made to repatriate output value taxes and optimize the allocation of market factors. Vigorously improve the effectiveness of investment promotion. Strengthen the "hard constraints per mu + industrial chain orientation", focusing on the upstream and downstream of chain master enterprises such as Ruiqing Times, Xpeng Motors, Jintian Copper, and GCL Group, and strive to attract chain masters, science and technology innovation, supporting, and growth For large-scale projects, do a good job in tax benefit assessment at different stages of the project. Promote the introduction of new manufacturing projects with a total planned investment of more than 8 billion yuan throughout the year, introduce more than 2 individual manufacturing projects with a planned investment of more than 1 billion yuan, and strive to introduce 20 upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain. Accelerate the signing process of projects such as GCL's 20 GW annual output inverter production base, and strive to introduce a number of major projects that lead the transformation and upgrading of metal processing. Promote the signing and settlement of the Provincial Construction Engineering Group's Construction Technology Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park, and plan to reserve a number of upstream and downstream industrial projects such as construction machinery and green building materials. Accelerate governance and curb the recurrence of "half-baked" projects, and promote the number of projects that are started, completed, and put into production to reach 20, 18, and 20 respectively.

Support enterprises to increase capital and expand production. Establish and improve the capital increase and production expansion project library, encourage high-quality enterprises to increase capital and expand production, promote the acceleration of the construction of Fuji Electronics' annual output of 1.5 million square meters of high-reliability circuit board expansion projects, Shengkai musical instruments and other capital increase and production expansion projects, and promote the addition of 5 million yuan There are 36 above-mentioned capital increase and production expansion projects, more than 7 more than 30 million yuan capital increase and production expansion projects, 65 industrial enterprises have carried out technological transformation, 50 industrial enterprises above the designated size have implemented digital transformation, and 30 new industrial enterprises have been added to create more business A key enterprise with revenue exceeding 100 million yuan.

Strengthen the protection of resource elements. Carry out pilot projects for warehousing and redevelopment of low-efficiency land to achieve contiguous land transformation. Promote the site selection and construction of projects such as the 110 kV Zijing Power Transmission and Transformation Project and the 110 kV Longfu 2 Power Transmission and Transformation Project to provide power guarantee for the implementation of park projects. Accelerate the extension of urban and rural water supply pipeline networks and increase support for water use in industrial towns and industrial parks. Plan to establish a state-owned high-quality development industry fund to guide financial institutions to increase credit in areas such as industrial development and technological innovation.

03 Consolidate the “1+4+N” park development pattern

Promote the stable optimization of the park's joint development pattern, and improve the level of industry-city integration and industry-city integrated development as the main platform for orderly transfer of industries. Promote the signing of new land compensation agreements for more than 2,000 acres in the Zhaoqing Municipal Administration Start-up Area (Dasha and Fuxi Areas), a large industrial agglomeration area, promote the construction of infrastructure projects such as Longsha Avenue, complete an investment of 700 million yuan in infrastructure construction, and do a good job in large-scale development Economic data collection and revenue sharing in Sha and Fuxi areas. Relying on the counterpart industry collaboration mechanism, we will accelerate the adjustment of the planning scope of the fine chemical industrial park, ensure that it passes the review of the provincial chemical industrial park, promote the construction of basic supporting service facilities projects for GCL, MMS and fine chemical industrial parks, strengthen co-construction with Zengcheng District industries, and strive to The industrial transfer cooperation park will be built as a key park and demonstration park for a new round of provincial counterpart industry collaboration, and strive to pass the provincial high-tech zone acceptance as soon as possible. Build the Sihui Industrial Park in Zhaoqing High-tech Zone with high standards, complete the acquisition and storage of 500 acres of new land within the year, promote the construction of infrastructure projects such as Commercial Avenue, Xinhuan 1st Road, and Jintian Avenue across the Erguang Expressway, and accelerate the creation of a high-end copper-based new material industry base . Revitalize the west group of the Electronic Information Industrial Park, promote the construction of Guangyuan Avenue, and create a 5-minute living circle between the Electronic Information Industrial Park and the central city. Continue to promote the upgrading and transformation of Nanjiang Industrial Park, guide five companies to carry out transformation and upgrading, complete the preliminary work of Nanjiang Industrial Park infrastructure upgrade and supporting project approval, and urge the project to start construction. Promote the reform of the park management system, optimize the functional allocation, carry out special rectification of inefficient and idle land in the park, improve the standardized construction of the park, and promote the intensive and efficient development of the park. Improve the park’s productive service facilities such as standard factories, warehouses, and testing centers, and introduce public service platforms such as modern logistics, financial services, and technology research and development.

04 Better stimulate the momentum of technological innovation

Consolidate and improve the achievements in creating national innovative counties (cities), deepen their integration into the construction pattern of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area's international science and technology innovation center, thoroughly implement the "eight major projects" of scientific and technological innovation, coordinate and promote the construction of a modern industrial system led by scientific and technological innovation, and promote the city's R&D funding The proportion of GDP continues to increase. Strengthen the cultivation of the "technological small and medium-sized enterprises - high-tech enterprises - benchmark high-tech enterprises" chain, optimize the operation of platforms such as Sihui Maker Space and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Science Park, and promote high-level science and technology incubation and cultivation such as Guangdong Huashang University and South China Agricultural University Pearl River College Platform construction focuses on supporting leading enterprises such as Tongyu New Materials, Guoyao Aluminum, and Zhendong Food to jointly build provincial key laboratories and engineering technology research centers with universities and scientific research institutes, and promote the total number of high-tech enterprises to 225 , more than 2 provincial-level innovation platforms were added. Consolidate and improve the achievements of the provincial agricultural science and technology park, cultivate more than 3 agricultural-related high-tech enterprises, and promote the transformation and implementation of more than 10 new varieties and new technological achievements. We will unswervingly advance the work of strengthening the city through quality and protecting intellectual property rights, and support enterprises in participating in the formulation of national industrial standards. Optimize and improve the flexible talent attraction working mechanism, promote the resonance of investment attraction and talent attraction, and accurately attract and cultivate "high-end, sophisticated" urgently needed talents. Strengthen the cultivation of Xijiang innovation and entrepreneurship teams and other talent teams, support vocational schools, enterprises, industry associations, etc. to jointly build skilled talent training bases, establish and improve the "talent green card" service mechanism, implement various measures of the youth development plan, and promote youth development-oriented Urban construction, building a talent service highland in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

Zhaoqing City very much welcomes technology companies and technology giants to start their own businesses in Zhaoqing.The creative atmosphere in Zhaoqing City is very good.

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