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Build a big platform! Accelerate the Construction of Zhaoqing Large Industrial Agglomeration Zone

Build a big platform! Accelerate the Construction of Zhaoqing Large Industrial Agglomeration Zone

Big platforms carry big projects, and big projects drive big development. In the high-tech zone of the large-scale industrial agglomeration zone in Guangdong Province (Zhaoqing), the distance between Xiaopeng Automobile and Ningde Times is less than 5 kilometers, achieving "wall supply" and timely response.

Building a high-level platform is an important support for promoting the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry. Guangdong proposed that we should focus on the big platform, set up the orientation of high-tech, high-end, efficient and intensive cluster, and make the high-level platform a "golden card" and "golden parasol".

The Guangdong Province (Zhaoqing) Large Industrial Agglomeration Zone (hereinafter referred to as the "Zhaoqing Agglomeration Zone") is one of the seven large industrial agglomeration zones approved by the provincial government. In recent years, Zhaoqing has adhered to the principle of putting the real economy first and manufacturing industry at the forefront, adhering to the principle of "strengthening the city through industry, projects as the king, parks as the mother, and enterprises as the first". With the efforts of the whole city, Zhaoqing Cluster has been built into a large platform for carrying high-level modern industries of tens of thousands of acres and billions of yuan, a demonstration zone for high-quality development of manufacturing industry, and a leading demonstration zone for collaborative development of industries in the east and west.


Concentrate on the "best" land and create high-quality industrial space

Last time I came here to visit, I had to pass through a piece of muddy land. The newly built road now leads directly to the future factory. The visiting merchants marveled at the ever-changing appearance of the Zhaoqing gathering area.

In the past year, the land collection and storage, special bond funds, new road network construction, and new production projects of the large industrial agglomeration areas in Guangdong Province (Zhaoqing) ranked among the top 7 large industrial agglomeration areas in the province. Behind this is Zhaoqing's unremitting efforts to seize the high-quality development of large-scale industrial clusters.

The Zhaoqing Cluster Area is located in the southeastern part of Zhaoqing City, adjacent to Foshan City to the east, the downtown area of Zhaoqing City to the west, and the Pearl River Delta Hub (Guangzhou New) Airport to the south. The overall planned area is 992 square kilometers.

the urban management starting area of a large-scale industrial cluster in Guangdong Province (Zhaoqing)

Aerial view of the urban management starting area of a large-scale industrial cluster in Guangdong Province (Zhaoqing).

As the largest development hinterland of the Greater Bay Area, Zhaoqing has outstanding land spatial advantages. This land with a total planned area of approximately 992 square kilometers is the "core engine" of Zhaoqing's future industrial strength city, the "aircraft carrier" of industrial agglomeration development, and a demonstration and leading platform for high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.

Since Guangdong proposed the construction of a batch of large-scale industrial agglomeration zones that carry large projects and clusters, Zhaoqing has been promoted at a high level, proposing to make the planning and construction of Zhaoqing agglomeration zones the number one project for the city's industrial revitalization, and to use the city's efforts to create leading industrial agglomeration zones, supporting industrial parks, and a platform worth tens of thousands of acres and billions of yuan.

In April 2022, the Planning and Construction Headquarters of the Large Industrial Agglomeration Zone in Guangdong Province (Zhaoqing) was unveiled, establishing a flat and efficient management system and operational mechanism, forging a high-quality cadre team that understands the economy, planning, industry, and park construction, concentrating the "best" land resources to accelerate the construction of the Zhaoqing Agglomeration Zone, and strengthening comprehensive factor guarantee.

The initial designated cluster area of "2+5" covers an area of approximately 137 square kilometers, including two municipal starting areas: Dinghu Lianhua Sihui Fuxi and Sihui Dasha, as well as five local starting areas: Duanzhou District, Dinghu Zhaoqing New Area, Gaoyao District, Sihui City, and Zhaoqing High tech Zone. There are a total of approximately 130000 acres of exploitable land, with 30000 acres of contiguous industrial land waiting for high-quality industrial projects in the two municipal starting areas alone.

