Saturday, March 4, 2023

Work Report of Sihui Municipal Government of Guangdong Province in 2023!


On the morning of February 28, 2023, the third session of the 17th People's Congress of Sihui City, Guangdong Province was held ceremoniously.

Weng Zhuohui, deputy secretary of the Fourth CPC Municipal Committee and mayor, made a report on the work of the government to the conference,

Review the work in 2022 and clarify the goal in 2023.

What are the highlights of this year's government work report?

Guiding ideology and general requirements of government work in 2023

The spirit of the Rural Work Conference of the Provincial Party Committee, the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 13th Zhaoqing Municipal Party Committee and the Economic Work Conference of the Zhaoqing Municipal Party Committee, in accordance with the requirements of the Third Plenary Session of the 14th Municipal Party Committee and the Economic Work Conference of the Municipal Party Committee, actively explore the practice of the Fourth Session of Chinese path to modernization, adhere to the general tone of seeking progress while maintaining stability, completely, accurately and comprehensively implement the new development concept, serve and integrate into the new development pattern, and anchor the primary task of high-quality development, We should better coordinate development and security, adhere to the principle of taking the real economy as the foundation and the manufacturing industry as the leader, seize the major strategic opportunities such as the construction of the "two zones" and the three platforms of Hengqin, Qianhai and Nansha, seize the policy overlapping opportunities such as the construction of the Guangzhou metropolitan area and the assistance of Guangzhou's counterpart industries, fully implement the "high-quality development project of hundreds of counties, thousands of towns and thousands of villages", and deepen the implementation of the "ten actions" of Zhaoqing's economic construction in 2023, Led by the construction of the starting area of a large industrial cluster in Guangdong Province (Zhaoqing), we will comprehensively accelerate the pace of high-quality development, promote the effective improvement of the quality and reasonable growth of the quantity of the economy, be a good main force in promoting new industrialization in Chinese path to modernization, accelerate the construction of Zhaoqing into a sub central city in the city, and a demonstration county for coordinated development of urban and rural areas and regions, and strive to open a new situation of comprehensively building the fourth session of the socialist modernization.

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