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Thursday, April 25, 2024

Xu Xiaoxiong visited Zhaoqing exhibitors at the 135th Canton Fair

 Xu Xiaoxiong visited Zhaoqing exhibitors at the 135th Canton Fair

Invest in Zhaoqing 2024-04-25 21:03 Guangdong, China

Make good use of important exhibitions to connect internal and external platforms

Strive to achieve a higher level of opening up to the outside world

On April 24, 2024, Zhaoqing Mayor Xu Xiaoxiong visited the 135th China Import and Export Fair (hereinafter referred to as the "Canton Fair") to visit and investigate Zhaoqing exhibitors, emphasizing the need to seize new opportunities of opening up to the outside world and make good use of the Canton Fair as a link Internal and external platforms, with a more open pattern and global vision, continue to expand diversified markets and strive to achieve a higher level of opening up to the outside world.

It is reported that the Canton Fair will be held in Guangzhou from April 15 to May 5. It will hold offline exhibitions in three phases and operate online platforms on a regular basis. A total of 108 companies from the Zhaoqing Trading Group participated in the exhibition in phases, covering manufacturing fields such as hardware, building materials, consumer electronics, and new energy. As of April 23, the transaction volume of our city’s exhibitions was approximately RMB 480 million, with the majority of the transactions being done from Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and countries co-building the “Belt and Road”.

Xu Xiaoxiong went to the building materials exhibition area, household products, and garden supplies exhibition area, and to Sihui Guoyao Aluminum Co., Ltd., Guangdong Xinhui Aluminum Products Co., Ltd., Guangdong Gaodeng Aluminum Co., Ltd., and Zhaoqing High-tech Zone Baililai Decoration Materials Industrial Co., Ltd. The company, Huaiji County Junming Bamboo Products Co., Ltd., Guangdong Zhuoye Lighter Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and other Zhaoqing enterprises visited the exhibition area to learn more about product production, export sales, transaction cooperation results, etc., and encouraged enterprises to take the opportunity of participating in the Canton Fair to make extensive contacts Buyers should make every effort to explore diversified markets, while strengthening independent research and development and innovation, accelerating the cultivation and development of new productive forces, improving the quality and added value of corporate products, and continuing to enhance product competitiveness, allowing more and more high-quality and high-quality new products in Zhaoqing to "sail overseas." ".

Xu Xiaoxiong emphasized

The Canton Fair is an important platform for China to open up to the outside world in an all-round way, promote the high-quality development of international trade, and connect domestic and international dual circulations.

All localities and departments must firmly seize the opportunity, give full play to the role of major trade exhibitions represented by the Canton Fair as a platform for connecting domestic and foreign countries, use the exhibition as a guide to increase investment promotion and publicity and promotion, make full use of the resources of the Canton Fair, and carry out activities based on the characteristics of our city's industries. Precise recruitment and docking will attract more outstanding domestic and foreign companies to invest and start business in Zhaozhou.

It is necessary to continue to create a first-class business environment, accelerate the implementation of a series of central and provincial policies and measures to promote trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, implement various policies and measures to support private investment, strengthen financing and other factor guarantees, proactively help enterprises solve problems, and make every effort Support exhibitors to grab orders and expand markets.

It is necessary to give full play to the radiating and driving role of large-scale exhibitions such as the Canton Fair in promoting stable consumption growth, actively launch innovative measures in urban tourism, consumer shopping and other fields, comprehensively implement the "Canton Fair+" article, and continue to stimulate new momentum and vitality for Zhaoqing's high-quality development.

Vice Mayor Liu Jingbo attended the event.

Saturday, January 27, 2024

Zhaoqing Commerce Bureau targets the “Belt and Road” market and actively expands Zhaoqing’s foreign trade “circle of friends”

Zhaoqing Commerce Bureau targets the “Belt and Road” market and actively expands Zhaoqing’s foreign trade “circle of friends”

Zhaoqing Business 2023-10-26 21:18 Published in Guangdong

The 134th Canton Fair

The 134th Canton Fair will be held at the Pazhou Complex in Guangzhou from October 15th to November 3rd, 2023. Zhaoqing organized a total of 102 companies to participate in online and offline exhibitions, with 212 offline booths (including 24 brand booths), 44 more than the 126th Canton Fair, including 12 more brand booths and 32 more general booths. , there are 30 more offline exhibitors than the previous session, and the number of booths, exhibitors and brand booths are all the highest ever. The exhibition covers a total of 30 exhibition areas including new materials and chemical products, processing machinery and equipment, new energy, tools, consumer electronics and information products, and household appliances.