With the comprehensive launch of the "2+5" starting area, Zhaoqing has accelerated the construction of over 120 infrastructure projects with an investment of approximately 80 billion yuan in the cluster area; By 2022, a total of 7.8 billion yuan will be invested in infrastructure construction.

There is a large area of mature, high-quality, and highly competitive concentrated industrial land here, which is particularly scarce and valuable in the Pearl River Delta. "The head of the relevant department of the command center of the Zhaoqing Large Industrial Agglomeration Zone stated that in the new round of land spatial planning, Zhaoqing has focused on ensuring the land scale and land use indicators of the starting area of the large industrial agglomeration zone for industrial development and project landing.

Moreover, in 2022, the Natural Resources Department of Guangdong Province issued the Guidelines for the Coordination of Territorial Planning of metropolitan area in Guangdong Province, pointing out that it is necessary to support the construction of Foshan Zhaotong linkage cluster led by Foshan large-scale industrial cluster (Fobei Zhan New Industrial Park) and Zhaoqing large-scale industrial cluster, and promote the cooperation of Foshan Zhaotong industry collaboration and scientific and technological innovation. This has created more possibilities for the Zhaoqing cluster area to participate in the province's industrial co construction.

A large-scale industrial cluster is not a separate 'new city'. It is adjacent to Guangfo and covers core industrial areas such as Gaoyao District, Sihui City, Zhaoqing High tech Zone, and Zhaoqing New Area, forming a good interaction and echo with the surrounding good industrial clusters and living and living facilities.

According to its development positioning, Zhaoqing will focus on building the cluster area into an advanced manufacturing cluster in the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area, a scientific and technological innovation synergy zone in the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area, and a green development demonstration zone in the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area.


Strong chain, complementary chain, extended chain

Optimizing and Strengthening the Industrial Ecology

At present, the large-scale industrial agglomeration zone in Guangdong Province (Zhaoqing) and the Guangdong Guangxi Cooperation Special Experimental Zone have achieved integrated development and strong cooperation. On the occasion of the first anniversary of the establishment of the planning and construction headquarters, the municipal management starting area of Zhaoqing agglomeration zone is about to hold centralized signing and construction activities, with 22 projects being signed and 9 projects being started. The project covers multiple fields such as automotive components, two wheel electric vehicles, industrial aluminum profiles, smart doors and windows, smart home appliances, and smart new retail. At that time, multiple financial institutions will hold loan issuance ceremonies. This marks another crucial step in the construction of the Zhaoqing cluster area.

In February of this year, Zhaoqing City held a centralized signing, commencement, and production activity for major projects in the first quarter of 2023 in the Dinghu Lianhua Sihui Fuxi City Management Starting Zone of Guangdong Province's (Zhaoqing) large-scale industrial agglomeration area. There were over 200 major projects with a total investment of 87.67 billion yuan.

Image △: Multiple high-quality enterprise projects have settled in the Dinghu Zhaoqing New Area, a large-scale industrial agglomeration area in Guangdong Province (Zhaoqing). Information images.

Why are many projects located in the Zhaoqing Cluster Area?

In recent years, Zhaoqing has successfully introduced a batch of high-quality industrial projects, and major projects have continuously released the "banyan tree effect", accelerating the construction of the "leading+characteristic" industrial system. In this process, the Zhaoqing Cluster Area and the Guangdong Guangxi Experimental Zone have been tasked with building "big industries", "big platforms", "big projects", "big enterprises", and "big environments" since the beginning of construction, carrying a batch of key and leading projects.

As one of the top three two wheeled electric vehicle manufacturers in the industry, Tailing Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. is attracted by the mature industrial cluster in the Zhaoqing Cluster. The cluster area has numerous enterprises engaged in hardware manufacturing, automotive component manufacturing, and metal product processing. One of the suppliers of front forks for Tailing electric vehicles is located in the E-bike Industrial Park in the cluster area.

