Thursday, May 2, 2024

Scam City

Scam City

You still don’t know that Dubai is surpassing northern Myanmar

Dubai is more terrifying than northern Myanmar

I once again lamented that the domestic security is really good, and there will not be such a situation where people burp at every turn.

Compared to the fraud parks in Myanmar, Dubai is truly terrifying.

It has been said on the Internet that Dubai is full of gold and that anyone can make a fortune by picking up garbage. In fact, Dubai is replacing northern Myanmar as the gathering place for fraud gangs, and its scale even exceeds that of northern Myanmar.

Mainly concentrated in 4 parks including Phoenix, Wynn and Oasis

They would drag disobedient piglets to the desert, bury them alive, dry them as mummies, or dismantle them into body parts for wealthy people.

According to data, each of the four major parks has as many as 20,000 employees. They will use the guise of Chinese capital to recruit and lure high salaries. Once entering the park, all documents will be confiscated and they will become a gangster in the Middle East.

Moreover, Dubai is located in the desert, so even if you can escape, you can't get out.

A small number of Americans were also taken to Dubai and lost their freedom.

They coaxed Americans to come to Dubai to sign investment contracts worth US$100-500 million. Lure Americans to Dubai and imprison them.

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