Thursday, April 4, 2024

this girl is very strong and sensible

In Guangdong, a 19-year-old female student in her third year of high school was mocked by her classmates for working part-time on weekends to deliver takeout and earn living expenses. The girl felt very aggrieved and quietly came to the school playground alone, shedding tears.

It is understood that this female student is a child adopted by someone. Her adoptive father is already in his 70s and is farming in her hometown to support her in high school.

The female student felt that her adoptive father was very difficult, so she thought of taking on a part-time job on weekends to deliver takeout, earn some living expenses, and reduce the burden on her adoptive father.

Unexpectedly, when she went to deliver takeout, she was seen by her classmates. When she returned to school, she was mocked by her classmates, who said she was a delivery girl and that her family was poor and so on, which made this girl very aggrieved.

In my personal opinion, this girl is very strong and sensible. She uses her weekends to work part-time to earn living expenses and is self reliant. She deserves everyone's understanding and respect. Self strengthening and self-reliance, earning money through labor is always honorable. You are a good person

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