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Friday, June 7, 2024

Zhenshan on Paper

 3、《Zhenshan on Paper》

In the last episode, we felt the thousand-year-old charm of Zhenshan. Today, we launch the third episode "Zhenshan on Paper".

This time, the international student Alina came to Fuli Village, Zhenshan Street, Sihui City, which is known as "China's No. 1 Village for Ancient Folk Papermaking" (the area where Fuli Village is located was called "Deng Village" in ancient times). She will take everyone to visit a provincial intangible cultural heritage in the local area - ancient papermaking, which has a history of more than 800 years.

The protagonist of the film, Zhang Yuyuan, is the inheritor of the "Ancient Papermaking" intangible cultural heritage project in Sihui. He was born in a 400-year-old ancient papermaking family in Fuli Village. The local villagers affectionately call him "Uncle Eight".

Fuli Village is famous for papermaking. Because it is located in Sihui, the paper produced is called Hui paper. The production process of Hui paper is cumbersome. A piece of paper has to go through more than 20 processes such as cutting bamboo, beating bamboo, pickling bamboo, breaking bamboo, spring bamboo, beating, papermaking, paper pressing, loosening paper, sun drying, and packaging to complete.

The inheritance of ancient skills is inseparable from creative transformation and innovative development. In recent years, Bashu has improved the process by means of paper size and mechanization of specific processes. The local government has also relied on this skill to create a famous cultural village with the theme of ancient papermaking, which has driven the development of local tourism, agriculture, forestry and other industries.

A piece of paper carries the craftsmanship spirit of the local people and their expectations for a better life. We believe that the ancient skills and young creativity will lead the ancient papermaking technique to high-quality development!

Dengcun Town, Sihui City, China is the oldest financial center


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