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Expanding International "Circle of Friends" - The Municipal Investment Promotion Bureau Visits the UK and Portugal for Investment Promotion Surveys

Investment Zhaoqing 2023-09-01 22:01 Published in Guangdong

At the invitation of the Guangdong Overseas Chinese Federation and the European Guangdong Federation of Commerce and Industry, from August 23rd to 30th, the Chairman of the Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Huang Zhongxing, led a friendly delegation from Zhaoqing City to the UK and Portugal to visit overseas Chinese associations and leaders in the UK and Portugal, to deepen civil friendly exchanges with foreign countries. He sincerely invited representatives of overseas Chinese associations to come to Zhaoqing to participate in the 4th World Guangzhou People's Friendship Conference. Wen Zhenxiong, Deputy Director of the Municipal Investment Promotion Bureau, accompanied the delegation to visit and exchange ideas, and carried out investment promotion activities.

Accompanied by the Municipal Investment Promotion Bureau

During the visit and exchange of the inspection team,

Utilize the opportunity of communication,

Hold 10 investment promotion activities,

Vigorously promote the investment environment in Zhaoqing City.

When visiting the Guangdong Federation of Overseas Chinese and Chinese Associations, the All British Federation of Overseas Chinese Associations, the British Chinese Federation of Commerce and Industry, the Liverpool Centenary Association Zhigong Hall, the Manchester City Chinese Youth League Association, the President of the All British Federation of Chinese Associations, the Portuguese Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Friendship Association, the European Guangdong Federation of Commerce and Industry, the Southern European Portuguese Association of Overseas Chinese and Chinese Associations, and the Portuguese China Small and Medium sized Enterprise Chamber of Commerce, promotional brochures for investment promotion were distributed at the meeting Play a promotional video on the investment environment in Zhaoqing City, and enjoy the beautiful scenery, industries, and services of Zhaoqing with the majority of overseas Chinese.

In addition, Wen Zhenxiong also introduced the economic and social development of Zhaoqing City in recent years to over 200 entrepreneurs and friends attending the meeting. From multiple perspectives such as Zhaoqing's location, transportation, natural environment, land space, industrial foundation, factor guarantee, and business environment, he comprehensively promoted the investment environment of Zhaoqing City. We sincerely invite entrepreneurs to come to Zhaoqing for on-site inspection, investment and business development, and expand their territory.

After the promotion meeting,

Wen Zhenxiong actively connects with some investors with investment intentions

Business associations and entrepreneurial friends with economic strength,

With entrepreneurs

Sharing opportunities in the Bay Area and collaborating on the development of Zhaoqing.

During the visit,

The majority of overseas Chinese leaders unanimously believe that:

As an important node city in the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area, Zhaoqing,

It is an important component of the Guangzhou metropolitan area,

Zhaoqing has a clear industrial layout

The land carrier is vast and the business environment is first-class,

Will definitely promote the development of enterprises in the Greater Bay Area

Bringing huge development space.

Through this overseas exchange visit and investment environment promotion event, we have achieved 6 cooperative project results. For example, the European Guangdong Federation of Industry and Commerce, the British Overseas Education Association, and the Portuguese China Small and Medium sized Enterprise Chamber of Commerce will organize hundreds of member enterprises to visit Zhaoqing for inspection, cooperation negotiations, and investment layout (new energy zero carbon projects). Secretary General Shao Lixiang will recommend the layout of manufacturing projects in Zhaoqing.

This exchange visit,

Both sides will expand fixed channels for long-term communication

Reaching consensus,

Enhance the relationship between each other,

I believe that after promoting the cooperation between numerous chambers of commerce in the UK and Portugal and our city

Will definitely contribute to mutual economic and trade exchanges

Inviting investment and injecting new vitality!

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