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Xu Xiaoxiong visited Zhaoqing exhibitors at the 135th Canton Fair

 Xu Xiaoxiong visited Zhaoqing exhibitors at the 135th Canton Fair

Invest in Zhaoqing 2024-04-25 21:03 Guangdong, China

Make good use of important exhibitions to connect internal and external platforms

Strive to achieve a higher level of opening up to the outside world

On April 24, 2024, Zhaoqing Mayor Xu Xiaoxiong visited the 135th China Import and Export Fair (hereinafter referred to as the "Canton Fair") to visit and investigate Zhaoqing exhibitors, emphasizing the need to seize new opportunities of opening up to the outside world and make good use of the Canton Fair as a link Internal and external platforms, with a more open pattern and global vision, continue to expand diversified markets and strive to achieve a higher level of opening up to the outside world.

It is reported that the Canton Fair will be held in Guangzhou from April 15 to May 5. It will hold offline exhibitions in three phases and operate online platforms on a regular basis. A total of 108 companies from the Zhaoqing Trading Group participated in the exhibition in phases, covering manufacturing fields such as hardware, building materials, consumer electronics, and new energy. As of April 23, the transaction volume of our city’s exhibitions was approximately RMB 480 million, with the majority of the transactions being done from Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and countries co-building the “Belt and Road”.

Xu Xiaoxiong went to the building materials exhibition area, household products, and garden supplies exhibition area, and to Sihui Guoyao Aluminum Co., Ltd., Guangdong Xinhui Aluminum Products Co., Ltd., Guangdong Gaodeng Aluminum Co., Ltd., and Zhaoqing High-tech Zone Baililai Decoration Materials Industrial Co., Ltd. The company, Huaiji County Junming Bamboo Products Co., Ltd., Guangdong Zhuoye Lighter Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and other Zhaoqing enterprises visited the exhibition area to learn more about product production, export sales, transaction cooperation results, etc., and encouraged enterprises to take the opportunity of participating in the Canton Fair to make extensive contacts Buyers should make every effort to explore diversified markets, while strengthening independent research and development and innovation, accelerating the cultivation and development of new productive forces, improving the quality and added value of corporate products, and continuing to enhance product competitiveness, allowing more and more high-quality and high-quality new products in Zhaoqing to "sail overseas." ".

Xu Xiaoxiong emphasized

The Canton Fair is an important platform for China to open up to the outside world in an all-round way, promote the high-quality development of international trade, and connect domestic and international dual circulations.

All localities and departments must firmly seize the opportunity, give full play to the role of major trade exhibitions represented by the Canton Fair as a platform for connecting domestic and foreign countries, use the exhibition as a guide to increase investment promotion and publicity and promotion, make full use of the resources of the Canton Fair, and carry out activities based on the characteristics of our city's industries. Precise recruitment and docking will attract more outstanding domestic and foreign companies to invest and start business in Zhaozhou.

It is necessary to continue to create a first-class business environment, accelerate the implementation of a series of central and provincial policies and measures to promote trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, implement various policies and measures to support private investment, strengthen financing and other factor guarantees, proactively help enterprises solve problems, and make every effort Support exhibitors to grab orders and expand markets.

It is necessary to give full play to the radiating and driving role of large-scale exhibitions such as the Canton Fair in promoting stable consumption growth, actively launch innovative measures in urban tourism, consumer shopping and other fields, comprehensively implement the "Canton Fair+" article, and continue to stimulate new momentum and vitality for Zhaoqing's high-quality development.

Vice Mayor Liu Jingbo attended the event.

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