Shenzhen Haobo Window Control Technology Co., Ltd. values Zhaoqing's rich land resources and relatively low production costs, providing a high-quality foundation for the further development and growth of the enterprise. They will be rooted in Zhaoqing and committed to the development and innovation of intelligent control systems for doors and windows, while also laying out future intelligent technologies and products. Previously, Zhaoqing Minglida Technology Co., Ltd. invested 1 billion yuan to build the first phase of intelligent manufacturing project for key new energy components. Enterprise representative Xiao Zunjun introduced that Zhaoqing is building a "big industry" development pattern around leading enterprises. Its upstream suppliers, such as Asia Aluminum and Central Asia, have all settled in Zhaoqing; Downstream partners such as Ningde Times and Xiaopeng have also invested in Zhaoqing. From the perspective of upstream and downstream supply chains, as long as it is a place where industries accumulate, the development of this place is just around the corner, and Zhaoqing is such a place, "said Xiao Zunjun.

Zhaoqing focuses on building a "3+2" industrial cluster around large-scale industrial clusters, including new energy vehicles and automotive components, electronic information, equipment manufacturing, biopharmaceuticals, and advanced materials. Among them, the municipal management starting zone focuses on building a "1+1+2" industrial chain of intelligent connected new energy vehicles, new generation electronic information, high-end equipment manufacturing, and advanced materials. Driven by Xiaopeng Automobile and Ningde Times, Zhaoqing has introduced multiple new energy strong chain supply projects such as Helin Liye Power Battery, Andaotuo Automobile Seat, Putai Lai, and Jiyang Equipment, forming an industrial ecological chain that covers key components such as the entire vehicle and batteries, motors, and wires. In 2022, the output value of this industrial cluster has exceeded 70 billion yuan.

The Zhaoqing Cluster Area and the Guangdong Guangxi Experimental Zone have become important platforms for the high-quality development of Zhaoqing's manufacturing industry and the promotion of regional coordinated development. Zhaoqing is continuously promoting the improvement of quality and efficiency in the city's industrial parks, focusing on building a "1+1+N" park development pattern with Zhaoqing cluster areas as the main battlefield. Various regions in Zhaoqing are accelerating the construction of industrial parks with distinctive features, high-end formats, outstanding energy levels, and integrated functions based on local resource endowments and industrial foundations, to meet the future needs of supporting the industrial chain supply chain in the Zhaoqing cluster area.

The accelerating construction of Zhaoqing cluster area is becoming the "golden parasol tree" of Zhaoqing's high-quality economic development. As of the end of 2022, there are a total of 950 industrial enterprises above designated size in the Zhaoqing Cluster Area, accounting for 65.3% of the city's total; The added value of industrial enterprises above designated size accounts for 68% of the city's total.


Comprehensive optimization of business environment

Follow the demands of enterprises to the end

Wutong trees are planted and golden phoenix is attracted.

As the main battlefield for Zhaoqing to accelerate the construction of a manufacturing new city in the western part of the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area, Zhaoqing adheres to high standard planning, high-level construction, high-quality investment promotion, and efficient management, further improving the planning and layout of the Zhaoqing cluster area, especially the starting area, optimizing and enhancing the functional quality and industrial carrying capacity of the Zhaoqing cluster area.

In the past year, the Zhaoqing Municipal Party Committee and Government have attached great importance to it. The Zhaoqing Cluster Area has taken the lead in building a development and operation management model of "leadership group+headquarters+state-owned development companies" in the province, implementing a flat and efficient large department management model of similar management committees, directly connecting the city's decision-making and resources; Establish a municipal park platform company as the main development and construction entity, and create a construction and operation platform that integrates "investment, financing, construction, operation, and management". This year, we have taken the lead in implementing the physical operation of management institutions in the province, promoting the integration and development of Zhaoqing Cluster and Guangdong Guangxi Experimental Zone, and further improving the efficiency of administrative operations.

Based on the needs of cluster area construction, Zhaoqing provides full support in land development, financial security, and other aspects. At the same time, it adheres to the intensive and economical use of land, focuses on promoting centralized and contiguous land development, attracting large businesses, exploring the establishment of a cluster area construction fund, leveraging more social capital to participate in the construction, and ensuring the smooth and efficient construction and operation of the cluster area.

