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Precise efforts! China Deqing County project landing refreshes the "progress bar"

Precise efforts! China Deqing County project landing refreshes the "progress bar" 

Invest in Zhaoqing 2024-06-18 21:38 China Guangdong

Since the beginning of this year, China Deqing County has fully implemented the work arrangements of the Zhaoqing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, closely focusing on the goal of building a high-quality development demonstration county, grasping the core tasks of industrial investment landing, strengthening the guarantee of project landing elements, and promoting the investment projects to accelerate landing and take effect.

As of June 11, 2024, Deqing County has 16 new projects started, 3 new projects completed, and 6 new projects put into production. The actual investment in the manufacturing industry is 1.623 billion yuan, exceeding the first half of the year's task (1.25 billion yuan), and the annual task (3 billion yuan) has a completion rate of 54.1%, ranking first in the city.

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Continue to promote the "general battle" at a high level

Grasp the level and set off a new wave of hard work

Since the "war", Deqing County has focused on the implementation of projects and issued the "Deqing County 2024 Manufacturing Project Construction "General Battle" Work Plan" in a targeted manner, strengthening political responsibility, highlighting problem orientation, and implementing the first person in charge of project promotion. The responsibility, insisting on moving the checkpoints forward and the center of gravity downward, forming a good pattern of grasping one level at a time, promoting one level at a time, linking up and down, coordinating and advancing, and strictly implementing. The county party committee, the county government inspection office and the "general battle" office will do a good job in tracking and asking for results, and compact the work "responsibility chain".

Regularization, carry out new supervision of listening to difficulties and solving problems

Carry out the regular service of "Project Landing Supervision Day" every month, insist on taking problems with you, supervising problems, and chasing problems to solve them, and do a good job in 33 six categories of projects with a total investment of more than 100 million yuan, focusing on the construction of 6 projects with a total investment of more than 1 billion yuan, and strive to solve the difficult and blocked problems that affect project construction at the first time and on the first site.

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Refinement, formulate a new strategy of one enterprise, one account

Actively implement the "project-based work method", classify and formulate project promotion work plan ledgers, problem ledgers and other lists, shorten the project construction cycle, and refine the main work items, responsible persons, completion time limits and other work requirements of the project. For those who have obstacles to entering the site, such as land supply problems, the county leaders will take the lead in deployment, increase the intensity of the attack, and speed up the land acquisition and storage; for those with slow progress, take measures such as issuing promotion letters and interviewing project leaders to promote construction; for projects that cannot be implemented, after comprehensive analysis, they will be cleared according to relevant mechanisms if they cannot continue to perform the contract. Achieve "list-based" management, "tracking-based" promotion, and "cancellation-based" completion to ensure that the project construction is accurate and one by one.

Continuously ensure the implementation of the project "main elements"

Optimize and improve the development pattern of "one city, two parks"

From January to May, Deqing invested more than 100 million yuan to promote the infrastructure and supporting projects of the Deqing Industrial Park quality improvement and expansion project, continuously improve the park's roads, sewage pipes and other infrastructure, accelerate the revitalization and utilization of idle land and idle factories, and improve the level of land conservation and intensive use in the park.

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Seize the "hundreds of millions" horizontal assistance opportunities

Make good use of the Huadu District collaborative assistance funds to accelerate the construction of the first phase of the industrial park's living supporting area, the quality improvement and expansion of the sewage treatment plant, and the first phase of the Huadu District Deqing County Industrial Transfer Co-construction Park, promote the implementation of high-quality development exhibition centers, commercial complexes, smart parks and other projects, and create a high-standard main platform for the orderly transfer of industries to solidify the "mother body" of the industry.

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Regular consultations to create a "ballast stone"

The main leaders of the county party and government personally supervised the work, and the leaders of the county departments in charge of parks, investment promotion, construction, resources, etc. met weekly to arrange and deploy the special projects for the construction of park infrastructure and the planning and construction of the Guanxu Town Food and Southern Medicine Industrial Park and the newly developed parks, etc., to provide "ready-to-move-in" conditions for the implementation of the projects, and strive to solve the outstanding problems encountered in the implementation of the projects under construction, and promote the rapid implementation, construction and production of the projects.

Continue to be a good "service officer" for implementation

Build a strong structure and provide excellent services

Fully deepen the implementation of the "County Leaders' Attachment to Industrial Investment Projects Work System" and the "Deqing County Industrial Project Landing Construction "Chief Service Officer" Work Mechanism" and other documents, and improve the "five-one" service structure of "one county leader + one chief service officer + one enterprise service specialist + one responsible unit + a set of customized service plans", and arrange project attachment service follow-up personnel according to the progress of the project, and provide full-process and all-round "mother-like" services for the implementation of the project.

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Joint special team, high quality and efficiency

We have played a "combination punch" around the implementation of industrial projects, carried out the "warm enterprise" action in depth, deepened the contact between leading cadres and key enterprises and industrial projects, and adhered to the working principles of "enterprise whistleblowing, department reporting", "responding to requests, not disturbing when there is nothing to do", and effectively solved the difficulties of enterprises in land use, employment, financing, etc. From January to May, the county agency team handled registration, land auction, project filing, construction application, water and electricity application and other matters for enterprises more than 25 times; the county approval team signed a two-way commitment letter with 11 enterprises, handled 10 joint acceptances, registered 52 service logs, and solved 8 enterprise problems; the county financial team assisted 14 enterprises in solving financing needs of 66 million yuan; the county employment team carried out 25 recruitment activities of various types, and assisted enterprises in solving employment needs of more than 1,000 people.

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Strengthen tracking and excellent guarantee

In order to ensure the smooth implementation and efficient operation of industrial projects, Deqing has established a complete "full process dispatch supervision" tracking mechanism to carry out refined management and monitoring of the "full life cycle" of projects. From project initiation, site selection, construction to production and operation, every link has a dedicated person to follow up to ensure that the project can proceed smoothly according to the established schedule and progress requirements.

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