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Mayor of Zhaoqing City, Xu Xiaoxiong, went to Hong Kong and Macau to participate in Guangdong Province's 2023 Spring Tea and conducted investment inspection activities

Mayor of Zhaoqing City, Xu Xiaoxiong, went to Hong Kong and Macau to participate in Guangdong Province's 2023 Spring Tea and conducted investment inspection activities: Writing a new chapter of mutually beneficial cooperation and win-win development on the new journey

Investment Zhaoqing 2023-03-24 20:18 Published in Guangdong

From March 20th to 22nd, entrusted by the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Zhang Aijun, Mayor Xu Xiaoxiong went to Hong Kong and Macau to participate in the 2023 Spring Tea in Guangdong Province and carry out investment inspection activities. He implemented the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the spirit of the National People's Congress and the Two Sessions of the People's Republic of China, deeply promoted the docking and cooperation between our city and Hong Kong and Macau in industries, science and technology innovation, finance, culture and tourism, and wrote a new chapter of mutually beneficial cooperation and win-win development on the new journey.

Xusangzi friendship, seeking development strategies. Xu Xiaoxiong went to the Hong Kong Zhaoqing Club Association and the Macau Zhaoqing Hometown Association to have discussions and exchanges with members, listen to the opinions and suggestions of local elites on the development of their hometown, and introduce the development changes and future development plans of Zhaoqing in recent years. He hopes to continue to play a bridge and link role in other local elites, transforming advantages such as connections, funds, and information into the development momentum of Zhaoqing, Fully serve as the "propagandist", "think tank", and "participant" for the development of our hometown, and contribute more wisdom and strength to the high-quality development of Zhaoqing.

Villagers have expressed their confidence in the future development of their hometown, and they will further leverage their own advantages to recruit talents, bridge the gap, and assist in the high-quality development of their hometown. Xu Xiaoxiong also visited and comforted Li Hanguang, a wise man from Gaoyao Township, and thanked him for his contributions to the public welfare and education undertakings in his hometown. He sincerely hoped that he would continue to care and support Zhaoqing and work together to make it a better place.

Visit old friends and seek a new future together.

At Virgin International (Holdings) Limited, Yajule Group

Ideal (Guangdong) Zipper Industry Co., Ltd

During the inspection of China Resources Group.

Xu Xiaoxiong stated that

At present, Zhaoqing is anchoring the primary task of high-quality development, making every effort to do a good job in the key work such as being the leader of the manufacturing industry, "high-quality development project of hundreds of counties, thousands of towns and thousands of villages", and ecological construction of green beauty Zhaoqing, and actively participating in the exploration and promotion of the practice of Chinese path to modernization in Guangdong. We hope that both sides can further increase cooperation and deepen cooperation in areas such as new energy, electronic information, urban construction and operation, and daily consumption. Zhaoqing will adhere to serving enterprises with every request and every disturbance, spare no effort to ensure project construction services, and promote mutually beneficial cooperation to a new level.

Xu Xiaoxiong also paid separate visits

Cai Guanshen, President of the Hong Kong China General Chamber of Commerce

Wu Guo'an, Vice President of the Hong Kong Chinese Manufacturers Association.

Xu Xiaoxiong said

Zhaoqing is an important node city in the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area and the Pearl River Delta, with obvious geographical advantages, good manufacturing development momentum, excellent business environment, and beautiful natural environment. It is a value depression for the development of the real economy. We hope that Hong Kong enterprises can fully utilize policy advantages, seize favorable opportunities, actively invest and develop in Zhaoqing, and achieve better, faster, and greater development in win-win cooperation.

Chen Zhiping, Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of Virgin International (Holdings) Limited, Zhang Zhonglue, Vice President and Vice President of Real Estate of Yaju Le Group Holdings, Xiong Honghai, Chairman of Hong Kong Ideal Group, Han Yuewei, Vice General Manager of China Resources Group, Huang Xinglin, Chairman of the Hong Kong Zhaoqing Association, and Tan Shaohong, Chairman of the Macau Zhaoqing Association, attended the relevant activities.

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