Although the current global economic situation is still weak, this Canton Fair has once again focused the world's attention and attracted nearly 100,000 overseas purchasers. Among them, purchasers from countries jointly building the "Belt and Road" are expected to reach 80,000, becoming This year’s Canton Fair is the “main force” of participating merchants.

During the Canton Fair, the Zhaoqing Commerce Bureau comprehensively updated its service mechanism. In addition to doing its best to provide services for enterprises participating in the Canton Fair, it also held the 2023 Zhaoqing Global Investment Conference - a special event for foreign investment and foreign trade, making full use of the opportunity of the Canton Fair for foreign businessmen to gather in Guangdong, and actively responding to the national consensus. Building the “One Belt and One Road” initiative, aiming at the “Belt and Road” market, with the purpose of “reaching the world for mutual benefit”, we actively invite many business delegations from Oman, Tanzania and other countries to visit Zhaoqing, learn about Zhaoqing, and organize a number of precise docking activities , helping companies expand markets, grab orders, expand their "circle of friends", and polish their "Made in Zhaoqing" sign. All parties spoke highly of the various activities organized by the Municipal Commerce Bureau during the Canton Fair. They praised the activities after the meeting and agreed that the activities were professionally organized, accurately coordinated, wide in coverage and effective. Relevant enterprises in the city showed the production environment, production links and various new products to the merchant delegation, fully demonstrating the unique charm of Zhaoqing manufacturing.

01 Oman delegation matchmaking event.

On October 12, 2023, the Zhaoqing Municipal Commerce Bureau and the Municipal Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export organized business representatives to carry out docking activities with the Oman delegation of the Canton Fair. During the period, the Omani delegation of more than 20 people came to Zhaoqing Plainqian International Industrial Park, Plainqian Group, Zhaoqing Shadi New Materials Co., Ltd., Zhaoqing Leoch Power Technology Co., Ltd. and Aoxue International to visit and negotiate. Walking into Zhaoqing Plainqian International Park, Aoxue Production Workshop, Product Museum, and Weiran Biological Park, the Omani delegation was impressed by the variety of new products.

Representative of Aoxue International Enterprise said:

Through this visit to our company, the merchants have fully understood our various new products and various production links, which has enhanced the confidence of the merchants in establishing cooperation with our company, and can effectively promote the intention of trade cooperation. Currently, there are 3 Oman The company asked for samples of our shampoo and shower gel. After passing the other party's product testing, we will have further cooperation contacts.

The Omani delegation visited Pingqian Industrial Park(Zhaoqing)

The Omani delegation visited Pingqian Industrial Park(Zhaoqing)

02  Tanzania Delegation Matchmaking Activities.

In order to further build up the brand awareness of "Good Hardware, Made by Jinli" and help the development of Gaoyao Hardware Industry, on October 20, the Municipal Commerce Bureau, Gaoyao District Industry and Information Technology Bureau and Jinli High-tech Zone jointly held the 134th "Good Hardware, Made by Jinli" The 2016 Canton Fair International Buyer Supply and Demand Matchmaking Conference (Zhaoqing Jinli Exclusive). During the period, more than 30 people from the Tanzania delegation of the Canton Fair were invited to visit the Hardware Intelligent Manufacturing Town in Jinli Town, Gaoyao District and Guangdong Xinkeyi Hardware Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and conduct special docking activities with more than 50 hardware companies in our city. The atmosphere at the matchmaking meeting was lively. Our city’s hardware companies did their best to actively introduce and recommend products to merchants with product samples. The products purchased include door and window hardware, furniture hardware, bathroom hardware, etc. This event demonstrated our city’s complete hardware industry chain, rich hardware business formats and high-quality hardware products to foreign businessmen, deepened their impression of “Made in Zhaoqing” and further tightened the trade between our city and the “Belt and Road” market. Link.

