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Wednesday, January 24, 2024

This major project is signed in Dinghu Zhaoqing--Jiamu Medical Project,Jiamu Optoelectronics Project

This major project is signed! --Jiamu Medical Project,Jiamu Optoelectronics Project

Zhaoqing Large Industrial Cluster Area Guangdong-Guangxi Experimental Zone Published in Guangdong on 2024-01-24 22:42

On January 23, 2024, the Administrative Committee of the Guangdong-Guangxi Cooperation Special Pilot Zone (Zhaoqing) and Jiamu Group successfully signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement for the Jiamu Medical Project and Jiamu Optoelectronics Project. Liu Jingbo, deputy mayor of the municipal government, Liang Guangting, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of the pilot zone, Fan Bi, deputy director of the pilot zone management committee, Liu Xiaohui, deputy director of the Municipal Investment Promotion Center, Wang Lanting, chairman of Jiamu Group, Zhang Zhang, legal person and director of Jiamu Group Liang, Wang Chongyang, Vice President of Jiamu Medical attended the signing ceremony.

According to the plan, the project signed by Jiamu Group will be launched in the municipal management starting area of Zhaoqing agglomeration area. The total planned land area of the project is 391 acres, with a total planned investment of 2.7 billion yuan; of which, the first phase will use 173 acres of land, with a total planned investment of 1.2 billion yuan, and will build 3 medical projects and 1 photovoltaic project.

Jiamu Medical Project

It mainly produces movable head CT, orthopedic navigation robots, microwave ablation equipment, etc., and builds six platform modules including common technology, inspection and testing, animal testing, clinical trials, registration, and customized production to provide research and development, registration, and One-stop service for inspection and production, committed to creating a domestic high-end medical device innovation industry base based in Zhaoqing and radiating to South China.

Jiamu Optoelectronics Project

It mainly produces LEC cold-area light sources, which are luminescent materials that integrate high technology, new materials, innovation, energy saving and environmental protection. In the future, the project will focus on smart cities, smart light poles, and smart advertising, combined with the 5G ecosystem, to deeply tap market potential in areas such as advertising backlighting, traffic instructions, and smart signs.

Jiamu Medical Project

Jiamu Optoelectronics Project

It is believed that with the future settlement of Jiamu Group's medical projects and optoelectronic projects, the industrial strength of Zhaoqing and the high-end medical device industry and optoelectronics industry in the agglomeration area will be greatly enhanced, and new development impetus will be injected into the project construction and high-quality development of the agglomeration area!

Zhaoqing New Area Economic Promotion Bureau

Address: within the Management Committee of Zhaoqing New Area, No. 1 Jinhua Road, Dinghu District, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province

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