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The development of new energy industry is "accelerating", and the transformation of Zhaoqing auto parts enterprises has opened up a new situation

The development of new energy industry is "accelerating", and the transformation of Zhaoqing auto parts enterprises has opened up a new situation

Invest in Zhaoqing 2024-06-27 23:36 Guangdong, China

The competition is "involutionary", and the pace of new models is constantly refreshing. The current fierce competition in domestic new energy vehicles needs no further explanation.

How can auto parts companies maintain stable operations and grab orders? The answers of Zhaoqing's high-quality auto parts companies are first their own excellent proprietary technology and second digital transformation.


#90 days → 35 days shorten the development cycle#

Zhaoqing Power Metal is a representative of Zhaoqing auto parts companies. The engine cylinder heads it produces, as core components and safety parts of automobiles, have always been the world's exclusive supplier of 6.2L and 6.4L cylinder heads for Chrysler (Stratis Group) in the United States.

The English name of Zhaoqing Power Metal Company is "Zhaoqing Power", which well interprets the style of Zhaoqing auto parts companies

△ The English name of Zhaoqing Power Metal Company is "Zhaoqing Power", which well interprets the style of Zhaoqing auto parts companies

With the technology accumulated in the era of fuel vehicles, the company has successfully carried out digital transformation.

Since entering the era of new energy vehicles, Zhaoqing Power Auto Parts has successfully transformed, and its products have increased from a single fuel vehicle project to pure electric projects, hybrid projects, aviation projects, oil pump cover projects and other multi-line projects.

Today, the new energy vehicle business has accounted for 75% of the company's total, and its products are supplied to brands such as Japan Meidensha, NIO, Hunan CRRC, Shanghai Electric Drive, Chery Automobile, BYD, GAC Aion, FAW Hongqi, Cosma Automotive Systems (Shanghai), and Xuanfu Technology.

The rapid pace of new energy vehicles has broken the various "old rules" of fuel vehicles, which has brought new challenges to the company, such as shortened development cycles and continuously compressed cost space.

△ Source Zhaoqing High-tech Release

Zhaoqing Power Metal's main cylinder head is a vehicle safety part with very strict requirements. The development cycle in the past was 90 days to 180 days, but now new energy vehicle customers require samples and quotations within 40 days.

Zhaoqing Power Metal
Zhaoqing Power Metal

"This was unimaginable in the past," said a relevant person in charge of Zhaoqing Power Metal.

The sudden increase in market pressure is a great test of the company's "internal strength".

Zhaoqing Power Metal 肇庆动力金属
Zhaoqing Power Metal 肇庆动力金属

Automakers gave them a 40-day "answer sheet",

Zhaoqing Power Metals "submitted the paper" in 35 days, which was largely due to the accurate, rapid and professional design solutions obtained by the simulated casting of digital transformation, as well as the company's professional and efficient industrial collaboration solutions, which enabled timely and accurate development of molds, tooling and other supporting equipment.

△Zhaoqing Power Metals successfully carried out digital transformation, greatly improving work efficiency. 

Zhaoqing Power Metals has been upgrading digitally since 2019, integrating production lines, financial data, quality data, energy data, logistics data, etc. into one platform, realizing the transition from decentralized to centralized office. The real-time flow of platform data enables the production line to respond quickly.

Relevant person in charge of Zhaoqing Power Metal introduced

For example, it used to take at least one day for a change in a production data to be reflected from employees to the statistics department. Now, through the platform, it is known almost at the same time. The summary of data such as production coefficient, weight, quantity, output, etc. of the product has promoted efficient communication of the production line and rapid response of process collaboration.

Not only that, when the person in charge of the car company came to Power Metal to discuss the R&D cooperation of new products, the person in charge of the technical department collected parameters through the platform, and the technical details of the development could be clarified on site.

According to statistics, since the promotion of digital reform, the equipment utilization rate of Power Metal has increased by 12%, the average energy consumption of equipment has decreased by 3.5%, the maintenance cost has decreased by 13%, and the on-time delivery rate has increased by 15%.


# Sedimentation data "feeds back" to improve production technology#

Walking into the Jinli plant of Guangdong Hongtu Technology Co., Ltd., there is a sign on each production line that prominently marks the brand of the whole vehicle supplied by the die-casting parts, and the 6,800-ton super-large press is being molded.

Guangdong Hongtu Technology Park

△ Guangdong Hongtu Technology Park

In recent years, Hongtu Technology has made digital transformation an important part of its strategic planning and built its own dedicated big data platform. All processes, procedures and results will be converted into data, which not only assists production but also provides support for production decisions.

Production workshop of Guangdong Hongtu Technology Co., Ltd

△ Production workshop of Guangdong Hongtu Technology Co., Ltd

Opening its platform, you can see the data of 17 topics such as production, finance, energy consumption, quality, engineering technology, inventory, procurement, safety, etc., and can quickly generate 150 reports with different contents.

In the past, if the company dispatched related situations, it needed to manually "pull data" from various places and then make tables. Now, through the platform, not only can reports be generated in real time, but the data of 17 topics can be connected to each other, which can show the company's operating conditions in a more three-dimensional way.

The factory area of ​​Guangdong Hongtu Technology Co., Ltd. in Jinli Town, Gaoyao District

△ The factory area of ​​Guangdong Hongtu Technology Co., Ltd. in Jinli Town, Gaoyao District. 

The relevant person in charge of Hongtu Technology said that through "data to the site", the company's production management efficiency has been greatly improved. For example, each product has a QR code, and the product circulates to each process with the code. The person in charge of the process can immediately grasp the excellent situation of the previous process, and the production flexibility is greatly improved. Through the platform, you can immediately grasp the production tasks, corresponding car companies, production progress, etc. of each die-casting machine. More importantly, you can improve our production process by analyzing production data.

This year in 2024, Zhaoqing City will focus on implementing the provincial pilot work of digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises, and focus on new energy vehicles (including new energy storage), electronic information, metal processing, green building materials and other industries.

Organize the selection of digital traction units such as supply chain leading enterprises and industrial chain traction enterprises, establish industrial ecological consortiums such as digital software and hardware enterprises, widely mobilize small and medium-sized enterprises to carry out digital transformation, and promote the digital upgrade of various links such as design, production, sales, service, management, and safety of small and medium-sized enterprises, so as to achieve cost reduction, quality improvement, and efficiency improvement, and continuously create value, and enhance the resilience and security level of the industrial chain supply chain.

Xingwang Data Company of Zhaoqing High-tech Zone appeared at the Second Digital Government Construction Summit Achievement Expo

△ Xingwang Data Company of Zhaoqing High-tech Zone appeared at the Second Digital Government Construction Summit Achievement Expo

By the end of the first quarter of 2024, Zhaoqing City has promoted a total of 727 industrial enterprises above designated size to implement digital transformation.

At present, Zhaoqing's industry is in a critical period of transforming development methods, optimizing economic structure, and transforming growth momentum. The Zhaoqing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government attach great importance to the digital transformation of industrial enterprises, and regard digital transformation as an important measure to promote the high-quality development of our city's manufacturing industry, and promote enterprises to "demand efficiency" from digitalization. Through "going to the cloud and platform", it effectively promotes enterprises to reduce costs, improve quality, and increase benefits, injecting strong momentum into the high-quality development of Zhaoqing's economy.

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#90天→35天 縮短開發週期#


















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