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Guangning County, China, and China Inspection Guangdong Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement

Guangning County, China, and China Inspection Guangdong Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement

Invest in Zhaoqing 2024-06-19 21:39 Guangdong, China

On June 17, 2024, the People's Government of Guangning County and China Inspection and Certification Group Guangdong Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony for a strategic cooperation framework agreement to empower the new quality productivity of the entire industrial chain of Guangning County, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, and develop in the direction of standardization, branding, greening, and integration through inspection, testing and certification. Guangning County Mayor He Jiancai and Deputy Mayor Yang Hongzhang attended the signing ceremony.

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At the signing ceremony, representatives of both parties made representative speeches.

He Jiancai said

Guangning is a nationally famous "Hometown of Guang Green Jade", "Hometown of Bamboo", "Hometown of Martial Arts", and "Hometown of Chefs". In recent years, Guangning has deeply promoted the "High-quality Development Project of Hundreds of Counties, Thousands of Towns and Tens of Thousands of Villages" and created multiple regional public brands of agricultural products. The signing of the framework cooperation agreement with China Inspection Guangdong Company will be conducive to giving full play to Guangning County's resource advantages, working hand in hand with the China Inspection brand, and jointly promoting the development of inspection and testing in the fields of Guangning bamboo industry, characteristic agricultural and sideline products, modern agricultural deep processing, vegetable basket project, pre-prepared dishes, green energy, ecological environment governance, etc., and jointly carrying out the rural revitalization industry quality improvement action and establishing a quality improvement service model. By creating more corporate brands and regional public brands, we will continue to empower the value enhancement and dissemination of Guangning's characteristic and advantageous products, and continuously improve the added value and comprehensive competitiveness of Guangning's brand.

China Inspection Guangdong Company said

Next, we will uphold the service concept of "scientific, fair, accurate and efficient", organize a professional technical service team, fully support the project cooperation, give full play to our own advantages to make this cooperation a benchmark for the central-local cooperation of the group, and actively empower Guangning County's high-quality development.

Yang Hongzhang and He Chenguang, deputy general manager of China Inspection Guangdong Company, signed a framework agreement on the spot; Tanbu Town People's Government, County Supply and Marketing Cooperative, Guangdong Fuying Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. and other cooperative pilot units signed cooperation agreements with China Inspection Guangdong Company.

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