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Xia Mao Town, Sihui City, China: Strengthen industry and develop industry! Stimulating high-quality development and surging momentum丨Fighting for “millions of projects”

Xia Mao Town, Sihui City, China: Strengthen industry and develop industry! Stimulating high-quality development and surging momentum丨Fighting for “millions of projects”

Released by Sihui City 2024-04-14 13:53 Guangdong, China

Xiamao Town, Sihui City, is guided by the "Hundreds and Thousands of Projects" and is based on the positioning of an industrial professional town. It focuses on high-quality industrial projects such as electronic information and high-end building materials, and continues to expand and strengthen the total industrial volume, revitalize resource stocks, and Introduce industrial increment and stimulate high-quality development of XiaMao Town.

In the production workshop of Guangdong Chanyun Steel Structure Co., Ltd. in the Xia Mao Town Industrial Cluster Development Zone, accompanied by the roar of machines, steel billets are packaged into bundles of steel after drilling, shearing, rolling and other processes. Structural products are ready to be sold all over the country.

Chen Yuntao, Chairman of Guangdong Chanyun Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

Our company now focuses on power and communication products. The development of new energy in rural power is more beneficial to our industry, so this year is better than expected last year. The goal is to increase production capacity by 20%-30% compared to last year.

Guangdong Chanyun Steel Structure Co., Ltd. was established in 2004. It mainly produces power line transmission and distribution towers, communication towers, radio and television towers and various types of steel structure products.

In order to meet the company's development needs, the company moved to Xia Mao Town as a whole in November 2022 and established a new power equipment production project of Guangdong Chanyun Steel Structure Co., Ltd. The project has a total investment of 300 million yuan and a planned land area of about 60 acres. The project After it is fully completed and put into production, the output value will reach 800 million yuan within 5 years, the tax revenue is expected to reach 30 million yuan, and it can provide more than 300 jobs.

In 2023, riding on the "Hundred-Million Project" Dongfeng, the project achieved an output value of 381.5052 million yuan and a tax revenue of 6.4 million yuan.

Chen Yuntao, Chairman of Guangdong Chanyun Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

Our company had encountered the bottleneck problem of factory expansion in Foshan before. After coming to Sihui, we felt that the local policies were quite good. From land acquisition to production, it took more than a year and we received strong support from the Sihui government. When I first came here, the roads here were not open yet, but now the roads and various environments are quite good.

The rapid development of the enterprise is a vivid testament to Xia Mao Town’s insistence on being “manufacturing-led” and its focus on the implementation of key projects. At present, there are 4 industrial parks in Xia Mao Town, namely Xia Mao Town Industrial Cluster Development Zone, Fulong Industrial Community, Xia Mao Industrial Community and Fine Chemical Industry Park.

In 2023, the GDP of this level region is 3.232 billion yuan, there are 60 industrial enterprises above designated size, the total industrial output value above designated size is 11.026 billion yuan, and the annual tax revenue is 70.404 million yuan.

Next, Xia Mao Town will insist on keeping pace with the city's industrial development planning and layout, optimize the business environment, improve infrastructure, improve service quality, implement factor guarantees, promote the implementation of more high-quality project companies, and drive the high-quality Xia Mao industrial economy develop.

Secretary of the Party Committee of Xia Mao Town Zhuang Wujun

1. Based on the positioning of industrial professional towns, strive to become one of the top 1,000 towns in the country. Focus on strengthening the town through industry, adhere to the "manufacturing industry", pay close attention to key projects, fully promote a number of capital increase and production expansion projects such as Fuji Electronics and Zenyun Steel Structure to reach production and efficiency as soon as possible, and accelerate the production of Shenzhen Yuanxin energy storage equipment Bases, small wind power engine manufacturing and other projects have been implemented.

2. Focus on the construction standards of typical towns and villages and strive to be a model for the “Hundreds and Thousands of Projects”. Taking the construction of Meiliwei Town as the starting point, we will continue to carry out quality improvement construction and comprehensive improvement of the living environment, concentrate resources to improve the architectural style of the town, and coordinate the construction of facade improvement models of contiguous houses in towns and villages along Xu Town, so as to realize Meiliwei Town. The "Seven Ones" construction is the specific goal, and the township entrance passages, Qianjin Road demonstration main street, farmer's market, Wei Town Living Room and Baohua Park are specially built to create a highly recognizable and unique Internet celebrity place, check-in place, etc. point.

3. Write a great article on "Strengthening Towns, Prospering Villages and Enriching People" to promote the village collective economy and increase the income of villagers. Adhere to the empowerment of science and technology, promote the construction of centralized rice seedling breeding facilities for Shengsheng Agriculture, and the entire industry chain of Zhengli agricultural and animal husbandry agricultural products and other projects to be put into production as soon as possible; actively explore the construction of an integrated interest linkage mechanism of "company + village collective + farmers" to establish an agricultural product production, supply and marketing base, Let more villagers find employment locally and nearby; at the same time, accelerate the development of a pastoral complex integrating planting, B&B, and cultural tourism in the Shangmao Health Care Area, and promote the "double increase" of the collective economy and villagers' income.

4. We will do a good job in building harmonious, livable and workable villages to meet the people's new expectations for a better life. We will do a good job in building a green and beautiful ecology, planting nearly 5,000 green seedlings with high standards, and actively mobilize social forces to carry out green planting and protection. Dig deep into the green space that can be used to create a beautiful greenway around Huanxu Town that will always be green all year round. At the same time, we will continue to improve the rural living environment, realize the upgrading of water pipe networks, road upgrades, and the rural "toilet revolution", promote the micro-renovation of existing farm houses and the shaping of the style of new farm houses, and strive to improve the style and quality of farm houses in the town; enhance rural wisdom Governance level, continue to promote digital rural construction projects, form a rural governance system of public welfare and convenient services, Internet + rural governance, and comprehensively improve the happiness index of the people in the jurisdiction.

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