In terms of supporting facilities in the cluster area, Zhaoqing optimizes the layout of production, living, and ecology, promotes the construction of supporting facilities such as water, electricity, gas networks, environmental protection, and standard factories to a high standard, builds a modern infrastructure system, focuses on improving total factor productivity, enhancing the attractiveness of the park's carrying capacity, forming a good pattern of industry city integration, job living balance, and interactive development, and strives to provide solid support for a high-level modern industrial carrying platform, Let good projects attract progress, settle quickly, stay, and develop well.

In addition to having solid "hard support", a series of innovative measures in soft services are also accelerating their implementation. Zhaoqing continues to increase its policy support for the cluster area and the Guangdong Guangxi experimental zone, with a number of provincial and municipal key policies prioritized in the cluster area, with obvious advantages in policy overlap.

For example, according to the relevant provisions of the Financial Support Plan for Promoting the Orderly Transfer of Industries (Trial) of Guangdong Province, the city managed starting area of Zhaoqing Cluster District, as one of the main industrial undertaking platforms supported and constructed by the province, can be given a one-time reward of no more than 10% of the equipment purchase amount and the fixed assets investment amount of self built factory buildings (excluding land purchase costs) for projects undertaken in line with the relevant provisions.

At the same time, talents who work in Zhaoqing and meet the requirements can be issued a "talent green card", and cardholders can enjoy convenience in administrative services, medical services, housing security, children's enrollment, employment services, life services, and other aspects.

In the Zhaoqing cluster area, the project needs to be quickly landed and readily available in mature areas; We need to start construction quickly, and the "dual capacity and dual commitment" policy can be implemented first and verified later; We need to quickly apply for certificates and have dedicated personnel to provide full service and agency… Zhaoqing persistently regards optimizing the business environment as the "cow nose" project for comprehensively deepening reform, innovatively creating a "all Zhao office" model for serving enterprises, providing one-stop agency services for industrial project approval and acceptance. The project approval progress can be seen at any time, and the enterprise's demands are "one click direct, responsive, and follow to the end", effectively solving enterprise problems, Promote "Zhaoqing Service, Daily Progress".

Recently, it was learned that an intelligent door and window manufacturing enterprise was moving out of a rented factory in another area and returning to Zhaoqing for development. The investment attraction staff of Zhaoqing Cluster actively contacted the doorstep to provide a detailed introduction to the development of the cluster and provide professional services throughout the entire process. It only takes 5 working days from the initial docking to the signing of the agreement by the enterprise.

Due to the solid industrial development planning and infrastructure support in the early stage of the cluster area, and the continuous acceleration of construction progress, these have given enterprises great confidence in their implementation and development, and have also attracted more and more enterprises to pay attention to and invest in Zhaoqing. "Relevant investment personnel introduced.

Industry empowerment, platform first. The Zhaoqing Cluster Area will open up the framework of a smart city with high-level infrastructure and high-quality supporting facilities, comprehensively optimize the business environment in Zhaoqing with preferential policies and digital intelligence, undertake industrial gradient transfer with factor guarantee and continuous familiarity, and turn the high-quality development blueprint into a dynamic practice of Zhaoqing's rapid development.

Comprehensive Opening of the Urban Development Framework

Construction and investment promotion of Zhaoqing large-scale industrial cluster area

In the city management starting area of a large industrial cluster in Guangdong Province (Zhaoqing), the construction site is bustling with enthusiasm, and the project construction is booming. In the city management starting area of Dinghu Lianhua Sihui Fuxi, hundreds of construction machinery and transportation vehicles are busy shuttling through it; The pile foundation, pipeline network, and riprap work of the main section of the "Longsha Avenue Dilu Combination" project in the starting area of Dasha City, Sihui City, will be carried out in an orderly manner. After the project is completed, it will strengthen the north-south vehicle traffic capacity of Dasha starting area and further improve the transportation network inside and outside the park.

Renderings of Fuxi Science and Technology Innovation Park in the City Management Starting Area of a Large Industrial Agglomeration Zone in Guangdong Province (Zhaoqing).

