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Friday, June 7, 2024

Xiaoyao Zhenshan

 4、《Xiaoyao Zhenshan》

In the last episode, we appreciated the thousand-year-old ancient papermaking technique of Zhenshan in Sihui City. Today we launch the fourth episode "Xiaoyao Zhenshan".

Have you ever seen the 26-kilometer-long ancient county greenway and experienced the Zen homestay on the mountain? In this episode, we will follow the footsteps of international student Alina to see what kind of charm the modern Xiaoyao cultural tourism in Zhenshan, Guangdong, China has.

▎Ancient County-Suijiang Greenway Gallery Promotes Rural Industrial Revitalization

The Suijiang Greenway Gallery in Sihui Ancient County is 26 kilometers long, forming a trinity of "industry + tourism + scenic spots". The gallery strings together multiple rural tourist attractions such as the fishing port bay wetland and Dengcun Ancient Wharf, presenting a new look of rural revitalization.

Dengcun Ancient Wharf and Suijiang are important channels for transporting papermaking raw materials and finished paper in Fuli Village, "the first village of ancient folk papermaking in China". Dengcun Ancient Wharf and Suijiang not only witnessed the prosperity of Fuli Village, but also carried the memories of generations of papermakers in Fuli Village.

The construction of the greenway not only stimulates the vitality of various tourist attractions, but also drives the development of characteristic industries such as Zhenshan grapes, Huangtian tangerines, and stone dog orchids, effectively promoting rural revitalization.

▎ Local style homestays create boutique tourist routes

The local homestays are built on the mountain, elegant and quiet, and the cottages and courtyards are comfortable and pleasant, making them a good place for everyone to relax during holidays.

Today, Alina and everyone will be "painted" and taste Zen culture. I wonder if you want to unlock more new experiences in Zhenshan cultural tourism? Looking forward to everyone coming to Zhenshan together!


Authentic Sihui tangerines Promotional video

Authentic Sihui tangerines Promotional video