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Connecting the industry chain on the tip of the tongue! Guangning wonton public brand officially released

Connecting the industry chain on the tip of the tongue! Guangning wonton public brand officially released

Guangning released 2024-06-22 14:12 Guangdong, China

On the morning of June 22, 2024, the first Guangning wonton snack festival in Guangning County and the Guangning wonton public brand launch conference of Zhaoqing's "Cantonese chef" special project were held at Xinghu Archway Square in Duanzhou District, Zhaoqing City. By showing the skills and flavor characteristics of Guangning wonton, the brand awareness of local specialties was enhanced, and the "Cantonese chef +" project was promoted to help the high-quality development of the "hundreds of millions of projects". More than 1,500 people, including relevant leaders of Guangdong Finance College, Guangdong Agricultural and Industrial Vocational and Technical College, relevant leaders of the city and county, and citizens, participated in the event.

The event kicked off with lion dance, martial arts and song and dance performances. He Jiancai, deputy secretary of the Guangning County Party Committee and county magistrate, pointed out in his speech that Guangning is the sixth hometown of chefs in the country. Guangning wonton is the most distinctive and representative snack in Guangning, the bamboo village, and is also a characteristic brand of "Cantonese chef" in Zhaoqing. It has won honorary titles such as "Chinese Cantonese Famous Dishes", "Guangdong Famous Snacks", and "Zhaoqing Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance Skills". At the critical moment when Zhaoqing City is deeply promoting the "Hundreds of Millions of Projects", Guangning County has continuously improved its industrial policies, optimized the development environment, and strived to use small wontons to string together a large industrial chain on the tip of the tongue, and developed wontons into an important industry that drives local economic development and promotes farmers' income and wealth.

In recent years, the Guangning County Party Committee and the County Government have attached great importance to the development of Guangning wonton industry, and have taken a series of measures such as free Guangning wonton vocational skills training, rewarding and subsidizing the operation of Guangning wonton public brand stores, launching Guangning wonton e-loans, and applying for registration of the "Guangning wonton" group trademark and geographical indication to promote the Guangning wonton characteristic industry to become stronger and better, and become an important support for the development of the real economy. At present, there are more than 360 merchants operating wontons in Guangning County, and the number of shops operating Guangning wontons in and outside Zhaoqing City exceeds 1,500, which has driven about 4,000 local people to find jobs and start businesses, with an annual output value of 2 billion yuan.

During the event, Guangning Rural Commercial Bank, Guangdong Nanyue Bank Zhaoqing Branch, Agricultural Bank of China Guangning County Branch and Postal Savings Bank Guangning County Branch granted intention credit to Guangning County Wonton Association. Zhaoqing City's "Cantonese Chef" star chef helped the "Guangning Wonton" brand promotion and release ceremony and Guangning Wonton public brand opening ceremony were also held on site, and relevant cooperative enterprises and high-quality enterprises were awarded plaques, and relevant personnel were awarded letters of appointment plaques.

In order to promote the Guangning specialty snack brand and let Guangning food enter the vision of more citizens, a Guangning specialty food display area was also set up at the event site, allowing citizens to taste authentic Guangning wonton dumplings, big heart rice dumplings, white glutinous rice cakes and other specialty foods. Many citizens said that Guangning's special snacks are not only delicious, but also contain a deep cultural heritage. While tasting the food, people also have a better understanding of Guangning, the bamboo village, which is really memorable.

Next, Guangning County will take this event as an opportunity to implement the Cantonese chef project in depth, increase support for local specialties such as Guangning wontons, further explore and integrate local food resources, strengthen brand building and market promotion, and strive to build Guangning wontons into a special snack brand with national influence, and create a business card of "food tasting in Guangning, tourism and leisure in Guangning, investment and business in Guangning", attracting more tourists from inside and outside the province to come to Guangning, know Guangning, fall in love with Guangning, and sing Guangning, injecting strong impetus into Guangning's promotion of food culture and development of tourism economy.

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