△ Renderings of Fuxi Science and Technology Innovation Park in the City Management Starting Area of a Large Industrial Agglomeration Zone in Guangdong Province (Zhaoqing).

There are new changes here every day, and every day is a new look. "The relevant person in charge of the Zhaoqing Cluster Command introduced that currently, Zhaoqing scientifically and efficiently promotes the planning and construction of the cluster, optimizes the layout of production, life, and ecology, improves total factor productivity, seizes the" golden period "of construction, and promotes the rapid start, construction, production, and effectiveness of projects.

In recent years, the municipal supporting equipment in the Zhaoqing Cluster Area has been improving day by day, and high-quality supporting facilities such as Sheraton Hotel, Sun Yat sen University Affiliated Hospital, and high-level general factory buildings have been put into use.

In order to accelerate the implementation and production of the project, the gathering area focuses on creating an environmental carrier for "carrying bags and staying in". Taking urban road engineering as an example, in the Dasha City Management Starting Area of Sihui, the Longsha Avenue project, which combines the Provincial Highway S263 Extension Project and Dilu, will be built with two longitudinal roads running through the entire area. This will strengthen the north-south vehicle traffic capacity of the Dasha area in the city management starting area, connect the Sihui urban area to the north, and connect the Dinghu area to the south, further strengthen the transportation connections inside and outside the Dinghu and Sihui areas, and improve the road network structure of the area. Synchronize the construction of the extended section of Guangfo Zhao Expressway Line A, Guangsha Avenue, Gangmei Road, Huisheng Road and other horizontal road network in densely woven areas, further improve the internal transportation network of the park and improve vehicle traffic capacity. In the starting area of Dinghu Lianhua Sihui Fuxi City Management, the completion of projects such as Zhenxing Avenue Phase II, Fuxi Avenue, Fumin Road, Fuli Road, and Fusheng Road can further unblock the "capillaries" of the original industrial park, making transportation more convenient for enterprises. Once the roads are accessible and enterprises enter, the gathering area can thrive, "said the person in charge of the construction party.

Zhaoqing Cluster Area is planning to steadily promote infrastructure construction. Currently, the construction of Yongbei Avenue Phase I, Yongbei Avenue Section BC, Longsha Avenue, new water supply pipeline, Dasha Project I, Industrial Avenue, Fuxi Sub project IV, and Zhenxing Avenue Phase II has started; The expansion project of Provincial Highway 263, the South Extension of Industrial Avenue, the AB section of Beishui Avenue, the East Extension of Yongbei Avenue, Lianhua Sewage Treatment Plant, Dasha Town Sewage Treatment Plant, Dasha No.2 Sewage Treatment Plant, and water system engineering projects are accelerating various preliminary work.

In addition to vigorously promoting infrastructure construction, the Zhaoqing Cluster Area continues to build a "big investment attraction" pattern and promote the landing of major projects. The agglomeration area always regards investment attraction as the lifeline of high-quality development, comprehensively implements the "top project" of manufacturing industry leadership and investment attraction, implements special actions for enterprise capital increase and expansion, and industrial project investment landing, and carries out precise investment attraction in the industrial chain.

Strengthening the traction role of large-scale industrial clusters, Zhaoqing focuses on attracting projects, strengthening leading enterprises, supplementing chains, building platforms, and gathering clusters, further enhancing investment attraction capabilities and innovative investment models, fully leveraging the role of resident investment teams and industrial park operators, and vigorously introducing leading and strong "carrier level" large projects and industrial projects with obvious production capacity benefits and strong "hematopoietic" capabilities.

In the future, the Zhaoqing Cluster will continuously improve the list of target enterprises for industrial investment, vigorously carry out industrial chain investment around "chain owners" such as Xiaopeng Automobile, Ruiqing Times, and Fenghua High tech, actively introduce upstream and downstream enterprises and partners to settle in Zhaoqing City, promote industrial chain supporting cooperation through "attracting business", and fully introduce a large number of high-quality projects that "build, strengthen, supplement, and extend the chain".

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