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In the spring of March, Zhaoqing invites businessmen from all over the country to "attract phoenixes"

In the spring of March, Zhaoqing invites businessmen from all over the country to "attract phoenixes"

Invest in Zhaoqing 2024-03-19 22:31 China

It’s spring in March, and people all over Zhaoqing City are busy working towards their goals for the new year.

Currently, Zhaoqing is also showing a new atmosphere. In addition to a number of projects being signed and started, investment promotion working groups from various places are also constantly attracting new projects. By comparing services, locations, and foundations, in the fierce competition, they are striving to provide high-quality services to Zhaoqing. Development brings good projects and builds a solid foundation for "manufacturing leadership".

Provide front-line services to create a good business environment

The Fujitsu Elevator Super Factory project has officially started construction recently. The project is located in Yong'an Industrial Park in Zhaoqing New District and Dinghu District. It was built with an investment of US$100 million from Fujitsu (Guangdong) Elevator Industry Group. It mainly produces passenger elevators, sightseeing elevators, freight elevators, medical elevators, etc. Ladders, escalators and other types of elevators and their spare parts. The person in charge of the company said at the scene that the project will be built into a new manufacturing base with production automation, information synchronization, product specialization and personalized services.

Image project renderings. 

On this project, Zhaoqing has always demonstrated a high-quality business environment: the project has been completed with double capacity and double commitments, the waterfront has been connected, exploration and dynamic compaction construction have been completed, and relevant departments are in the process of applying for project planning permits. At the start-up site, ICBC and five other banks signed a credit granting ceremony with the enterprise, each granting a strategic credit of RMB 200 million for the project, with a total credit amount of RMB 1 billion.

Project renderings

Strengthen financial services and promote enterprises to settle in

"We have strengthened financial services this year." Lu Jietao, deputy director of the Economic Promotion Bureau of the Guangdong-Guangxi Special Pilot Zone for Cooperation (Zhaoqing) Management Committee, said that the Guangdong-Guangxi Special Pilot Zone for Cooperation and Zhaoqing's large-scale industrial cluster have been integrated and developed. He is currently responsible for large-scale In addition to Zhaoqing's "two new and one electricity" industrial chain, the investment promotion work in the industrial cluster area has also added future industries such as low-altitude economy, which are hot topics this year. The latter is a gathering place for scientific and technological enterprises, and its financing needs are clearer. In addition to introducing the advantages of Zhaoqing, Lu Jietao will also introduce two funds in the agglomeration area to actively play the role of "investment promotion".

It is reported that Xijiang Company, a subsidiary of Zhaoqing State-owned Assets, and Yueke Financial Group jointly established the Zhaoqing Yueke Xijiang Industrial Investment Fund with a total scale of 2 billion yuan and an initial fundraising scale of 500 million yuan. It has completed industrial and commercial registration in December 2023 and China Registration with the Asset Management Association. In addition, plans are underway to establish another industry guidance fund.

Financial services have also promoted the recent establishment of a company in the agglomeration area. After understanding its land needs, the investment promotion working group actively came to recommend itself, and also brought the heads of local financial institutions to participate. Due to Zhaoqing's "cost-effectiveness" and attractive business environment, the company finally successfully signed the contract.

Zhaoqing service, making progress every day

Zhaoqing service, making progress every day

In addition to the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the Zhaoqing investment promotion working group is also busy across the country.

In the Yangtze River Delta, we are busy strengthening communication with several projects. The relevant projects all belong to the direction of Zhaoqing’s leading industrial chain. We are currently interested in expanding the market in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and we are relatively interested in Zhaoqing.

Gao Qi said that market drive, transportation location and business environment are the three important factors for Zhaoqing to impress the Yangtze River Delta project. As the largest consumer market in the country, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is the target of enterprises across the country. From the Yangtze River Delta's "Dragon Crossing the River" projects, all have clear goals and needs. After capturing the trends of relevant projects, the investment promotion work should continue to amplify Zhaoqing's advantages. For example, a project that is being communicated and docked requires inland water transportation. Through data comparison, the investment promotion working group proposed that Zhaoqing New Port can meet its needs and has larger space. It greatly deepened the company's impression of Zhaoqing and promoted the next step of negotiations.

After continuous intensive development in recent years, some Yangtze River Delta projects have now landed in Zhaoqing. "Introducing business through business" is a more efficient way. Currently, it is actively linking up with Zhaoqing's "rear area" to strive for more industrial chain projects to come across the river.

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