Zhaoqing Jinli Town Business Team-Connecting with Tanzania Business Delegation

Tanzanian business representatives said:

Thanks to the invitation from Zhaoqing City, we have a more comprehensive understanding of the hardware product chain. The hardware companies in Zhaoqing are relatively concentrated, with a wide range of product types to choose from. I have come into contact with many manufacturers, which is an unexpected gain from my trip.

The person in charge of Huawei Hardware Products Company said:

During this docking event, many customers came to inquire about curtain tracks, sofa legs and other products. They were very interested in our products. We will continue to follow up with customers and keep in touch, hoping to successfully receive orders through subsequent negotiations.

"Good Hardware, Made by Jinli" The 134th Canton Fair International Buyer Supply and Demand Matchmaking Meeting (Zhaoqing Jinli Special) Site

"Good Hardware, Made by Jinli" The 134th Canton Fair International Buyer Supply and Demand Matchmaking Meeting (Zhaoqing Jinli Special) Site

03  Bahrain Delegation Matchmaking Activities

The China-GCC 6+1 Economic and Trade Ministers' Meeting and the China-GCC Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum were held during the Canton Fair. On October 22, at the invitation of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce and the Bahrain delegation, the Municipal Commerce Bureau organized Guangdong Gordon Aluminum Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Xinhui Aluminum Products Co., Ltd. conducted economic and trade negotiations with the Bahrain delegation on aluminum products business and investment.

A representative from Gordon Aluminum said:

The Bahrain delegation introduced the country’s investment environment and aluminum products industry at the matchmaking meeting. We are also very interested in it. Next, we will actively respond to the country’s strategic thinking of expanding international exchanges and cooperation, integrate resources, and strive to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises to provide Customers are provided with higher-end, higher-quality products.

On-site negotiation between Zhaoqing City’s enterprises and the Bahrain delegation

On-site negotiation between Zhaoqing City’s enterprises and the Bahrain delegation

04  Spanish QEV Technology Company Auto Matching Event

From October 19th to 20th, the 2023 Zhaoqing Global Investment Conference-Special Event for Foreign Investment and Foreign Trade was successfully held. Consular officials from Belgium, Japan, Vietnam, Portugal, Vanuatu and other countries were invited to Guangzhou, and nearly 20 countries from Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Japan and South Korea were invited. A total of more than 800 merchant representatives from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan came to participate. On October 23, relying on the platform built by the investment conference, the Municipal Commerce Bureau continued to strengthen trade docking and organized an auto parts industry supply docking meeting at Zhaoqing Pingqian International Industrial Park, organizing 42 auto parts R&D and production companies in our city to meet with Spanish participating merchants, representatives of QEV Technology Company, conducted exchanges and negotiations on auto parts business. After the matchmaking meeting, QEV Technology Company and its delegation went to Zhaoqing High-tech Zone to conduct on-site research and inspection, and had in-depth exchanges with the main leaders of the Zhaoqing High-tech Zone Management Committee and the heads of relevant departments, laying a foundation for cooperation for the future development of enterprises in our city.

The person in charge of QEV Technology Company said:

QEV is a high-performance technology electric vehicle manufacturing company. We hope to introduce the most advanced technology into China, especially Zhaoqing, which has a very good industrial park, and hope to have closer cooperation.

Jinlongbao enterprise representative said:

Our products are a good match for this company, and the new energy vehicle supporting supply chain can be connected. We will follow up on this project in the future.

The relevant person in charge of Zhaoqing Commerce Bureau delivered a speech at the auto matching meeting

The relevant person in charge of Zhaoqing Commerce Bureau delivered a speech at the auto matching meeting

Auto parts companies in Zhaoqing city introduced the company's situation to the person in charge of QEV Technology Company

Auto parts companies in Zhaoqing city introduced the company's situation to the person in charge of QEV Technology Company

The global economic recovery is weak, foreign trade demand continues to be sluggish, and the international environment is complex and severe. Under the current situation, we must think about what companies want, create and build trade "bridges" for companies, and put corporate services in the hearts of companies. The Zhaoqing Municipal Commerce Bureau will continue to provide various services to Canton Fair exhibitors, actively utilize and expand the role of the Canton Fair platform, continue to follow up on the results of the docking, and take multiple measures to "go hand in hand" with enterprises to make "Made in Zhaoqing" the "road to the sea" "Go further and wider.


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